github xanmod/linux 6.4.3-xanmod1

4 months ago
  • 1f2fe64 Linux 6.4.3-xanmod1
  • 50ddbff wait: allow to use __wake_up_pollfree() from GPL modules
  • 7a93146 binder: turn into module
  • a9f5c42 Merge tag 'v6.4.3' into 6.4
  • 160f412 Linux 6.4.3
  • 036666b fork: lock VMAs of the parent process when forking
  • 890ba5c bootmem: remove the vmemmap pages from kmemleak in free_bootmem_page
  • e83e62f mm: call arch_swap_restore() from do_swap_page()
  • 18822d8 mm: lock newly mapped VMA with corrected ordering
  • 406815b mm: lock newly mapped VMA which can be modified after it becomes visible
  • 10bef95 mm: lock a vma before stack expansion
  • 8cc827d Revert "binder: turn into module"

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