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OpenBLAS 0.3.13 version


  • Added a generic bfloat16 SBGEMV kernel
  • Fixed a potentially severe memory leak after fork in OpenMP builds
    that was introduced in 0.3.12
  • Added detection of the Fujitsu Fortran compiler
  • Added detection of the (e)gfortran compiler on OpenBSD
  • Added support for overriding the default name of the library independently
    from symbol suffixing in the gmake builds (already supported in cmake)


  • #### Added a RISC V port optimized for C910V


  • Added optimized POWER10 kernels for SAXPY, CAXPY, SDOT, DDOT and DGEMV_N
  • Improved DGEMM performance on POWER10
  • Improved STRSM and DTRSM performance on POWER9 and POWER10
  • Fixed segmemtation faults in DYNAMIC_ARCH builds
  • Fixed compilation with the PGI compiler


  • Fixed compilation of kernels that require SSE2 intrinsics since 0.3.12


  • Added an optimized bfloat16 SBGEMV kernel for SkylakeX and Cooperlake
  • Improved the performance of SASUM and DASUM kernels through parallelization
  • Improved the performance of SROT and DROT kernels
  • Improved the performance of multithreaded xSYRK
  • Fixed OpenMP builds that use the LLVM Clang compiler together with GNU gfortran
    (where linking of both the LLVM libomp and GNU libgomp could lead to lockups or
    wrong results)
  • Fixed miscompilations by old gcc 4.6
  • Fixed misdetection of AVX2 capability in some Sandybridge cpus
  • Fixed lockups in builds combining DYNAMIC_ARCH with TARGET=GENERIC on OpenBSD


  • Fixed segmentation faults in DYNAMIC_ARCH builds


  • Improved kernels for Loongson 3R3 ("3A") and 3R4 ("3B") models, including MSA
  • Fixed bugs in the MSA kernels for CGEMM, CTRMM, CGEMV and ZGEMV
  • Added handling of zero increments in the MSA kernels for SSWAP and DSWAP
  • Added DYNAMIC_ARCH support for MIPS64 (currently Loongson3R3/3R4 only)


  • Fixed building 32 and 64 bit SPARC kernels with the SolarisStudio compilers

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