github xanmod/linux 6.1.3-xanmod1

11 months ago

7dc2484 Linux 6.1.3-xanmod1
852675a Merge tag 'v6.1.3' into 6.1
4adc0fb Linux 6.1.3
6a0ef73 kcsan: Instrument memcpy/memset/memmove with newer Clang
c9ded83 SUNRPC: Don't leak netobj memory when gss_read_proxy_verf() fails
e60fa80 tpm: tpm_tis: Add the missed acpi_put_table() to fix memory leak
b0785ed tpm: tpm_crb: Add the missed acpi_put_table() to fix memory leak
bf31e3f tpm: acpi: Call acpi_put_table() to fix memory leak
ba2e7d0 mmc: vub300: fix warning - do not call blocking ops when !TASK_RUNNING
a35b4bc block: Do not reread partition table on exclusively open device
01bb485 f2fs: allow to read node block after shutdown
6028ec0 f2fs: should put a page when checking the summary info
b3b3212 mm, compaction: fix fast_isolate_around() to stay within boundaries
97ce999 md: fix a crash in mempool_free
e9d055b mfd: mt6360: Add bounds checking in Regmap read/write call-backs
784a4f9 pnode: terminate at peers of source
f9aafff ALSA: hda/hdmi: Static PCM mapping again with AMD HDMI codecs
389d34c ALSA: line6: fix stack overflow in line6_midi_transmit
e58d1d2 ALSA: line6: correct midi status byte when receiving data from podxt
bc2e0c5 ovl: update ->f_iocb_flags when ovl_change_flags() modifies ->f_flags
d84a696 ovl: Use ovl mounter's fsuid and fsgid in ovl_link()
703fd75 binfmt: Fix error return code in load_elf_fdpic_binary()
e6d180a ACPI: x86: s2idle: Stop using AMD specific codepath for Rembrandt+
577821f ACPI: x86: s2idle: Force AMD GUID/_REV 2 on HP Elitebook 865
0478b94 hfsplus: fix bug causing custom uid and gid being unable to be assigned with mount
23ac2a3 pstore/zone: Use GFP_ATOMIC to allocate zone buffer
5c3a4cd pstore: Properly assign mem_type property
2cec280 kmsan: include linux/vmalloc.h
dace33a kmsan: export kmsan_handle_urb
0ce4cc6 mm/mempolicy: fix memory leak in set_mempolicy_home_node system call
4d528da mm, mremap: fix mremap() expanding vma with addr inside vma
97e14ae rtmutex: Add acquire semantics for rtmutex lock acquisition slow path
09727bc futex: Fix futex_waitv() hrtimer debug object leak on kcalloc error
c86c5cf HID: plantronics: Additional PIDs for double volume key presses quirk
79f9b46 HID: multitouch: fix Asus ExpertBook P2 P2451FA trackpoint
d465fa2 kprobes: kretprobe events missing on 2-core KVM guest
650b69b NFSD: fix use-after-free in __nfs42_ssc_open()
ba50fee rtc: msc313: Fix function prototype mismatch in msc313_rtc_probe()
482d990 powerpc/rtas: avoid scheduling in rtas_os_term()
464d10e powerpc/rtas: avoid device tree lookups in rtas_os_term()
85cc8a1 iommu/mediatek: Fix crash on isr after kexec()
fcee8a2 objtool: Fix SEGFAULT
6d07629 fs/ntfs3: Fix slab-out-of-bounds in r_page
4d744ce fs/ntfs3: Delete duplicate condition in ntfs_read_mft()
fd8aa71 fs/ntfs3: Use __GFP_NOWARN allocation at ntfs_fill_super()
590a694 fs/ntfs3: Use __GFP_NOWARN allocation at wnd_init()
d6379ce fs/ntfs3: Validate index root when initialize NTFS security
fe5c391 phy: sun4i-usb: Add support for the H616 USB PHY
1eacd1f phy: sun4i-usb: Introduce port2 SIDDQ quirk
0da27d8 soundwire: dmi-quirks: add quirk variant for LAPBC710 NUC15
d34485d fs/ntfs3: Fix slab-out-of-bounds read in run_unpack
2f041a1 fs/ntfs3: Validate resident attribute name
3f6f75e fs/ntfs3: Validate buffer length while parsing index
b343c40 fs/ntfs3: Validate attribute name offset
a7b2303 fs/ntfs3: Add null pointer check for inode operations
2600c80 fs/ntfs3: Fix memory leak on ntfs_fill_super() error path
1621734 fs/ntfs3: Add null pointer check to attr_load_runs_vcn
9173b89 fs/ntfs3: Validate data run offset
0bb9f93 fs/ntfs3: Add overflow check for attribute size
db91a9c fs/ntfs3: Validate BOOT record_size
2df4875 nvmet: don't defer passthrough commands with trivial effects to the workqueue
a574e81 nvme: fix the NVME_CMD_EFFECTS_CSE_MASK definition
aa9732d ata: ahci: Fix PCS quirk application for suspend
1ed959f block, bfq: fix uaf for bfqq in bfq_exit_icq_bfqq
5fe70f9 ACPI: video: Fix Apple GMUX backlight detection
ba07433 ACPI: resource: Add Asus ExpertBook B2502 to Asus quirks
33b7f0e ACPI: resource: do IRQ override on Lenovo 14ALC7
ee8ec50 ACPI: resource: do IRQ override on XMG Core 15
d1136b1 nvme-pci: fix page size checks
b181472 nvme-pci: fix mempool alloc size
a72f318 nvme-pci: fix doorbell buffer value endianness
ff46a46 io_uring: pass in EPOLL_URING_WAKE for eventfd signaling and wakeups
3b27288 eventfd: provide a eventfd_signal_mask() helper
717ed90 eventpoll: add EPOLL_URING_WAKE poll wakeup flag

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