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OpenBLAS 0.3.10 version


  • Improved thread locking behaviour in blas_server and parallel getrf
  • Imported bugfix 394 from LAPACK (spurious reference to "XERBL"
    due to overlong lines)
  • Imported bugfix 403 from LAPACK (compile option "recursive" required
    for correctness with Intel and PGI)
  • Imported bugfix 408 from LAPACK (wrong scaling in ZHEEQUB)
  • Imported bugfix 411 from LAPACK (infinite loop in LARGV/LARTG/LARTGP)
  • Fixed mismatches between BUFFERSIZE and GEMM_UNROLL parameters that
    could lead to crashes at large matrix sizes
  • Restored internal soname in dynamic libraries on FreeBSD and Dragonfly
  • Added API (openblas_setaffinity) to set thread affinity
    programmatically on Linux
  • Added initial infrastructure for half-precision floating point
    (bfloat16) support with a generic implementation of SHGEMM
  • Added CMAKE build system support for building the cblas_Xgemm3m
  • Fixed CMAKE support for building in a path with embedded spaces
  • Fixed CMAKE (non)handling of NO_EXPRECISION and MAX_STACK_ALLOC
  • Fixed GCC version detection in the Makefiles
  • Allowed overriding the names of AR, AS and LD in Makefile builds


  • fixed big-endian POWER8 ELFv2 builds on FreeBSD
  • Fixed GCC version checks and DYNAMIC_ARCH builds on POWER9
  • Fixed CMAKE build support for POWER9
  • fixed a potential race condition in the thread buffer allocation
  • Worked around LAPACK test failures on PPC G4


  • fixed a potential race condition in the thread buffer allocation
  • Added support for MIPS 24K/24KE family based on P5600 kernels


  • fixed a potential race condition in the thread buffer allocation


  • fixed a race condition in the thread buffer allocation


  • Fixed a race condition in the thread buffer allocation
  • Fixed zero initialisation in the assembly for SGEMM and DGEMM BETA
  • Improved performance of the ThunderX2 DAXPY kernel
  • Added an optimized SGEMM kernel for Cortex A53
  • Fixed Makefile support for INTERFACE64 (8-byte integer)


  • Fixed a syntax error in the CMAKE setup for SkylakeX
  • Improved performance of STRSM on Haswell, SkylakeX and Ryzen
  • Improved SGEMM performance on SGEMM for workloads with ldc a
    multiple of 1024
  • Improved DGEMM performance on Skylake X
  • Fixed unwanted AVX512-dependency of SGEMM in DYNAMIC_ARCH
    builds created on SkylakeX
  • Removed data alignment requirement in the SSE2 copy kernels
    that could cause spurious crashes
  • Added a workaround for an optimizer bug in AppleClang 11.0.3
  • Fixed LAPACK-TEST failures with Intel Fortran
  • Fixed compilation and LAPACK test results with recent Flang
    and AMD AOCC
  • Fixed DYNAMIC_ARCH builds with CMAKE on OS X
  • Fixed missing exports of cblas_i?amin, cblas_i?min, cblasi?max,
    ?sum, cblas_?gemm3m in the shared library on OS X
  • Fixed reporting of cpu name in DYNAMIC_ARCH builds (would sometimes
    show the name of an older generation chip supported by the same kernels)


  • Improved performance of SGEMM/STRMM and DGEMM/DTRMM on Z14

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