github xanmod/linux 6.6.1-xanmod1

27 days ago
  • 76c147e Linux 6.6.1-xanmod1
  • 3fec34d XANMOD: config: Change to 250 Hz timer frequency
  • 56eb0ac XANMOD: config: Change to voluntary preemption by default
  • d9a97c9 Merge tag 'v6.6.1' into 6.6
  • 8afabe2 Linux 6.6.1
  • 6702961 ASoC: SOF: sof-pci-dev: Fix community key quirk detection
  • f09e16e ALSA: hda: intel-dsp-config: Fix JSL Chromebook quirk detection
  • f112530 serial: core: Fix runtime PM handling for pending tx
  • be3e3ab misc: pci_endpoint_test: Add deviceID for J721S2 PCIe EP device support
  • f50fcc0 dt-bindings: serial: rs485: Add rs485-rts-active-high
  • f35ce68 tty: 8250: Add Brainboxes Oxford Semiconductor-based quirks
  • e74f2c7 tty: 8250: Add support for Intashield IX cards
  • 0afb84c tty: 8250: Add support for additional Brainboxes PX cards
  • 9878818 tty: 8250: Fix up PX-803/PX-857
  • 143b107 tty: 8250: Fix port count of PX-257
  • 8b48255 tty: 8250: Add support for Intashield IS-100
  • c37e342 tty: 8250: Add support for Brainboxes UP cards
  • 67a25d5 tty: 8250: Add support for additional Brainboxes UC cards
  • 88f7334 tty: 8250: Remove UC-257 and UC-431
  • ce4df90 tty: n_gsm: fix race condition in status line change on dead connections
  • 5c9e997 Bluetooth: hci_bcm4377: Mark bcm4378/bcm4387 as BROKEN_LE_CODED
  • 45285db usb: raw-gadget: properly handle interrupted requests
  • b37a168 usb: typec: tcpm: Fix NULL pointer dereference in tcpm_pd_svdm()
  • 04e5dd4 usb: typec: tcpm: Add additional checks for contaminant
  • 262a3e5 usb: storage: set 1.50 as the lower bcdDevice for older "Super Top" compatibility
  • f33cf46 PCI: Prevent xHCI driver from claiming AMD VanGogh USB3 DRD device
  • aa771b1 ALSA: usb-audio: add quirk flag to enable native DSD for McIntosh devices
  • 055907a eventfs: Use simple_recursive_removal() to clean up dentries
  • ea4c30a eventfs: Delete eventfs_inode when the last dentry is freed
  • 9aaee3e eventfs: Save ownership and mode
  • fa18a8a eventfs: Remove "is_freed" union with rcu head
  • 9034c87 tracing: Have trace_event_file have ref counters
  • 67a21d9 perf evlist: Avoid frequency mode for the dummy event
  • 90f039c power: supply: core: Use blocking_notifier_call_chain to avoid RCU complaint
  • 2a79e92 drm/amd/display: Don't use fsleep for PSR exit waits

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