github xianyi/OpenBLAS v0.3.16
OpenBLAS 0.3.16 version


  • drastically reduced the stack size requirements for running the LAPACK
    testsuite (Reference-LAPACK PR 553)
  • fixed spurious test failures in the LAPACK testsuite (Reference-LAPACK
    PR 564)
  • expressly setting DYNAMIC_ARCH=0 no longer enables dynamic_arch mode
  • improved performance of xGER, xSPR, xSPR2, xSYR, xSYR2, xTRSV, SGEMV_N
    and DGEMV_N, for small input sizes and consecutive arguments
  • improved performance of xGETRF, xPORTF and xPOTRI for small input sizes
    by disabling multithreading
  • fixed installing with BSD versions of the "install" utility


  • fixed the implementation of xIMIN
  • improved the performance of DSDOT
  • fixed linking of the tests on C910V with current vendor gcc


  • fixed SBGEMM computation for some odd value inputs
  • fixed compilation for PPCG4, PPC970, POWER3, POWER4 and POWER5


  • improved performance of SGEMV_N and SGEMV_T for small N on AVX512-capable cpus
  • worked around a miscompilation of ZGEMM/ZTRMM on Sandybridge with old gcc
  • fixed compilation with MS Visual Studio versions older than 2017
  • fixed macro name collision with winnt.h from the latest Win10 SDK
  • added cpu type autodetection for Intel Ice Lake SP
  • fixed cpu type autodetection for Intel Tiger Lake
  • added cpu type autodetection for recent Centaur/Zhaoxin models
  • fixed compilation with musl libc


  • fixed compilation with gcc/gfortran on the Apple M1
  • fixed linking of the tests on FreeBSD
  • fixed missing restore of a register in the recently rewritten DNRM2 kernel
    for ThunderX2 and Neoverse N1 that could cause spurious failures in e.g.
  • added compiler optimization flags for the EMAG8180
  • added initial support for Cortex A55


  • fixed linking of the tests on FreeBSD

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