github xanmod/linux 6.1.15-xanmod1

9 months ago

b9839d8 Linux 6.1.15-xanmod1
b755bd9 Merge tag 'v6.1.15' into 6.1
42616e0 Linux 6.1.15
c87fb86 USB: core: Don't hold device lock while reading the "descriptors" sysfs file
c49bd6c scripts/ fix incompatibility with PCRE2
a591d9f fs: use consistent setgid checks in is_sxid()
89f5f21 attr: use consistent sgid stripping checks
c1df288 attr: add setattr_should_drop_sgid()
e44f23e fs: move should_remove_suid()
18c2750 attr: add in_group_or_capable()
118ad80 drm/amd/display: Properly reuse completion structure
c9d3eb6 usb: typec: pd: Remove usb_suspend_supported sysfs from sink PDO
fb9a795 arm64: dts: uniphier: Fix property name in PXs3 USB node
ec357cd usb: gadget: u_serial: Add null pointer check in gserial_resume
ad59144 USB: serial: option: add support for VW/Skoda "Carstick LTE"
d9651c2 usb: dwc3: pci: add support for the Intel Meteor Lake-M
075e209 drm/amd/display: Fix race condition in DPIA AUX transfer
4da1080 drm/amd/display: Move DCN314 DOMAIN power control to DMCUB
a595a81 vc_screen: don't clobber return value in vcs_read
ea4c208 net: Remove WARN_ON_ONCE(sk->sk_forward_alloc) from sk_stream_kill_queues().
d879a77 bpf: bpf_fib_lookup should not return neigh in NUD_FAILED state
f217350 PM: sleep: Avoid using pr_cont() in the tasks freezing code
0c2f28f x86/cpu: Add Lunar Lake M
bcc8444 selftests: ocelot: tc_flower_chains: make test_vlan_ingress_modify() more comprehensive
56b6ea5 HID: Ignore battery for ELAN touchscreen 29DF on HP
a03cc84 ASoC: codecs: es8326: Fix DTS properties reading
0412fe1 HID: core: Fix deadloop in hid_apply_multiplier.
b764173 neigh: make sure used and confirmed times are valid
6595071 ARM: dts: stihxxx-b2120: fix polarity of reset line of tsin0 port
39cdf02 ASoC: SOF: amd: Fix for handling spurious interrupts from DSP
8988889 powerpc: Don't select ARCH_WANTS_NO_INSTR
ce77f44 IB/hfi1: Assign npages earlier
d06e776 ASoC: rt715-sdca: fix clock stop prepare timeout issue
46abcdf arm64: dts: rockchip: align rk3399 DMC OPP table with bindings
07c5877 btrfs: send: limit number of clones and allocated memory size
91210ac pinctrl: amd: Fix debug output for debounce time
fdbcacf ACPI: NFIT: fix a potential deadlock during NFIT teardown
1b7730f HID: Ignore battery for Elan touchscreen on Asus TP420IA
0773ecf HID: elecom: add support for TrackBall 056E:011C
860a9c0 arm64: dts: rockchip: fix probe of analog sound card on rock-3a
6a63f97 arm64: dts: rockchip: add missing #interrupt-cells to rk356x pcie2x1
59770f4 ARM: dts: rockchip: add power-domains property to dp node on rk3288
69eca8d arm64: dts: rockchip: drop unused LED mode property from rk3328-roc-cc
fd606d6 arm64: dts: rockchip: reduce thermal limits on rk3399-pinephone-pro
0b892d8 Fix XFRM-I support for nested ESP tunnels

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