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6 months ago

92b2047 Linux 6.1.31-xanmod1
3efeb40 HID: microsoft: Add more Xbox controller variants
30b5e10 HID: stadia: Add Stadia controller rumble support
b80c3f4 HID: shield: Initial driver implementation with Thunderstrike support
deb8a10 Merge tag 'v6.1.31' into 6.1
d2869ac Linux 6.1.31
2f32b89 net: phy: mscc: add VSC8502 to MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE
3bcb97e 3c589_cs: Fix an error handling path in tc589_probe()
9540765 net/smc: Reset connection when trying to use SMCRv2 fails.
be40226 regulator: mt6359: add read check for PMIC MT6359
22157f7 firmware: arm_ffa: Set reserved/MBZ fields to zero in the memory descriptors
1ae70fa arm64: dts: imx8mn-var-som: fix PHY detection bug by adding deassert delay
3e8a82f net/mlx5: Devcom, serialize devcom registration
eaa365c net/mlx5: Devcom, fix error flow in mlx5_devcom_register_device
411e4d6 net/mlx5: Collect command failures data only for known commands
390aa5c net/mlx5: Fix error message when failing to allocate device memory
59dd110 net/mlx5: DR, Check force-loopback RC QP capability independently from RoCE
b17294e net/mlx5: Handle pairing of E-switch via uplink un/load APIs
e501ab1 net/mlx5: DR, Fix crc32 calculation to work on big-endian (BE) CPUs
6f0dce5 net/mlx5e: do as little as possible in napi poll when budget is 0
00959a1 net/mlx5e: Use correct encap attribute during invalidation
362063d net/mlx5e: Fix deadlock in tc route query code
2051f76 net/mlx5e: Fix SQ wake logic in ptp napi_poll context
47b4f74 platform/mellanox: mlxbf-pmc: fix sscanf() error checking
04238c2 forcedeth: Fix an error handling path in nv_probe()
0392c91 sctp: fix an issue that plpmtu can never go to complete state
c9e09b0 cxl: Wait Memory_Info_Valid before access memory related info
ad72cb5 ASoC: Intel: avs: Access path components under lock
6ae9cf4 ASoC: Intel: avs: Fix declaration of enum avs_channel_config
5eaaad1 ASoC: Intel: Skylake: Fix declaration of enum skl_ch_cfg
d8cfe5c x86/show_trace_log_lvl: Ensure stack pointer is aligned, again
a7edc86 xen/pvcalls-back: fix double frees with pvcalls_new_active_socket()
5338407 x86/pci/xen: populate MSI sysfs entries
84b211b ARM: dts: imx6qdl-mba6: Add missing pvcie-supply regulator
225a5f3 coresight: Fix signedness bug in tmc_etr_buf_insert_barrier_packet()
5522469 platform/x86: ISST: Remove 8 socket limit
f34428b regulator: pca9450: Fix BUCK2 enable_mask
ccc6e9d fs: fix undefined behavior in bit shift for SB_NOUSER
dfc5aaa firmware: arm_ffa: Fix FFA device names for logical partitions
ad73dc7 firmware: arm_ffa: Check if ffa_driver remove is present before executing
06ec5be optee: fix uninited async notif value
9c744c6 power: supply: sbs-charger: Fix INHIBITED bit for Status reg
71e60a5 power: supply: bq24190: Call power_supply_changed() after updating input current
1f02bfd power: supply: bq25890: Call power_supply_changed() after updating input current or voltage
5784203 power: supply: bq27xxx: After charger plug in/out wait 0.5s for things to stabilize
221f7cb power: supply: bq27xxx: Ensure power_supply_changed() is called on current sign changes
3c573e7 power: supply: bq27xxx: Move bq27xxx_battery_update() down
9108ede power: supply: bq27xxx: Add cache parameter to bq27xxx_battery_current_and_status()
d952a1e power: supply: bq27xxx: Fix poll_interval handling and races on remove
e65fee4 power: supply: bq27xxx: Fix I2C IRQ race on remove
d746fbf power: supply: bq27xxx: Fix bq27xxx_battery_update() race condition
e1073f8 power: supply: mt6360: add a check of devm_work_autocancel in mt6360_charger_probe
2ac38f1 power: supply: leds: Fix blink to LED on transition
9437341 cifs: mapchars mount option ignored
91dd8aa ipv6: Fix out-of-bounds access in ipv6_find_tlv()
9bc1dbf lan966x: Fix unloading/loading of the driver
1a9e80f bpf: fix a memory leak in the LRU and LRU_PERCPU hash maps
177ee41 bpf: Fix mask generation for 32-bit narrow loads of 64-bit fields
a1d7c35 octeontx2-pf: Fix TSOv6 offload
4883d9e selftests: fib_tests: mute cleanup error message
722af06 drm: fix drmm_mutex_init()
cc18b46 net: fix skb leak in __skb_tstamp_tx()
8d81d3b ASoC: lpass: Fix for KASAN use_after_free out of bounds
53764a1 media: radio-shark: Add endpoint checks
d5dba4b USB: sisusbvga: Add endpoint checks
09e9d1f USB: core: Add routines for endpoint checks in old drivers
2a112f0 udplite: Fix NULL pointer dereference in _sk_mem_raise_allocated().
ed66e63 net: fix stack overflow when LRO is disabled for virtual interfaces
c8fdf7f fbdev: udlfb: Fix endpoint check
d7fff52 debugobjects: Don't wake up kswapd from fill_pool()
8694853 irqchip/mips-gic: Use raw spinlock for gic_lock
dc1b764 irqchip/mips-gic: Don't touch vl_map if a local interrupt is not routable
4ca6b06 x86/topology: Fix erroneous smp_num_siblings on Intel Hybrid platforms
ed0ef89 perf/x86/uncore: Correct the number of CHAs on SPR
f3078be drm/amd/amdgpu: limit one queue per gang
34570f8 selftests/memfd: Fix unknown type name build failure
931ea1e binder: fix UAF of alloc->vma in race with munmap()
e1e198e binder: fix UAF caused by faulty buffer cleanup
d7cee85 binder: add lockless binder_alloc
72a94f8 Revert "android: binder: stop saving a pointer to the VMA"
7e6b854 Revert "binder_alloc: add missing mmap_lock calls when using the VMA"
8069bca drm/amd/pm: Fix output of pp_od_clk_voltage
6acfbdd drm/amd/pm: add missing NotifyPowerSource message mapping for SMU13.0.7
8756863 drm/radeon: reintroduce radeon_dp_work_func content
3897ac5 drm/mgag200: Fix gamma lut not initialized.
3970ee9 dt-binding: cdns,usb3: Fix cdns,on-chip-buff-size type
937264c btrfs: use nofs when cleaning up aborted transactions
63e1291 gpio: mockup: Fix mode of debugfs files
b49706d parisc: Handle kprobes breakpoints only in kernel context
5596e2e parisc: Enable LOCKDEP support
d935edd parisc: Allow to reboot machine after system halt
c49ffd8 parisc: Fix flush_dcache_page() for usage from irq context
c0993b4 parisc: Handle kgdb breakpoints only in kernel context
e1f14a4 parisc: Use num_present_cpus() in alternative patching code
bd90ac0 xtensa: add _bswap{si,di}2 helpers
522bbbf xtensa: fix signal delivery to FDPIC process
0845660 m68k: Move signal frame following exception on 68020/030
6147745 net: cdc_ncm: Deal with too low values of dwNtbOutMaxSize
da1e8ad ASoC: rt5682: Disable jack detection interrupt during suspend
72c2820 power: supply: bq25890: Fix external_power_changed race
0456b91 power: supply: axp288_fuel_gauge: Fix external_power_changed race
7d5e015 mmc: block: ensure error propagation for non-blk
a24aec2 mmc: sdhci-esdhc-imx: make "no-mmc-hs400" works
0d97634 SUNRPC: Don't change task->tk_status after the call to rpc_exit_task
4059996 ALSA: hda/realtek: Enable headset onLenovo M70/M90
7d3d306 ALSA: hda: Fix unhandled register update during auto-suspend period
5222e81 ALSA: hda/ca0132: add quirk for EVGA X299 DARK
688c9af platform/x86/intel/ifs: Annotate work queue on stack so object debug does not complain
c26b9e1 x86/mm: Avoid incomplete Global INVLPG flushes
4eb600f arm64: Also reset KASAN tag if page is not PG_mte_tagged
8bdf47f ocfs2: Switch to security_inode_init_security()
28ee628 drm/amd/display: hpd rx irq not working with eDP interface
7bfd4c0 net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: Add RGMII delay to 88E6320
66ede2e platform/x86: hp-wmi: Fix cast to smaller integer type warning
0dbc898 skbuff: Proactively round up to kmalloc bucket size
ac2f573 drm/amdgpu/mes11: enable reg active poll
a2fe453 drm/amd/amdgpu: update mes11 api def
ae9e653 watchdog: sp5100_tco: Immediately trigger upon starting.
7cd4693 tpm: Prevent hwrng from activating during resume
25d38d5 tpm: Re-enable TPM chip boostrapping non-tpm_tis TPM drivers
e76f61a tpm, tpm_tis: startup chip before testing for interrupts
9953dbf tpm_tis: Use tpm_chip
{start,stop} decoration inside tpm_tis_resume
c5a5d33 tpm, tpm_tis: Only handle supported interrupts
5c4c807 tpm, tpm_tis: Avoid cache incoherency in test for interrupts
1ec1452 usb: dwc3: fix gadget mode suspend interrupt handler issue

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