github xanmod/linux 6.1.13-rt7-xanmod1

9 months ago

8aba792 Linux 6.1.13-rt7-xanmod1
31bf1e2 XANMOD: rcu: Change sched_setscheduler_nocheck() calls to SCHED_RR policy
be6b915 Merge tag 'v6.1.12-rt7' into 6.1
1a158b5 Revert "XANMOD: rcu: Change sched_setscheduler_nocheck() calls to SCHED_RR policy"
5802a50 v6.1.12-rt7
40efd84 softirq: Wake ktimers thread also in softirq.
b81749a v6.1.12-rt6
236a909 Merge tag 'v6.1.12' into linux-6.1.y-rt
ab69184 v6.1-rc7-rt5
134a802 Merge tag 'v6.1-rc7' into linux-6.1.y-rt
45ee052 v6.1-rc6-rt4
16e31ef Merge tag 'v6.1-rc6' into linux-6.1.y-rt
ae4ebe7 v6.1-rc5-rt3
2cdee0f Merge tag 'v6.1-rc5' into linux-6.1.y-rt
2587074 v6.1-rc3-rt2
a662103 Merge tag 'v6.1-rc3' into linux-6.1.y-rt
b40fb28 Add localversion for -RT release
188fad0 sysfs: Add /sys/kernel/realtime entry
f468843 POWERPC: Allow to enable RT
4243608 powerpc/stackprotector: work around stack-guard init from atomic
429c040 powerpc/kvm: Disable in-kernel MPIC emulation for PREEMPT_RT
d7fd26d powerpc/pseries/iommu: Use a locallock instead local_irq_save()
ba8ae2f powerpc: traps: Use PREEMPT_RT
35e1076 ARM64: Allow to enable RT
f404ac8 ARM: Allow to enable RT
f3adc60 tty/serial/pl011: Make the locking work on RT
86ddf55 tty/serial/omap: Make the locking RT aware
2f88a17 ARM: enable irq in translation/section permission fault handlers
a42e786 arm: Disable jump-label on PREEMPT_RT.
6704079 arch/arm64: Add lazy preempt support
cfbea4a powerpc: Add support for lazy preemption
c84562d arm: Add support for lazy preemption
ea00df9 entry: Fix the preempt lazy fallout
8cc58b1 x86: Support for lazy preemption
f52bf57 x86/entry: Use should_resched() in idtentry_exit_cond_resched()
7707fc9 sched: Add support for lazy preemption
f532acf Revert "drm/i915: Depend on !PREEMPT_RT."
cb89499 drm/i915: Drop the irqs_disabled() check
e9a4f99 drm/i915/gt: Use spin_lock_irq() instead of local_irq_disable() + spin_lock()
368b04b drm/i915/gt: Queue and wait for the irq_work item.
1ef9519 drm/i915: skip DRM_I915_LOW_LEVEL_TRACEPOINTS with NOTRACE
4833180 drm/i915: Disable tracing points on PREEMPT_RT
2bfe5de drm/i915: Don't check for atomic context on PREEMPT_RT
3716fef drm/i915: Don't disable interrupts on PREEMPT_RT during atomic updates
d211830 drm/i915: Use preempt_disable/enable_rt() where recommended
cbd3315 printk: avoid preempt_disable() for PREEMPT_RT
cf8dd88 serial: 8250: implement write_atomic
09cbc4e printk: add infrastucture for atomic consoles
0222549 printk: Bring back the RT bits.
e9ffa43 locking/lockdep: Remove lockdep_init_map_crosslock.
db77c8c zram: Replace bit spinlocks with spinlock_t for PREEMPT_RT.
3a11494 tpm_tis: fix stall after iowrite*()s
d6f51cd tick: Fix timer storm since introduction of timersd
0ce79f1 rcutorture: Also force sched priority to timersd on boosting test.
c1d68f0 softirq: Use a dedicated thread for timer wakeups.
f328c98 x86: Enable RT also on 32bit
4f334c6 x86: Allow to enable RT
8d152d2 net: Avoid the IPI to free the
4cc87ce u64_stat: Remove the obsolete fetch_irq() variants.
716f997 bpf: Remove the obsolte u64_stats_fetch_irq() users.
e0d4f81 net: Remove the obsolte u64_stats_fetch
irq() users (net).
962b5e5 net: Remove the obsolte u64_stats_fetch
irq() users (drivers).
cdb4c46 spi: Remove the obsolte u64_stats_fetch
_irq() users.
d8abebe sched: Consider task_struct::saved_state in wait_task_inactive().
4de3bf1 signal: Don't disable preemption in ptrace_stop() on PREEMPT_RT.
3fc9d77 mm: multi-gen LRU: Move lru_gen_add_mm() out of IRQ-off region.
78b5dae vduse: Remove include of rwlock.h

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