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5 months ago

b891f3a Linux 6.1.33-rt11-xanmod1
3c6e653 Merge tag 'v6.1.33-rt11' into 6.1-rt
c79d9b5 Merge branch '6.1' into 6.1-rt
3868ffd netfilter: add xt_FLOWOFFLOAD target rev_2
2261b51 Revert "netfilter: add xt_FLOWOFFLOAD target"
3f9ca5f 'Linux 6.1.33-rt11'
a76b828 Merge tag 'v6.1.33' into v6.1-rt
939b5d4 Linux 6.1.33-xanmod1
28c7e4a HID: stadia: Add Stadia controller rumble support
a64b854 Merge tag 'v6.1.33' into 6.1
06ffc7f Revert "HID: stadia: Add Stadia controller rumble support"
2f3918b Linux 6.1.33
c3fcfe8 ext4: enable the lazy init thread when remounting read/write
84683a2 selftests: mptcp: join: avoid using 'cmp --bytes'
fbb6db5 selftests: mptcp: simult flows: skip if MPTCP is not supported
4bc022b selftests: mptcp: diag: skip if MPTCP is not supported
e8631d8 arm64: efi: Use SMBIOS processor version to key off Ampere quirk
b026755 tls: rx: strp: don't use GFP_KERNEL in softirq context
a296146 xfs: verify buffer contents when we skip log replay
4042d7a drm/amd/display: Have Payload Properly Created After Resume
4a9d631 iommu/amd/pgtbl_v2: Fix domain max address
3264d87 tpm, tpm_tis: Request threaded interrupt handler
77ee4f8 regmap: Account for register length when chunking
a8eaa9a fs/ntfs3: Validate MFT flags before replaying logs
0b28edf KEYS: asymmetric: Copy sig and digest in public_key_verify_signature()
4f303c0 ksmbd: fix multiple out-of-bounds read during context decoding
522a941 ksmbd: fix slab-out-of-bounds read in smb2_handle_negotiate
4c6bdaa ksmbd: fix incorrect AllocationSize set in smb2_get_info
f7add4d ksmbd: fix UAF issue from opinfo->conn
8072ea6 ksmbd: fix credit count leakage
5f4d381 KVM: x86: Account fastpath-only VM-Exits in vCPU stats
b1d5667 KVM: arm64: Populate fault info for watchpoint
0659aee test_firmware: fix the memory leak of the allocated firmware buffer
eef67df test_firmware: fix a memory leak with reqs buffer
33aebb0 powerpc/xmon: Use KSYM_NAME_LEN in array size
9721194 serial: cpm_uart: Fix a COMPILE_TEST dependency
7493392 serial: 8250_tegra: Fix an error handling path in tegra_uart_probe()
3270095 fbcon: Fix null-ptr-deref in soft_cursor
ef8aeff ext4: add lockdep annotations for i_data_sem for ea_inode's
140aa33 ext4: disallow ea_inodes with extended attributes
277cea6 ext4: set lockdep subclass for the ea_inode in ext4_xattr_inode_cache_find()
b112bab ext4: add EA_INODE checking to ext4_iget()
9ce0319 mptcp: fix active subflow finalization
977a63a mptcp: fix connect timeout handling
97ecfe6 selftests: mptcp: userspace pm: skip if MPTCP is not supported
f324df8 selftests: mptcp: sockopt: skip if MPTCP is not supported
0fea987 selftests: mptcp: join: skip if MPTCP is not supported
17ddf2a selftests: mptcp: pm nl: skip if MPTCP is not supported
68ecc09 selftests: mptcp: connect: skip if MPTCP is not supported
3f73192 tracing/probe: trace_probe_primary_from_call(): checked list_first_entry
7403630 tracing/histograms: Allow variables to have some modifiers
2a1195f tracing/timerlat: Always wakeup the timerlat thread
007c042 mtdchar: mark bits of ioctl handler noinline
d7c34c8 selinux: don't use make's grouped targets feature yet
6fb0b09 io_uring: undeprecate epoll_ctl support
94f97b8 riscv: perf: Fix callchain parse error with kernel tracepoint events
c40dc6e tpm, tpm_tis: correct tpm_tis_flags enumeration values
b0e21c4 iommu/amd: Fix domain flush size when syncing iotlb
251cf7f powerpc/iommu: Limit number of TCEs to 512 for H_STUFF_TCE hcall
2a72e68 block: fix revalidate performance regression
867ad8c phy: qcom-qmp-pcie-msm8996: fix init-count imbalance
5daf7a1 phy: qcom-qmp-combo: fix init-count imbalance
1af8dd5 btrfs: fix csum_tree_block page iteration to avoid tripping on -Werror=array-bounds
380d2da tty: serial: fsl_lpuart: use UARTCTRL_TXINV to send break instead of UARTCTRL_SBK
2c8aa11 mmc: pwrseq: sd8787: Fix WILC CHIP_EN and RESETN toggling order
f25568e mmc: vub300: fix invalid response handling
03974ab x86/mtrr: Revert 90b926e ("x86/pat: Fix pat_x_mtrr_type() for MTRR disabled case")
8db2ea7 drm/amd/pm: reverse mclk and fclk clocks levels for renoir
f05f3fc drm/amd/pm: reverse mclk and fclk clocks levels for yellow carp
1c729bd drm/amd/pm: reverse mclk clocks levels for SMU v13.0.5
0f8f233 drm/amd/pm: resolve reboot exception for si oland
e0a0f5d drm/amd/pm: reverse mclk and fclk clocks levels for vangogh
00abb87 drm/amd/pm: reverse mclk and fclk clocks levels for SMU v13.0.4
2f91f92 drm/amdgpu: enable tmz by default for GC 11.0.1
0098869 ata: libata-scsi: Use correct device no in ata_find_dev()
63a44b0 scsi: stex: Fix gcc 13 warnings
2e787e5 misc: fastrpc: reject new invocations during device removal
93f2aa0 misc: fastrpc: return -EPIPE to invocations on device removal
cbfed64 md/raid5: fix miscalculation of 'end_sector' in raid5_read_one_chunk()
704842c usb: gadget: f_fs: Add unbind event before functionfs_unbind
cc8c986 usb: cdns3: fix NCM gadget RX speed 20x slow than expection at iMX8QM
08e8ff6 dt-bindings: usb: snps,dwc3: Fix "snps,hsphy_interface" type
ef12610 net: usb: qmi_wwan: Set DTR quirk for BroadMobi BM818
3cfdc3f iio: dac: build ad5758 driver when AD5758 is selected
f453753 iio: adc: stm32-adc: skip adc-diff-channels setup if none is present
735d033 iio: adc: ad7192: Change "shorted" channels to differential
84f4d63 iio: addac: ad74413: fix resistance input processing
ab0c2df iio: dac: mcp4725: Fix i2c_master_send() return value handling
89f92d4 iio: adc: ad_sigma_delta: Fix IRQ issue by setting IRQ_DISABLE_UNLAZY flag
2eb2696 iio: adc: stm32-adc: skip adc-channels setup if none is present
54d737d iio: light: vcnl4035: fixed chip ID check
2896a35 dt-bindings: iio: adc: renesas,rcar-gyroadc: Fix adi,ad7476 compatible value
cb2a612 iio: imu: inv_icm42600: fix timestamp reset
3fb021f HID: wacom: avoid integer overflow in wacom_intuos_inout()
254be1f HID: google: add jewel USB id
23c2416 iio: adc: mxs-lradc: fix the order of two cleanup operations
b6867ce iio: accel: st_accel: Fix invalid mount_matrix on devices without ACPI _ONT method
47cc3ca media: uvcvideo: Don't expose unsupported formats to userspace
4d77637 drivers: base: cacheinfo: Fix shared_cpu_map changes in event of CPU hotplug
7d233f9 mailbox: mailbox-test: fix a locking issue in mbox_test_message_write()
4124000 media: mediatek: vcodec: Only apply 4K frame sizes on decoder formats
bafe94a KVM: arm64: vgic: Fix locking comment
150a5f7 KVM: arm64: vgic: Wrap vgic_its_create() with config_lock
4129d71 KVM: arm64: vgic: Fix a circular locking issue
7df6008 block: Deny writable memory mapping if block is read-only
16ddd3b nvme-pci: Add quirk for Teamgroup MP33 SSD
a731273 ublk: fix AB-BA lockdep warning
68ce1d5 drm/amdgpu: skip disabling fence driver src_irqs when device is unplugged
baa8901 ceph: silence smatch warning in reconnect_caps_cb()
56e5d63 atm: hide unused procfs functions
47d0f62 drm/msm: Be more shouty if per-process pgtables aren't working
c62a9a6 ALSA: oss: avoid missing-prototype warnings
e4f1532 nvme: do not let the user delete a ctrl before a complete initialization
f481c2a nvme-multipath: don't call blk_mark_disk_dead in nvme_mpath_remove_disk
d001347 netfilter: conntrack: define variables exp_nat_nla_policy and any_addr with CONFIG_NF_NAT
def67e2 net: wwan: t7xx: Ensure init is completed before system sleep
ae72bd1 wifi: b43: fix incorrect __packed annotation
c061e13 scsi: core: Decrease scsi_device's iorequest_cnt if dispatch failed
7402fb4 wifi: iwlwifi: mvm: Add locking to the rate read flow
788f129 wifi: mac80211: recalc chanctx mindef before assigning
a034600 wifi: mac80211: consider reserved chanctx for mindef
aefa37a wifi: mac80211: simplify chanctx allocation
bdd97c9 arm64: vdso: Pass (void ) to virt_to_page()
6bf0f6b arm64/mm: mark private VM_FAULT_X defines as vm_fault_t
e0b5316 ARM: dts: stm32: add pin map for CAN controller on stm32f7
de16dfe wifi: rtl8xxxu: fix authentication timeout due to incorrect RCR value
329da6d ACPI: resource: Add IRQ override quirk for LG UltraPC 17U70P
905b247 s390/topology: honour nr_cpu_ids when adding CPUs
26cfe2f s390/pkey: zeroize key blobs
9f2f538 ASoC: SOF: pm: save io region state in case of errors in resume
eb708ae ASoC: SOF: sof-client-probes: fix pm_runtime imbalance in error handling
1cc6301 ASoC: SOF: pcm: fix pm_runtime imbalance in error handling
a6637d5 ASoC: SOF: debug: conditionally bump runtime_pm counter on exceptions
d5d61f7 media: dvb-core: Fix use-after-free due to race condition at dvb_ca_en50221
d0088ea media: dvb-core: Fix kernel WARNING for blocking operation in wait_event
4a8ecfb media: dvb-core: Fix use-after-free due to race at dvb_register_device()
93b5dfe media: dvb-core: Fix use-after-free due on race condition at dvb_net
bf3b6f8 media: mn88443x: fix !CONFIG_OF error by drop of_match_ptr from ID table
ea2938c media: ttusb-dec: fix memory leak in ttusb_dec_exit_dvb()
dd68399 media: dvb_ca_en50221: fix a size write bug
0588225 media: netup_unidvb: fix irq init by register it at the end of probe
b769fbf media: dvb-usb: dw2102: fix uninit-value in su3000_read_mac_address
5d2923f media: dvb-usb: digitv: fix null-ptr-deref in digitv_i2c_xfer()
6906e61 media: dvb-usb-v2: rtl28xxu: fix null-ptr-deref in rtl28xxu_i2c_xfer
4e896b2 media: dvb-usb-v2: ce6230: fix null-ptr-deref in ce6230_i2c_master_xfer()
336ca9b media: dvb-usb-v2: ec168: fix null-ptr-deref in ec168_i2c_xfer()
1027c8c media: dvb-usb: az6027: fix three null-ptr-deref in az6027_i2c_xfer()
8914ae0 media: dvb_demux: fix a bug for the continuity counter
59dad72 ASoC: ssm2602: Add workaround for playback distortions
7fbdd3b ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirks for ASUS GU604V and GU603V
603f239 ASoC: dt-bindings: Adjust #sound-dai-cells on TI's single-DAI codecs
f6d2aa3 xfrm: Check if_id in inbound policy/secpath match
40798c5 um: harddog: fix modular build
c03dd93 ASoC: dwc: limit the number of overrun messages
0960fb8 ASoC: amd: yc: Add DMI entry to support System76 Pangolin 12
7d98a36 nvme-pci: add quirk for missing secondary temperature thresholds
53786bf nvme-pci: add NVME_QUIRK_BOGUS_NID for HS-SSD-FUTURE 2048G
46193dd block/rnbd: replace REQ_OP_FLUSH with REQ_OP_WRITE
5af920e nbd: Fix debugfs_create_dir error checking
f83c32e fbdev: stifb: Fix info entry in sti_struct on error path
be2aefa fbdev: modedb: Add 1920x1080 at 60 Hz video mode
c6c0a9f fbdev: imsttfb: Fix use after free bug in imsttfb_probe
3e336ad drm/amdgpu: set gfx9 onwards APU atomics support to be true
5ae4a61 gfs2: Don't deref jdesc in evict
61c3962 platform/mellanox: fix potential race in mlxbf-tmfifo driver
809efd7 platform/x86: intel_scu_pcidrv: Add back PCI ID for Medfield
18913fc media: rcar-vin: Select correct interrupt mode for V4L2_FIELD_ALTERNATE
705f4dc hwmon: (k10temp) Add PCI ID for family 19, model 78h
6578e0f ARM: 9295/1: unwind:fix unwind abort for uleb128 case
0433baa btrfs: abort transaction when sibling keys check fails for leaves
e2d161c drm/ast: Fix ARM compatibility
cad1abb mailbox: mailbox-test: Fix potential double-free in mbox_test_message_write()
88a042d drm/amdgpu: Use the default reset when loading or reloading the driver
6a40da6 ASoC: Intel: soc-acpi-cht: Add quirk for Nextbook Ares 8A tablet
a7ec48a ALSA: hda: Glenfly: add HD Audio PCI IDs and HDMI Codec Vendor IDs.
867dae5 watchdog: menz069_wdt: fix watchdog initialisation
787e74b drm/amdgpu: release gpu full access after "amdgpu_device_ip_late_init"
e2feb39 mptcp: add annotations around sk->sk_shutdown accesses
0b9e6d6 mptcp: fix data race around msk->first access
519f16d mptcp: consolidate passive msk socket initialization
fa2cbd1 mptcp: simplify subflow_syn_recv_sock()
9872e8c mptcp: avoid unneeded address copy
1b9e3ab mptcp: add annotations around msk->subflow accesses
c5ebb5c mptcp: avoid unneeded __mptcp_nmpc_socket() usage
ea9d738 rtnetlink: call validate_linkmsg in rtnl_create_link
62dcac5 mtd: rawnand: marvell: don't set the NAND frequency select
2187cb7 mtd: rawnand: marvell: ensure timing values are written
a084334 net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: Increase wait after reset deactivation
c3fc733 tcp: fix mishandling when the sack compression is deferred.
eac615e net/sched: flower: fix possible OOB write in fl_set_geneve_opt()
4fc2724 iommu/mediatek: Flush IOTLB completely only if domain has been attached
9316fdd net/mlx5: Read embedded cpu after init bit cleared
4156c6f net/mlx5e: Fix error handling in mlx5e_refresh_tirs
7c3e271 nvme: fix the name of Zone Append for verbose logging
4e5a5cd nfsd: fix double fget() bug in __write_ports_addfd()
401a1cf udp6: Fix race condition in udp6_sendmsg & connect
507182f net/netlink: fix NETLINK_LIST_MEMBERSHIPS length report
5c05ef3 net: sched: fix NULL pointer dereference in mq_attach
f888410 net/sched: Prohibit regrafting ingress or clsact Qdiscs
be3e1f7 net/sched: Reserve TC_H_INGRESS (TC_H_CLSACT) for ingress (clsact) Qdiscs
1ec1434 net/sched: sch_clsact: Only create under TC_H_CLSACT
89a0f4d net/sched: sch_ingress: Only create under TC_H_INGRESS
d67a5a5 net/smc: Don't use RMBs not mapped to new link in SMCRv2 ADD LINK
8c3ec8e net/smc: Scan from current RMB list when no position specified
752836e tcp: Return user_mss for TCP_MAXSEG in CLOSE/LISTEN state if user_mss set
c2251ce tcp: deny tcp_disconnect() when threads are waiting
0dec22a af_packet: do not use READ_ONCE() in packet_bind()
9061346 RDMA/irdma: Fix Local Invalidate fencing
07322c8 RDMA/irdma: Prevent QP use after free
3cf7747 mtd: rawnand: ingenic: fix empty stub helper definitions
789394f perf ftrace latency: Remove unnecessary "--" from --use-nsec option
7164961 amd-xgbe: fix the false linkup in xgbe_phy_status
d615070 tls: improve lockless access safety of tls_err_abort()
0b64a2b af_packet: Fix data-races of pkt_sk(sk)->num.
a2c2364 netrom: fix info-leak in nr_write_internal()
ae0ef97 net: mellanox: mlxbf_gige: Fix skb_panic splat under memory pressure
724aa4f net/mlx5e: Don't attach netdev profile while handling internal error
9c7ae14 net/mlx5: fw_tracer, Fix event handling
e73b7de net/mlx5: SF, Drain health before removing device
9e49af9 net/mlx5: Drain health before unregistering devlink
ddd8d55 riscv: Fix unused variable warning when BUILTIN_DTB is set
72fef70 dmaengine: pl330: rename start to prevent build error
bd42427 nfsd: make a copy of struct iattr before calling notify_change
dac09fe iommu/amd: Fix up merge conflict resolution
817ce9b iommu/amd: Handle GALog overflows
c3ff246 iommu/amd: Don't block updates to GATag if guest mode is on
bf1f3f4 iommu/rockchip: Fix unwind goto issue
0021441 RDMA/bnxt_re: Fix return value of bnxt_re_process_raw_qp_pkt_rx
dcaa61b RDMA/bnxt_re: Fix a possible memory leak
44fc5eb dmaengine: at_xdmac: fix potential Oops in at_xdmac_prep_interleaved()
ef8c761 RDMA/hns: Modify the value of long message loopback slice
736e1c4 RDMA/hns: Fix base address table allocation
38771c0 RDMA/hns: Fix timeout attr in query qp for HIP08
241de3f RDMA/efa: Fix unsupported page sizes in device
21c0eb0 phy: amlogic: phy-meson-g12a-mipi-dphy-analog: fix CNTL2_DIF_TX_CTL0 value
836f874 RDMA/bnxt_re: Fix the page_size used during the MR creation
76ba310 Linux 6.1.32
cd51ba9 tools headers UAPI: Sync the linux/in.h with the kernel sources
2cd02ae netfilter: ctnetlink: Support offloaded conntrack entry deletion
55ce796 cpufreq: amd-pstate: Add ->fast_switch() callback
c18f691 cpufreq: amd-pstate: Update policy->cur in amd_pstate_adjust_perf()
efc8ec1 block: fix bio-cache for passthru IO
5d08604 Revert "thermal/drivers/mellanox: Use generic thermal_zone_get_trip() function"
2333dbc bluetooth: Add cmd validity checks at the start of hci_sock_ioctl()
6c1fad6 drm/amd: Don't allow s0ix on APUs older than Raven
83a7f27 octeontx2-af: Add validation for lmac type
3236221 RDMA/rxe: Fix the error "trying to register non-static key in rxe_cleanup_task"
592af07 wifi: iwlwifi: mvm: fix potential memory leak
0c46907 wifi: iwlwifi: mvm: support wowlan info notification version 2
b5ceb6a wifi: rtw89: correct 5 MHz mask setting
07c8c1a net: phy: mscc: enable VSC8501/2 RGMII RX clock
7c95f56 page_pool: fix inconsistency for page_pool_ring
7dccd5f net: page_pool: use in_softirq() instead
cd3c5e4 vfio/type1: check pfn valid before converting to struct page
6793a3c blk-mq: fix race condition in active queue accounting
fe73507 bpf, sockmap: Incorrectly handling copied_seq
dd628fc bpf, sockmap: Wake up polling after data copy
ab90b68 bpf, sockmap: TCP data stall on recv before accept
3a2129e bpf, sockmap: Handle fin correctly
ba4fec5 bpf, sockmap: Improved check for empty queue
1e4e379 bpf, sockmap: Reschedule is now done through backlog
9f4d7ef bpf, sockmap: Convert schedule_work into delayed_work
4ae2af3 bpf, sockmap: Pass skb ownership through read_skb
49b5b5b gpio-f7188x: fix chip name and pin count on Nuvoton chip
085f27f net/mlx5: E-switch, Devcom, sync devcom events and devcom comp register
3347ac7 tls: rx: strp: preserve decryption status of skbs when needed
ba93977 tls: rx: strp: factor out copying skb data
52a89de tls: rx: strp: force mixed decrypted records into copy mode
c48b839 tls: rx: strp: fix determining record length in copy mode
ecd9f6e tls: rx: strp: set the skb->len of detached / CoW'ed skbs
e734a69 tls: rx: device: fix checking decryption status
b3e54fb platform/x86/amd/pmf: Fix CnQF and auto-mode after resume
8e8c33c selftests/bpf: Fix pkg-config call building sign-file
ca39992 firmware: arm_ffa: Fix usage of partition info get count flag
3f5413c ipv{4,6}/raw: fix output xfrm lookup wrt protocol
6728486 inet: Add IP_LOCAL_PORT_RANGE socket option
92b2047 Linux 6.1.31-xanmod1
3efeb40 HID: microsoft: Add more Xbox controller variants
30b5e10 HID: stadia: Add Stadia controller rumble support
b80c3f4 HID: shield: Initial driver implementation with Thunderstrike support
deb8a10 Merge tag 'v6.1.31' into 6.1
d2869ac Linux 6.1.31
2f32b89 net: phy: mscc: add VSC8502 to MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE
3bcb97e 3c589_cs: Fix an error handling path in tc589_probe()
9540765 net/smc: Reset connection when trying to use SMCRv2 fails.
be40226 regulator: mt6359: add read check for PMIC MT6359
22157f7 firmware: arm_ffa: Set reserved/MBZ fields to zero in the memory descriptors
1ae70fa arm64: dts: imx8mn-var-som: fix PHY detection bug by adding deassert delay
3e8a82f net/mlx5: Devcom, serialize devcom registration
eaa365c net/mlx5: Devcom, fix error flow in mlx5_devcom_register_device
411e4d6 net/mlx5: Collect command failures data only for known commands
390aa5c net/mlx5: Fix error message when failing to allocate device memory
59dd110 net/mlx5: DR, Check force-loopback RC QP capability independently from RoCE
b17294e net/mlx5: Handle pairing of E-switch via uplink un/load APIs
e501ab1 net/mlx5: DR, Fix crc32 calculation to work on big-endian (BE) CPUs
6f0dce5 net/mlx5e: do as little as possible in napi poll when budget is 0
00959a1 net/mlx5e: Use correct encap attribute during invalidation
362063d net/mlx5e: Fix deadlock in tc route query code
2051f76 net/mlx5e: Fix SQ wake logic in ptp napi_poll context
47b4f74 platform/mellanox: mlxbf-pmc: fix sscanf() error checking
04238c2 forcedeth: Fix an error handling path in nv_probe()
0392c91 sctp: fix an issue that plpmtu can never go to complete state
c9e09b0 cxl: Wait Memory_Info_Valid before access memory related info
ad72cb5 ASoC: Intel: avs: Access path components under lock
6ae9cf4 ASoC: Intel: avs: Fix declaration of enum avs_channel_config
5eaaad1 ASoC: Intel: Skylake: Fix declaration of enum skl_ch_cfg
d8cfe5c x86/show_trace_log_lvl: Ensure stack pointer is aligned, again
a7edc86 xen/pvcalls-back: fix double frees with pvcalls_new_active_socket()
5338407 x86/pci/xen: populate MSI sysfs entries
84b211b ARM: dts: imx6qdl-mba6: Add missing pvcie-supply regulator
225a5f3 coresight: Fix signedness bug in tmc_etr_buf_insert_barrier_packet()
5522469 platform/x86: ISST: Remove 8 socket limit
f34428b regulator: pca9450: Fix BUCK2 enable_mask
ccc6e9d fs: fix undefined behavior in bit shift for SB_NOUSER
dfc5aaa firmware: arm_ffa: Fix FFA device names for logical partitions
ad73dc7 firmware: arm_ffa: Check if ffa_driver remove is present before executing
06ec5be optee: fix uninited async notif value
9c744c6 power: supply: sbs-charger: Fix INHIBITED bit for Status reg
71e60a5 power: supply: bq24190: Call power_supply_changed() after updating input current
1f02bfd power: supply: bq25890: Call power_supply_changed() after updating input current or voltage
5784203 power: supply: bq27xxx: After charger plug in/out wait 0.5s for things to stabilize
221f7cb power: supply: bq27xxx: Ensure power_supply_changed() is called on current sign changes
3c573e7 power: supply: bq27xxx: Move bq27xxx_battery_update() down
9108ede power: supply: bq27xxx: Add cache parameter to bq27xxx_battery_current_and_status()
d952a1e power: supply: bq27xxx: Fix poll_interval handling and races on remove
e65fee4 power: supply: bq27xxx: Fix I2C IRQ race on remove
d746fbf power: supply: bq27xxx: Fix bq27xxx_battery_update() race condition
e1073f8 power: supply: mt6360: add a check of devm_work_autocancel in mt6360_charger_probe
2ac38f1 power: supply: leds: Fix blink to LED on transition
9437341 cifs: mapchars mount option ignored
91dd8aa ipv6: Fix out-of-bounds access in ipv6_find_tlv()
9bc1dbf lan966x: Fix unloading/loading of the driver
1a9e80f bpf: fix a memory leak in the LRU and LRU_PERCPU hash maps
177ee41 bpf: Fix mask generation for 32-bit narrow loads of 64-bit fields
a1d7c35 octeontx2-pf: Fix TSOv6 offload
4883d9e selftests: fib_tests: mute cleanup error message
722af06 drm: fix drmm_mutex_init()
cc18b46 net: fix skb leak in __skb_tstamp_tx()
8d81d3b ASoC: lpass: Fix for KASAN use_after_free out of bounds
53764a1 media: radio-shark: Add endpoint checks
d5dba4b USB: sisusbvga: Add endpoint checks
09e9d1f USB: core: Add routines for endpoint checks in old drivers
2a112f0 udplite: Fix NULL pointer dereference in sk_mem_raise_allocated().
ed66e63 net: fix stack overflow when LRO is disabled for virtual interfaces
c8fdf7f fbdev: udlfb: Fix endpoint check
d7fff52 debugobjects: Don't wake up kswapd from fill_pool()
8694853 irqchip/mips-gic: Use raw spinlock for gic_lock
dc1b764 irqchip/mips-gic: Don't touch vl_map if a local interrupt is not routable
4ca6b06 x86/topology: Fix erroneous smp_num_siblings on Intel Hybrid platforms
ed0ef89 perf/x86/uncore: Correct the number of CHAs on SPR
f3078be drm/amd/amdgpu: limit one queue per gang
34570f8 selftests/memfd: Fix unknown type name build failure
931ea1e binder: fix UAF of alloc->vma in race with munmap()
e1e198e binder: fix UAF caused by faulty buffer cleanup
d7cee85 binder: add lockless binder_alloc
72a94f8 Revert "android: binder: stop saving a pointer to the VMA"
7e6b854 Revert "binder_alloc: add missing mmap_lock calls when using the VMA"
8069bca drm/amd/pm: Fix output of pp_od_clk_voltage
6acfbdd drm/amd/pm: add missing NotifyPowerSource message mapping for SMU13.0.7
8756863 drm/radeon: reintroduce radeon_dp_work_func content
3897ac5 drm/mgag200: Fix gamma lut not initialized.
3970ee9 dt-binding: cdns,usb3: Fix cdns,on-chip-buff-size type
937264c btrfs: use nofs when cleaning up aborted transactions
63e1291 gpio: mockup: Fix mode of debugfs files
b49706d parisc: Handle kprobes breakpoints only in kernel context
5596e2e parisc: Enable LOCKDEP support
d935edd parisc: Allow to reboot machine after system halt
c49ffd8 parisc: Fix flush_dcache_page() for usage from irq context
c0993b4 parisc: Handle kgdb breakpoints only in kernel context
e1f14a4 parisc: Use num_present_cpus() in alternative patching code
bd90ac0 xtensa: add bswap{si,di}2 helpers
522bbbf xtensa: fix signal delivery to FDPIC process
0845660 m68k: Move signal frame following exception on 68020/030
6147745 net: cdc_ncm: Deal with too low values of dwNtbOutMaxSize
da1e8ad ASoC: rt5682: Disable jack detection interrupt during suspend
72c2820 power: supply: bq25890: Fix external_power_changed race
0456b91 power: supply: axp288_fuel_gauge: Fix external_power_changed race
7d5e015 mmc: block: ensure error propagation for non-blk
a24aec2 mmc: sdhci-esdhc-imx: make "no-mmc-hs400" works
0d97634 SUNRPC: Don't change task->tk_status after the call to rpc_exit_task
4059996 ALSA: hda/realtek: Enable headset onLenovo M70/M90
7d3d306 ALSA: hda: Fix unhandled register update during auto-suspend period
5222e81 ALSA: hda/ca0132: add quirk for EVGA X299 DARK
688c9af platform/x86/intel/ifs: Annotate work queue on stack so object debug does not complain
c26b9e1 x86/mm: Avoid incomplete Global INVLPG flushes
4eb600f arm64: Also reset KASAN tag if page is not PG_mte_tagged
8bdf47f ocfs2: Switch to security_inode_init_security()
28ee628 drm/amd/display: hpd rx irq not working with eDP interface
7bfd4c0 net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: Add RGMII delay to 88E6320
66ede2e platform/x86: hp-wmi: Fix cast to smaller integer type warning
0dbc898 skbuff: Proactively round up to kmalloc bucket size
ac2f573 drm/amdgpu/mes11: enable reg active poll
a2fe453 drm/amd/amdgpu: update mes11 api def
ae9e653 watchdog: sp5100_tco: Immediately trigger upon starting.
7cd4693 tpm: Prevent hwrng from activating during resume
25d38d5 tpm: Re-enable TPM chip boostrapping non-tpm_tis TPM drivers
e76f61a tpm, tpm_tis: startup chip before testing for interrupts
9953dbf tpm_tis: Use tpm_chip
{start,stop} decoration inside tpm_tis_resume
c5a5d33 tpm, tpm_tis: Only handle supported interrupts
5c4c807 tpm, tpm_tis: Avoid cache incoherency in test for interrupts
1ec1452 usb: dwc3: fix gadget mode suspend interrupt handler issue
0edf066 Linux 6.1.30-xanmod1
4b58fdd HID: asus: explicitly include linux/leds.h
a34104a HID: lg-g15: explicitly include linux/leds.h
28877e5 HID: steelseries: explicitly include linux/leds.h
86b7867 HID: apple: explicitly include linux/leds.h
6960926 HID: nintendo: fix rumble rate limiter
f08f9c8 HID: nintendo: prevent rumble queue overruns
f5919ca Merge tag 'v6.1.30' into 6.1
a343b0d Linux 6.1.30
da9a8dc drm/amdgpu: reserve the old gc_11_0
616843d drm/amd/amdgpu: introduce gc
mes_2.bin v2
09bf149 drm/amdgpu: declare firmware for new MES 11.0.4
f05ccf6 crypto: testmgr - fix RNG performance in fuzz tests
682679f remoteproc: imx_dsp_rproc: Fix kernel test robot sparse warning
7099e14 rethook, fprobe: do not trace rethook related functions
c46d3ef rethook: use preempt
{disable, enable}notrace in rethook_trampoline_handler
4e38a02 arm64: mte: Do not set PG_mte_tagged if tags were not initialized
02cf4a3 s390/qdio: fix do_sqbs() inline assembly constraint
25e8d30 s390/crypto: use vector instructions only if available for ChaCha20
eeb63c0 s390/dasd: fix command reject error on ESE devices
acc2a40 nilfs2: fix use-after-free bug of nilfs_root in nilfs_evict_inode()
0fc73f3 powerpc/64s/radix: Fix soft dirty tracking
ae5d148 tpm/tpm_tis: Disable interrupts for more Lenovo devices
9a74146 powerpc/iommu: Incorrect DDW Table is referenced for SR-IOV device
fc983cf powerpc/iommu: DMA address offset is incorrectly calculated with 2MB TCEs
6e092fa dt-bindings: ata: ahci-ceva: Cover all 4 iommus entries
76313a6 drm/amdgpu/gfx11: update gpu_clock_counter logic
0558520 drm/amdgpu: refine get gpu clock counter method
4e2f915 drm/amdgpu/gfx11: Adjust gfxoff before powergating on gfx11 as well
abfe2ff drm/amdgpu/gfx10: Disable gfxoff before disabling powergating.
9de5a98 drm/amdgpu/gmc11: implement get_vbios_fb_size()
903e942 drm/amd/pm: fix possible power mode mismatch between driver and PMFW
595824a ceph: force updating the msg pointer in non-split case
3338d0b vc_screen: reload load of struct vc_data pointer in vcs_write() to avoid UAF
e16629c thunderbolt: Clear registers properly when auto clear isn't in use
abc7e50 serial: qcom-geni: fix enabling deactivated interrupt
1db5db7 serial: 8250_exar: Add support for USR298x PCI Modems
cda8aa1 serial: Add support for Advantech PCI-1611U card
2cab13f mm: fix zswap writeback race condition
254ee53 maple_tree: make maple state reusable after mas_empty_area()
6c4172d statfs: enforce statfs[64] structure initialization
154de42 KVM: Fix vcpu_array[0] races
75378b0 ksmbd: fix global-out-of-bounds in smb2_find_context_vals
40d90ee ksmbd: fix wrong UserName check in session_user
af7335a ksmbd: allocate one more byte for implied bcc[0]
f1d013b ksmbd: smb2: Allow messages padded to 8byte boundary
4d25f93 SMB3: drop reference to cfile before sending oplock break
3b66d58 SMB3: Close all deferred handles of inode in case of handle lease break
107677a wifi: rtw88: use work to update rate to avoid RCU warning
d611910 can: kvaser_pciefd: Disable interrupts in probe error path
eabb112 can: kvaser_pciefd: Do not send EFLUSH command on TFD interrupt
45ce3be can: kvaser_pciefd: Clear listen-only bit if not explicitly requested
fcdfc18 can: kvaser_pciefd: Empty SRB buffer in probe
50bdf44 can: kvaser_pciefd: Call request_irq() before enabling interrupts
24bdfcb can: kvaser_pciefd: Set CAN_STATE_STOPPED in kvaser_pciefd_stop()
9cd1025 can: isotp: recvmsg(): allow MSG_CMSG_COMPAT flag
836641c can: j1939: recvmsg(): allow MSG_CMSG_COMPAT flag
0eee95c ALSA: hda/realtek: Fix mute and micmute LEDs for yet another HP laptop
0cc95fd ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for HP EliteBook G10 laptops
4ea7c33 ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for 2nd ASUS GU603
9328c65 ALSA: hda/realtek: Add a quirk for HP EliteDesk 805
30043b0 ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for Clevo L140AU
0e1e6c0 ALSA: hda: Add NVIDIA codec IDs a3 through a7 to patch table
dc8c569 ALSA: hda: Fix Oops by 9.1 surround channel names
44f2ed2 xhci: Fix incorrect tracking of free space on transfer rings
643a453 xhci-pci: Only run d3cold avoidance quirk for s2idle
ea56ede Revert "usb: gadget: udc: core: Invoke usb_gadget_connect only when started"
7356d42 Revert "usb: gadget: udc: core: Prevent redundant calls to pullup"
08bd1be usb: typec: altmodes/displayport: fix pin_assignment_show
f1f810e usb: gadget: u_ether: Fix host MAC address case
a9342bd usb: dwc3: debugfs: Resume dwc3 before accessing registers
ad43004 usb: dwc3: gadget: Improve dwc3_gadget_suspend() and dwc3_gadget_resume()
56a0769 USB: UHCI: adjust zhaoxin UHCI controllers OverCurrent bit value
4c33127 usb-storage: fix deadlock when a scsi command timeouts more than once
0ced12b USB: usbtmc: Fix direction for 0-length ioctl control messages
2cd7d88 ALSA: usb-audio: Add a sample rate workaround for Line6 Pod Go
d319fe2 bridge: always declare tunnel functions
a836be6 netfilter: nft_set_rbtree: fix null deref on element insertion
8f58c53 netfilter: nf_tables: fix nft_trans type confusion
d862b63 net: selftests: Fix optstring
fdc5c8f net: pcs: xpcs: fix C73 AN not getting enabled
ee44bac net: wwan: iosm: fix NULL pointer dereference when removing device
c3e3e89 vlan: fix a potential uninit-value in vlan_dev_hard_start_xmit()
e02d2b9 igb: fix bit_shift to be in [1..8] range
516114d net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: Fix mv88e6393x EPC write command offset
172146c cassini: Fix a memory leak in the error handling path of cas_init_one()
9cae243 tun: Fix memory leak for detached NAPI queue.
e2d5976 net: tun: rebuild error handling in tun_get_user
ae42c6f scsi: storvsc: Don't pass unused PFNs to Hyper-V host
557ba10 wifi: iwlwifi: mvm: don't trust firmware n_channels
a270c55 wifi: iwlwifi: mvm: fix OEM's name in the tas approved list
bc907fb wifi: iwlwifi: fix OEM's name in the ppag approved list
2160e11 wifi: iwlwifi: fw: fix DBGI dump
a20550b wifi: iwlwifi: mvm: fix cancel_delayed_work_sync() deadlock
bc22656 wifi: mac80211: Abort running color change when stopping the AP
01a4503 wifi: mac80211: fix min center freq offset tracing
c79d794 wifi: mac80211: fortify the spinlock against deadlock by interrupt
f9a8534 wifi: cfg80211: Drop entries with invalid BSSIDs in RNR
dda9c9b ice: Fix ice VF reset during iavf initialization
f181d79 ice: introduce clear_reset_state operation
36e6c7a net: bcmgenet: Restore phy_stop() depending upon suspend/close
41357a5 net: bcmgenet: Remove phy_stop() from bcmgenet_netif_stop()
e90cefc can: dev: fix missing CAN XL support in can_put_echo_skb()
c9abef1 s390/cio: include subchannels without devices also for evaluation
f215b62 tipc: check the bearer min mtu properly when setting it by netlink
2596830 tipc: do not update mtu if msg_max is too small in mtu negotiation
735c64e tipc: add tipc_bearer_min_mtu to calculate min mtu
73f53bc virtio_net: Fix error unwinding of XDP initialization
978a55b virtio-net: Maintain reverse cleanup order
6fbedf9 net: nsh: Use correct mac_offset to unwind gso skb in nsh_gso_segment()
82ede43 drm/exynos: fix g2d_open/close helper function definitions
866c78a ASoC: SOF: topology: Fix logic for copying tuples
3e56a1c ASoC: mediatek: mt8186: Fix use-after-free in driver remove path
da1b698 SUNRPC: Fix trace_svc_register() call site
47adb84 SUNRPC: always free ctxt when freeing deferred request
fd86534 SUNRPC: double free xprt_ctxt while still in use
0782152 media: netup_unidvb: fix use-after-free at del_timer()
4147a0c net: hns3: fix reset timeout when enable full VF
89982e0 net: hns3: fix reset delay time to avoid configuration timeout
2a06c5a net: hns3: fix sending pfc frames after reset issue
8ee34c9 net: hns3: fix output information incomplete for dumping tx queue info with debugfs
37c1e28 net: dsa: rzn1-a5psw: disable learning for standalone ports
7ceeb56 net: dsa: rzn1-a5psw: fix STP states handling
374c9cf net: dsa: rzn1-a5psw: enable management frames for CPU port
33a93db erspan: get the proto with the md version for collect_md
2a3e5f4 serial: 8250_bcm7271: fix leak in brcmuart_probe
dcf0808 serial: 8250_bcm7271: balance clk_enable calls
081790e serial: arc_uart: fix of_iomap leak in arc_serial_probe
820a60a tcp: fix possible sk_priority leak in tcp_v4_send_reset()
9bcf479 vsock: avoid to close connected socket after the timeout
116cc76 sfc: disable RXFCS and RXALL features by default
1c052ac ALSA: hda/realtek: Apply HP B&O top speaker profile to Pavilion 15
a16bf8f wifi: mt76: connac: fix stats->tx_bytes calculation
ee1a221 ALSA: firewire-digi00x: prevent potential use after free
ea9c758 net: phy: dp83867: add w/a for packet errors seen with short cables
9407454 net: fec: Better handle pm_runtime_get() failing in .remove()
e412fa5 selftets: seg6: disable rp_filter by default in srv6_end_dt4_l3vpn_test
7099bee selftests: seg6: disable DAD on IPv6 router cfg for srv6_end_dt4_l3vpn_test
c498e5d drm/msm: Fix submit error-path leaks
474d57a af_key: Reject optional tunnel/BEET mode templates in outbound policies
e5a0b28 xfrm: Reject optional tunnel/BEET mode templates in outbound policies
0d778f0 cpupower: Make TSC read per CPU for Mperf monitor
ce6c7be ASoC: fsl_micfil: Fix error handler with pm_runtime_enable
9d3ac38 platform: Provide a remove callback that returns no value
394336e dt-bindings: display/msm: dsi-controller-main: Document qcom, master-dsi and qcom, sync-dual-dsi
97d6437 drm/msm/dpu: Remove duplicate register defines from INTF
d6d90e1 drm/msm/dpu: Move non-MDP_TOP INTF_INTR offsets out of hwio header
092f382 drm/msm/dpu: Assign missing writeback log_mask
ccde701 drm/msm/dp: unregister audio driver during unbind
6867c4b Revert "Fix XFRM-I support for nested ESP tunnels"
070d004 xfrm: don't check the default policy if the policy allows the packet
7b5a8a2 drm/amdgpu: drop gfx_v11_0_cp_ecc_error_irq_funcs
b5f3f92 platform/x86: hp-wmi: add micmute to hp_wmi_keymap struct
1189b7f platform/x86: Move existing HP drivers to a new hp subdir
c9888aa parisc: Replace regular spinlock with spin_trylock on panic path
e112b2e mfd: intel-lpss: Add Intel Meteor Lake PCH-S LPSS PCI IDs
77f43c0 mfd: dln2: Fix memory leak in dln2_probe()
d3ee2f9 mfd: intel_soc_pmic_chtwc: Add Lenovo Yoga Book X90F to intel_cht_wc_models
4e5e9da soundwire: bus: Fix unbalanced pm_runtime_put() causing usage count underflow
60eb1af soundwire: qcom: gracefully handle too many ports in DT
3060b08 phy: st: miphy28lp: use poll_timeout functions for waits
81e8f1a soundwire: dmi-quirks: add remapping for Intel 'Rooks County' NUC M15
895130e recordmcount: Fix memory leaks in the uwrite function
4e2df91 lkdtm/stackleak: Fix noinstr violation
fa82501 sched: Fix KCSAN noinstr violation
eaa182a mcb-pci: Reallocate memory region to avoid memory overlapping
af4d6db serial: 8250: Reinit port->pm on port specific driver unbind
6a4cef8 usb: typec: tcpm: fix multiple times discover svids error
1edff07 HID: wacom: generic: Set battery quirk only when we see battery data
37358a2 HID: Ignore battery for ELAN touchscreen on ROG Flow X13 GV301RA
10ba1c3 HID: apple: Set the tilde quirk flag on the Geyser 3
f3e2f3e ASoC: amd: yc: Add ThinkBook 14 G5+ ARP to quirks list for acp6x
1a6371c ASoC: amd: Add Dell G15 5525 to quirks list
26fda37 ALSA: hda: LNL: add HD Audio PCI ID
907d6b6 usb: typec: ucsi: acpi: add quirk for ASUS Zenbook UM325
b484aa2 spi: spi-imx: fix MX51_ECSPI
* macros when cs > 3
1844749 HID: logitech-hidpp: Reconcile USB and Unifying serials
16420da HID: logitech-hidpp: Don't use the USB serial for USB devices
2e64faf ASoC: amd: yc: Add DMI entries to support HP OMEN 16-n0xxx (8A42)
6ce24d1 staging: axis-fifo: initialize timeouts in init only
b268082 HID: apple: Set the tilde quirk flag on the Geyser 4 and later
ec31059 staging: rtl8192e: Replace macro RTL_PCI_DEVICE with PCI_DEVICE
022fe9f Bluetooth: btrtl: Add the support for RTL8851B
fd269a0 Bluetooth: L2CAP: fix "bad unlock balance" in l2cap_disconnect_rsp
2f4a1b2 Bluetooth: Add new quirk for broken set random RPA timeout for ATS2851
76dd789 Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Fall back to getting bdaddr from EFI if not set
803ba6d Bluetooth: btintel: Add LE States quirk support
ea160ec Bluetooth: btrtl: check for NULL in btrtl_set_quirks()
f4f3cbd Bluetooth: Improve support for Actions Semi ATS2851 based devices
88deda7 Bluetooth: btrtl: add support for the RTL8723CS
c97ab50 Bluetooth: Add new quirk for broken local ext features page 2
d9a68e9 Bluetooth: btusb: Add new PID/VID 04ca:3801 for MT7663
75481fa ipvs: Update width of source for ip_vs_sync_conn_options
fab766c nbd: fix incomplete validation of ioctl arg
068fd06 wifi: ath11k: Fix SKB corruption in REO destination ring
57189c8 wifi: iwlwifi: dvm: Fix memcpy: detected field-spanning write backtrace
fd35b7b null_blk: Always check queue mode setting from configfs
63e2d06 wifi: iwlwifi: fix iwl_mvm_max_amsdu_size() for MLO
e78526a wifi: ath11k: Ignore frags from uninitialized peer in dp.
1655cfc block, bfq: Fix division by zero error on zero wsum
dbebdee wifi: iwlwifi: mvm: fix ptk_pn memory leak
eb1ef44 wifi: iwlwifi: pcie: Fix integer overflow in iwl_write_to_user_buf
19f063d wifi: iwlwifi: add a new PCI device ID for BZ device
0f9a1bc wifi: iwlwifi: pcie: fix possible NULL pointer dereference
b4acb6c md: fix soft lockup in status_resync
60039bf bpf: Add preempt_count
{sub,add} into btf id deny list
f2065b8 samples/bpf: Fix fout leak in hbm's run_bpf_prog
e05d63f f2fs: fix to check readonly condition correctly
7741ddc f2fs: fix to drop all dirty pages during umount() if cp_error is set
f4631d2 f2fs: Fix system crash due to lack of free space in LFS
c1b0b32 crypto: jitter - permanent and intermittent health errors
9d4430b ext4: Fix best extent lstart adjustment logic in ext4_mb_new_inode_pa()
c6bee89 ext4: set goal start correctly in ext4_mb_normalize_request
7739981 scsi: ufs: ufs-pci: Add support for Intel Lunar Lake
d485903 gfs2: Fix inode height consistency check
9c6da3b scsi: message: mptlan: Fix use after free bug in mptlan_remove() due to race condition
c9115f4 lib: cpu_rmap: Avoid use after free on rmap->obj array entries
a7a4def scsi: target: iscsit: Free cmds before session free
d957a10 netdev: Enforce index cap in netdev_get_tx_queue
cf1fe8c net: Catch invalid index in XPS mapping
ee5929c net: pasemi: Fix return type of pasemi_mac_start_tx()
efb1a25 bnxt: avoid overflow in bnxt_get_nvram_directory()
8a72289 scsi: lpfc: Correct used_rpi count when devloss tmo fires with no recovery
a9df88c scsi: lpfc: Prevent lpfc_debugfs_lockstat_write() buffer overflow
e6f4fb2 ext2: Check block size validity during mount
f8a6c53 wifi: brcmfmac: cfg80211: Pass the PMK in binary instead of hex
c35105f wifi: brcmfmac: pcie: Provide a buffer of random bytes to the device
4e7a81b bpf: Annotate data races in bpf_local_storage
660ab31 wifi: ath: Silence memcpy run-time false positive warning
48e4e06 media: mediatek: vcodec: Fix potential array out-of-bounds in decoder queue_setup
83c4228 media: Prefer designated initializers over memset for subdev pad ops
210ef6c drm/amdgpu: Fix sdma v4 sw fini error
5675ecd drm/amd: Fix an out of bounds error in BIOS parser
ec5f00a drm/amd/display: Correct DML calculation to follow HW SPEC
cf180af ACPI: video: Remove desktops without backlight DMI quirks
86ba4f7 irqchip/gicv3: Workaround for NVIDIA erratum T241-FABRIC-4
57b5a56 arm64: dts: qcom: sdm845-polaris: Drop inexistent properties
fee6133 ACPICA: ACPICA: check null return of ACPI_ALLOCATE_ZEROED in acpi_db_display_objects
8c4a716 ACPICA: Avoid undefined behavior: applying zero offset to null pointer
b1db73e drm/msm/dp: Clean up handling of DP AUX interrupts
a6eb3aa drm/tegra: Avoid potential 32-bit integer overflow
a7f9c14 remoteproc: stm32_rproc: Add mutex protection for workqueue
3dc61a1 drm/amd/display: fixed dcn30+ underflow issue
86a159f ACPI: EC: Fix oops when removing custom query handlers
a8267bc firmware: arm_sdei: Fix sleep from invalid context BUG
b963e1b arm64: dts: imx8mq-librem5: Remove dis_u3_susphy_quirk from usb_dwc3_0
9a342d4 memstick: r592: Fix UAF bug in r592_remove due to race condition
110d420 drm/rockchip: dw_hdmi: cleanup drm encoder during unbind
79ca94b ACPI: processor: Check for null return of devm_kzalloc() in fch_misc_setup()
cc42732 media: pvrusb2: VIDEO_PVRUSB2 depends on DVB_CORE to use dvb
* symbols
3c67f49 media: pci: tw68: Fix null-ptr-deref bug in buf prepare and finish
6738841 media: cx23885: Fix a null-ptr-deref bug in buffer_prepare() and buffer_finish()
346c975 arm64: dts: qcom: msm8996: Add missing DWC3 quirks
4436103 remoteproc: imx_dsp_rproc: Add custom memory copy implementation for i.MX DSP Cores
10add04 regmap: cache: Return error in cache sync operations for REGCACHE_NONE
34813f0 drm/amd/display: Use DC_LOG_DC in the trasform pixel function
d547d49 drm/amd/display: Enable HostVM based on rIOMMU active
898b031 platform/x86: x86-android-tablets: Add Acer Iconia One 7 B1-750 data
09f7da1 drm/amd/display: Correct DML calculation to align HW formula
92e6c79 drm/amd/display: populate subvp cmd info only for the top pipe
4b17053 drm/displayid: add displayid_get_header() and check bounds better
48960a5 fs: hfsplus: remove WARN_ON() from hfsplus_cat
e8c322b open: return EINVAL for O_DIRECTORY | O_CREAT
d0a8c0e rcu: Protect rcu_print_task_exp_stall() ->exp_tasks access
801593f selftests: cgroup: Add 'malloc' failures checks in test_memcontrol
522c441 refscale: Move shutdown from wait_event() to wait_event_idle()
b4319e4 ext4: allow ext4_get_group_info() to fail
f12aa03 ext4: allow to find by goal if EXT4_MB_HINT_GOAL_ONLY is set
cd2341c ext4: don't clear SB_RDONLY when remounting r/w until quota is re-enabled
cc40867 ext4: reflect error codes from ext4_multi_mount_protect() to its callers
5a08a72 fbdev: arcfb: Fix error handling in arcfb_probe()
dcd2891 drm/i915: taint kernel when force probing unsupported devices
36fa618 drm/i915: Expand force_probe to block probe of devices as well.
86d73b1 drm/i915/dp: prevent potential div-by-zero
dbf25cc drm/i915: Fix NULL ptr deref by checking new_crtc_state
1b485f3 drm/i915/guc: Don't capture Gen8 regs on Xe devices
e410895 af_unix: Fix data races around sk->sk_shutdown.
75924fb af_unix: Fix a data race of sk->sk_receive_queue->qlen.
8759c1a net: datagram: fix data-races in datagram_poll()
9e62a49 net: mscc: ocelot: fix stat counter register values
610a433 ipvlan:Fix out-of-bounds caused by unclear skb->cb
d695dcc gve: Remove the code of clearing PBA bit
b4c0af8 tcp: add annotations around sk->sk_shutdown accesses
55caf90 net: add vlan_get_protocol_and_depth() helper
65531f5 net: deal with most data-races in sk_wait_event()
bd0f360 net: annotate sk->sk_err write from do_recvmmsg()
a115dad netlink: annotate accesses to nlk->cb_running
6b4585a bonding: fix send_peer_notif overflow
d9176dc netfilter: conntrack: fix possible bug_on with enable_hooks=1
30e4b13 netfilter: nf_tables: always release netdev hooks from notifier
6fa2e7b net: phy: bcm7xx: Correct read from expansion register
7145f23 net: Fix load-tearing on sk->sk_stamp in sock_recv_cmsgs().
edc1f6d net: stmmac: Initialize MAC_ONEUS_TIC_COUNTER register
9e916db linux/dim: Do nothing if no time delta between samples
a84b083 tick/broadcast: Make broadcast device replacement work correctly
2628417 scsi: ufs: core: Fix I/O hang that occurs when BKOPS fails in W-LUN suspend
27c6b57 net: mdio: mvusb: Fix an error handling path in mvusb_mdio_probe()
3e785c8 net: skb_partial_csum_set() fix against transport header magic value
8547757 ARM: 9296/1: HP Jornada 7XX: fix kernel-doc warnings
3ff9622 drm/mipi-dsi: Set the fwnode for mipi_dsi_device
efd2821 drm/fbdev-generic: prohibit potential out-of-bounds access
252154b Linux 6.1.29-xanmod1
515a948 Merge tag 'v6.1.29' into 6.1
fa74641 Linux 6.1.29
49f63bd drm/amd/display: Fix hang when skipping modeset
7f6738e spi: fsl-cpm: Use 16 bit mode for large transfers with even size
441fa64 spi: fsl-spi: Re-organise transfer bits_per_word adaptation
76ce326 x86: fix clear_user_rep_good() exception handling annotation
4ae0666 x86/amd_nb: Add PCI ID for family 19h model 78h
514728f f2fs: inode: fix to do sanity check on extent cache correctly
85eb8b6 f2fs: fix to do sanity check on extent cache correctly
18ecffd drm/dsc: fix DP_DSC_MAX_BPP_DELTA
* macro values
c5fa4ee ext4: fix invalid free tracking in ext4_xattr_move_to_block()
d87a4e4 ext4: remove a BUG_ON in ext4_mb_release_group_pa()
19fb73b ext4: fix lockdep warning when enabling MMP
6e7a976 ext4: bail out of ext4_xattr_ibody_get() fails for any reason
1d2cadd ext4: add bounds checking in get_max_inline_xattr_value_size()
665cc3b ext4: fix deadlock when converting an inline directory in nojournal mode
f68876a ext4: improve error handling from ext4_dirhash()
25c9fca ext4: improve error recovery code paths in __ext4_remount()
748e4bb ext4: check iomap type only if ext4_iomap_begin() does not fail
b006e22 ext4: fix data races when using cached status extents
1fffe47 ext4: avoid a potential slab-out-of-bounds in ext4_group_desc_csum
dba62fa ext4: fix WARNING in mb_find_extent
1b9c924 locking/rwsem: Add __always_inline annotation to __down_read_common() and inlined callers
98643c9 drm/dsc: fix drm_edp_dsc_sink_output_bpp() DPCD high byte usage
f95a600 drm: Add missing DP DSC extended capability definitions.
4aba9ab ksmbd: fix racy issue from smb2 close and logoff with multichannel
502cf97 ksmbd: block asynchronous requests when making a delay on session setup
1fc8a2b ksmbd: destroy expired sessions
f623f62 ksmbd: fix racy issue from session setup and logoff
91bbf9c ksmbd: Implements sess->ksmbd_chann_list as xarray
3db734e drm/amd/display: Change default Z8 watermark values
a009acf drm/amd/display: Update Z8 SR exit/enter latencies
e22ef15 drm/amd/display: Update Z8 watermarks for DCN314
cf49b2f ASoC: codecs: wcd938x: fix accessing regmap on unattached devices
400950f ASoC: codecs: constify static sdw_slave_ops struct
5279ab1 ASoC: rt1318: Add RT1318 SDCA vendor-specific driver
1d383f9 drm/amd/display: Lowering min Z8 residency time
e633269 drm/amd/display: Update minimum stutter residency for DCN314 Z8
25f6036 drm/amd/display: Add minimum Z8 residency debug option
97b3d8e drm/amd/display: Fix Z8 support configurations
1822513 drm/amd/display: Add debug option to skip PSR CRTC disable
bcde2c8 drm/amd/display: Add Z8 allow states to z-state support list
8346882 drm/amd/display: Refactor eDP PSR codes
74a03d3 drm/i915: Check pipe source size when using skl+ scalers
549ce51 drm/i915/mtl: update scaler source and destination limits for MTL
20a1064 wifi: rtw88: rtw8821c: Fix rfe_option field width
6578ae8 irqchip/loongson-eiointc: Fix registration of syscore_ops
fa29d57 irqchip/loongson-eiointc: Fix incorrect use of acpi_get_vec_parent
9e7f788 irqchip/loongarch: Adjust acpi_cascade_irqdomain_init() and sub-routines
c5111be drm/msm: fix missing wq allocation error handling
46062a1 drm/msm: Hangcheck progress detection
a7fdb37 drm/msm/adreno: Simplify read64/write64 helpers
cba2856 f2fs: factor out victim_entry usage from general rb_tree use
4377b1d f2fs: allocate the extent_cache by default
33112a0 f2fs: refactor extent_cache to support for read and more
3af09de f2fs: remove unnecessary __init_extent_tree
91b1554 f2fs: move internal functions into extent_cache.c
155ff41 f2fs: specify extent cache for read explicitly
77d2651 drm/msm/adreno: adreno_gpu: Use suspend() instead of idle() on load error
b2bd08b fs/ntfs3: Refactoring of various minor issues
fb98336 HID: wacom: insert timestamp to packed Bluetooth (BT) events
fb2f0c0 HID: wacom: Set a default resolution for older tablets
7a07311 drm/amd: Use amdgpu_ucode_* helpers for MES
a3e3a64 drm/amd: Add a new helper for loading/validating microcode
3e1fa15 drm/amd: Load MES microcode during early_init
369b891 drm/amdgpu: remove deprecated MES version vars
506da05 drm/amd/pm: avoid potential UBSAN issue on legacy asics
2a17911 drm/amdgpu: disable sdma ecc irq only when sdma RAS is enabled in suspend
17a6941 drm/amd/pm: parse pp_handle under appropriate conditions
348dcdf drm/amd/display: Enforce 60us prefetch for 200Mhz DCFCLK modes
7a82483 drm/amdgpu: Fix vram recover doesn't work after whole GPU reset (v2)
6197fb3 drm/amdgpu: change gfx 11.0.4 external_id range
28c2e07 drm/amdgpu/jpeg: Remove harvest checking for JPEG3
f661ad5 drm/amdgpu/gfx: disable gfx9 cp_ecc_error_irq only when enabling legacy gfx ras
02e6cb9 drm/amdgpu: fix amdgpu_irq_put call trace in gmc_v11_0_hw_fini
59cb2d4 drm/amdgpu: fix an amdgpu_irq_put() issue in gmc_v9_0_hw_fini()
59e2439 drm/amdgpu: fix amdgpu_irq_put call trace in gmc_v10_0_hw_fini
f2e43c9 drm/amd/display: fix flickering caused by S/G mode
4c1e747 drm/amd/display: filter out invalid bits in pipe_fuses
c2b2641 drm/amd/display: Fix 4to1 MPC black screen with DPP RCO
cc99428 drm/amd/display: Add NULL plane_state check for cursor disable logic
bfe5624 drm/panel: otm8009a: Set backlight parent to panel device
2e51d7c irqchip/loongson-eiointc: Fix returned value on parsing MADT
84c64fb irqchip/loongson-pch-pic: Fix pch_pic_acpi_init calling
8a0b544 f2fs: fix potential corruption when moving a directory
424f8cd f2fs: fix null pointer panic in tracepoint in __replace_atomic_write_block
aa0f98c drm/i915/dsi: Use unconditional msleep() instead of intel_dsi_msleep()
6e14762 drm/msm: fix workqueue leak on bind errors
5447115 drm/msm: fix vram leak on bind errors
0fad173 drm/msm: fix drm device leak on bind errors
dd8ce82 drm/msm: fix NULL-deref on irq uninstall
16e0e6f drm/msm: fix NULL-deref on snapshot tear down
5b6b81d drm/i915/color: Fix typo for Plane CSC indexes
2b01534 drm/bridge: lt8912b: Fix DSI Video Mode
47bfe12 drm/msm/adreno: fix runtime PM imbalance at gpu load
3d0fdfe ARM: dts: aspeed: romed8hm3: Fix GPIO polarity of system-fault LED
f327c74 ARM: dts: s5pv210: correct MIPI CSIS clock name
5503ea7 ARM: dts: exynos: fix WM8960 clock name in Itop Elite
6efe88c ARM: dts: aspeed: asrock: Correct firmware flash SPI clocks
a64910b sysctl: clarify register_sysctl_init() base directory order
c3c7020 remoteproc: rcar_rproc: Call of_node_put() on iteration error
948f81d remoteproc: imx_rproc: Call of_node_put() on iteration error
fe3497c remoteproc: imx_dsp_rproc: Call of_node_put() on iteration error
8a0fc84 remoteproc: st: Call of_node_put() on iteration error
0d6b666 remoteproc: stm32: Call of_node_put() on iteration error
fde64a4 proc_sysctl: enhance documentation
f470864 proc_sysctl: update docs for __register_sysctl_table()
c93185f sh: nmi_debug: fix return value of __setup handler
2ebd006 sh: init: use OF_EARLY_FLATTREE for early init
ab2221d sh: mcount.S: fix build error when PRINTK is not enabled
fdac282 sh: math-emu: fix macro redefined warning
6d103a5 SMB3: force unmount was failing to close deferred close files
bb0091a smb3: fix problem remounting a share after shutdown
145f54e inotify: Avoid reporting event with invalid wd
d759abe platform/x86: thinkpad_acpi: Add profile force ability
66d4f7f platform/x86: touchscreen_dmi: Add info for the Dexp Ursus KX210i
e614c1d platform/x86: thinkpad_acpi: Fix platform profiles on T490
a02d29d platform/x86: touchscreen_dmi: Add upside-down quirk for GDIX1002 ts on the Juno Tablet
61549b7 platform/x86/intel-uncore-freq: Return error on write frequency
b886ad6 cifs: release leases for deferred close handles when freezing
187f89c cifs: fix pcchunk length type in smb2_copychunk_range
c5544c9 btrfs: zoned: fix full zone super block reading on ZNS
4def3a0 btrfs: zoned: zone finish data relocation BG with last IO
1e8de32 btrfs: fix space cache inconsistency after error loading it from disk
1689eab btrfs: print-tree: parent bytenr must be aligned to sector size
83ae028 btrfs: make clear_cache mount option to rebuild FST without disabling it
dd5a219 btrfs: zero the buffer before marking it dirty in btrfs_redirty_list_add
15e877e btrfs: don't free qgroup space unless specified
44c5254 btrfs: fix encoded write i_size corruption with no-holes
17eaeee btrfs: fix assertion of exclop condition when starting balance
0a99cd0 btrfs: properly reject clear_cache and v1 cache for block-group-tree
8583cc1 btrfs: zoned: fix wrong use of bitops API in btrfs_ensure_empty_zones
bcd7aa2 btrfs: fix btrfs_prev_leaf() to not return the same key twice
000322b x86/retbleed: Fix return thunk alignment
2feac71 RISC-V: fix taking the text_mutex twice during sifive errata patching
0fad198 RISC-V: take text_mutex during alternative patching
13a0e21 perf stat: Separate bperf from bpf_profiler
602603b perf tracepoint: Fix memory leak in is_valid_tracepoint()
3fb0d06 perf symbols: Fix return incorrect build_id size in elf_read_build_id()
2dd641d crypto: engine - fix crypto_queue backlog handling
14a2259 crypto: engine - Use crypto_request_complete
6ba620f crypto: api - Add scaffolding to change completion function signature
1055edd crypto: sun8i-ss - Fix a test in sun8i_ss_setup_ivs()
267db6b perf cs-etm: Fix timeless decode mode detection
b6671b7 perf map: Delete two variable initialisations before null pointer checks in sort__sym_from_cmp()
d592598 perf pmu: zfree() expects a pointer to a pointer to zero it after freeing its contents
36a840a perf vendor events power9: Remove UTF-8 characters from JSON files
0dabe1a perf ftrace: Make system wide the default target for latency subcommand
4406061 perf tests Fix redirection of stderr to stdin
6d20672 perf vendor events s390: Remove UTF-8 characters from JSON file
b2b9169 perf scripts Fix IPC output for Python 2
f108cbc perf record: Fix "read LOST count failed" msg with sample read
2424b45 net: enetc: check the index of the SFI rather than the handle
d86d42e virtio_net: suppress cpu stall when free_unused_bufs
4a61d79 ice: block LAN in case of VF to VF offload
2f80efc net: dsa: mt7530: fix network connectivity with multiple CPU ports
9d46edd net: dsa: mt7530: split-off common parts from mt7531_setup
98fc75c net: dsa: mt7530: fix corrupt frames using trgmii on 40 MHz XTAL MT7621
c6fafaa KVM: s390: fix race in gmap_make_secure()
4e875cf ALSA: caiaq: input: Add error handling for unsupported input methods in snd_usb_caiaq_input_init
7887397 drm/amdgpu: add a missing lock for AMDGPU_SCHED
f2e8e33 af_packet: Don't send zero-byte data in packet_sendmsg_spkt().
0d02efe ionic: catch failure from devlink_alloc
942a2a0 ethtool: Fix uninitialized number of lanes
a05e563 ionic: remove noise from ethtool rxnfc error msg
3cad35b octeontx2-vf: Detach LF resources on probe cleanup
401d11f octeontx2-pf: Disable packet I/O for graceful exit
d28f6ad octeontx2-af: Skip PFs if not enabled
ac613d0 octeontx2-af: Fix issues with NPC field hash extract
ab0742b octeontx2-af: Update/Fix NPC field hash extract feature
2b84d24 octeontx2-pf: Add additional checks while configuring ucast/bcast/mcast rules
bd9234d octeontx2-af: Allow mkex profile without DMAC and add L2M/L2B header extraction support
14504aa octeontx2-pf: Increase the size of dmac filter flows
2376ca7 octeontx2-af: Fix depth of cam and mem table.
1c98271 octeontx2-af: Fix start and end bit for scan config
e92399f octeontx2-af: Secure APR table update with the lock
419cc2c selftests: netfilter: fix libmnl pkg-config usage
4b08cdd drm/i915/mtl: Add the missing CPU transcoder mask in intel_device_info
2bb1204 riscv: compat_syscall_table: Fixup compile warning
40f8b3f rxrpc: Fix hard call timeout units
ab14de4 sfc: Fix module EEPROM reporting for QSFP modules
68b1614 r8152: move setting r8153b_rx_agg_chg_indicate()
2642d7c r8152: fix the poor throughput for 2.5G devices
fbdde7e r8152: fix flow control issue of RTL8156A
e2efb94 net/sched: act_mirred: Add carrier check
3b3537d i2c: tegra: Fix PEC support for SMBUS block read
ffa97b5 RISC-V: mm: Enable huge page support to kernel_page_present() function
1e8ad3e watchdog: dw_wdt: Fix the error handling path of dw_wdt_drv_probe()
c36975a block: Skip destroyed blkg when restart in blkg_destroy_all()
7c4c6e2 writeback: fix call of incorrect macro
5ac2914 net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: add mv88e6321 rsvd2cpu
1f274d5 net: ipv6: fix skb hash for some RST packets
686c701 selftests: srv6: make srv6_end_dt46_l3vpn_test more robust
5a98019 sit: update dev->needed_headroom in ipip6_tunnel_bind_dev()
55866fe net/sched: cls_api: remove block_cb from driver_list before freeing
7fa93e3 tcp: fix skb_copy_ubufs() vs BIG TCP
449280a net/ncsi: clear Tx enable mode when handling a Config required AEN
a78b922 octeontx2-pf: mcs: Do not reset PN while updating secy
fd59ec1 octeontx2-pf: mcs: Fix shared counters logic
a8ddb97 octeontx2-pf: mcs: Clear stats before freeing resource
c52ebec octeontx2-pf: mcs: Match macsec ethertype along with DMAC
a3dcc45 octeontx2-pf: mcs: Fix NULL pointer dereferences
9ff806d octeontx2-af: mcs: Fix MCS block interrupt
add6bdb octeontx2-af: mcs: Config parser to skip 8B header
39b436f octeontx2-af: mcs: Write TCAM_DATA and TCAM_MASK registers at once
06fdaf7 octeonxt2-af: mcs: Fix per port bypass config
1924450 ixgbe: Fix panic during XDP_TX with > 64 CPUs
80a791a drm/amd/display: Update bounding box values for DCN321
7bba2e5 drm/amd/display: Do not clear GPINT register when releasing DMUB from reset
ccb0ad9 drm/amd/display: Reset OUTBOX0 r/w pointer on DMUB reset
bb13726 drm/amd/display: Fixes for dcn32_clk_mgr implementation
b7ae53d drm/amd/display: Return error code on DSC atomic check failure
374f7fa drm/amd/display: Add missing WA and MCLK validation
0b47019 drm/amd/display: Remove FPU guards from the DML folder
3738a23 scsi: qedi: Fix use after free bug in qedi_remove()
e60e5d6 ASoC: Intel: soc-acpi-byt: Fix "WM510205" match no longer working
1193a36 KVM: x86/mmu: Refresh CR0.WP prior to checking for emulated permission faults
71e848b KVM: VMX: Make CR0.WP a guest owned bit
27ec4cb KVM: x86: Make use of kvm_read_cr*_bits() when testing bits
956777b KVM: x86: Do not unload MMU roots when only toggling CR0.WP with TDP enabled
d20a019 KVM: x86/mmu: Avoid indirect call for get_cr3
28d0f85 drm/amd/display: Ext displays with dock can't recognized after resume
d69d5e2 fs/ntfs3: Fix null-ptr-deref on inode->i_op in ntfs_lookup()
93eb8dd mtd: spi-nor: spansion: Enable JFFS2 write buffer for Infineon s25hx SEMPER flash
50f54a4 mailbox: zynqmp: Fix counts of child nodes
e63a796 mailbox: zynq: Switch to flexible array to simplify code
b12078b soc: qcom: llcc: Do not create EDAC platform device on SDM845
bf97121 qcom: llcc/edac: Support polling mode for ECC handling
4fdb257 mtd: spi-nor: spansion: Enable JFFS2 write buffer for Infineon s28hx SEMPER flash
8630dfc mtd: spi-nor: Add a RWW flag
897a40d mtd: spi-nor: add SFDP fixups for Quad Page Program
de26d26 mtd: spi-nor: spansion: Remove NO_SFDP_FLAGS from s28hs512t info
b951d49 KVM: x86/pmu: Disallow legacy LBRs if architectural LBRs are available
189cdd8 KVM: x86: Track supported PERF_CAPABILITIES in kvm_caps
0457b6d perf/x86/core: Zero @lbr instead of returning -1 in x86_perf_get_lbr() stub
9239f89 crypto: ccp - Clear PSP interrupt status register before calling handler
add6627 drm/vmwgfx: Fix Legacy Display Unit atomic drm support
b3204cb drm/vmwgfx: Remove explicit and broken vblank handling
c613c95 usb: dwc3: gadget: Execute gadget stop after halting the controller
065c3d4 USB: dwc3: gadget: drop dead hibernation code
777b26c Linux 6.1.28-xanmod1
d52e09b XANMOD: fair: Set scheduler tunable latencies to unscaled
8ad4606 XANMOD: fair: Increase wake-up granularity time to 3ms
a843755 Merge tag 'v6.1.28' into 6.1
1dd9b73 Linux 6.1.27-xanmod1
b6f1bd3 sched/fair: Introduce SIS_CURRENT to wake up short task on current CPU
d2d5de1 sched/fair: Record the average duration of a task
68557ba Merge tag 'v6.1.27' into 6.1
723a228 Revert "sched/fair: Record the average duration of a task"
60f39d4 Revert "sched/fair: Introduce SIS_CURRENT to wake up short task on current CPU"
ae4466a Linux 6.1.26-xanmod1
7088b3b x86/sched/itmt: Give all SMT siblings of a core the same priority
b99e6d8 x86/sched: Add the SD_ASYM_PACKING flag to the die domain of hybrid processors
0204740 x86/sched: Remove SD_ASYM_PACKING from the SMT domain flags
3382a43 sched/topology: Check SDF_SHARED_CHILD in highest_flag_domain()
eda1952 sched/topology: Remove SHARED_CHILD from ASYM_PACKING
106d0af sched/fair: Do not even the number of busy CPUs via asym_packing
32ee9d1 sched/fair: Use the busiest group to set prefer_sibling
bfd5417 sched/fair: Keep a fully_busy SMT sched group as busiest
7ca84a2 sched/fair: Let low-priority cores help high-priority busy SMT cores
e35c70c sched/fair: Simplify asym_packing logic for SMT cores
2db479b sched/fair: Only do asym_packing load balancing from fully idle SMT cores
43e7c51 sched/fair: Move is_core_idle() out of CONFIG_NUMA
3a096df sched/fair: Introduce SIS_CURRENT to wake up short task on current CPU
610e3bc sched/fair: Record the average duration of a task
7fc463d Merge tag 'v6.1.26' into 6.1
cb08e47 Revert "sched/fair: Simplify asym_packing logic for SMT sched groups"
74f1ab6 Revert "sched/fair: Let lower-priority CPUs do active balancing"
f479cd8 Linux 6.1.25-xanmod1
018d3cc Merge tag 'v6.1.25' into 6.1
2a6634c Linux 6.1.24-xanmod1
39dd5b5 Merge tag 'v6.1.24' into 6.1
46a4629 Linux 6.1.23-xanmod1
d8a9729 Merge tag 'v6.1.23' into 6.1
446c29a Linux 6.1.22-xanmod1
486bde2 Merge tag 'v6.1.22' into 6.1
019f648 Linux 6.1.21-xanmod1
3413572 Merge tag 'v6.1.21' into 6.1
4b5d5b7 Linux 6.1.20-xanmod1
806d78f Merge tag 'v6.1.20' into 6.1
f998744 Linux 6.1.18-xanmod1
bf65f32 PCI: Enable overrides for missing ACS capabilities
b0deea1 Merge tag 'v6.1.18' into 6.1
755980a Revert "pci: Enable overrides for missing ACS capabilities"
f4a3f50 Linux 6.1.16-xanmod1
d6a0b7e netfilter: add xt_FLOWOFFLOAD target
14aa86f Revert "Fix sound on ASUS Zenbook UM5302TA"
52eba47 Merge tag 'v6.1.16' into 6.1
b9839d8 Linux 6.1.15-xanmod1
b755bd9 Merge tag 'v6.1.15' into 6.1
8be0eb5 Linux 6.1.14-xanmod1
e692c6a Merge tag 'v6.1.14' into 6.1

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