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11 months ago

629e4bb Linux 6.1.0-xanmod1
8c51b0b i2c: busses: Add SMBus capability to work with OpenRGB driver control
9990828 pci: Enable overrides for missing ACS capabilities
8343b69 sysctl: add sysctl to disallow unprivileged CLONE_NEWUSER by default
ebff42c winesync: Introduce the winesync driver and character device patchset
40b9433 SAUCE: binder: give binder_alloc its own debug mask file
40b40b3 SAUCE: binder: turn into module
caeb2a8 init: wait for partition and retry scan
63a6334 drivers: initialize ata before graphics
99bd2db locking: rwsem: spin faster
1651eb5 firmware: Enable stateless firmware loading
ba360bd intel_rapl: Silence rapl trace debug
19fb191 mac80211: ignore AP power level when tx power type is "fixed"
3de8965 netfilter: Add netfilter nf_tables fullcone support
2edceed net-tcp_bbr: v2: Use correct 64-bit division
bfd8ad6 net-tcp_bbr: v2: add support for PLB in TCP and BBRv2
d61037c net-tcp_bbr: v2: Fix missing ECT markings on retransmits for BBRv2
e6d2f73 net-tcp_bbr: v2: don't assume prior_cwnd was set entering CA_Loss
a249e6a net-tcp_bbr: v2: remove cycle_rand parameter that is unused in BBRv2
c1647d0 net-tcp_bbr: v2: remove field bw_rtts that is unused in BBRv2
460c17d net-tcp_bbr: v2: remove unnecessary rs.delivered_ce logic upon loss
ee4b0c2 net-tcp_bbr: v2: BBRv2 ("bbr2") congestion control for Linux TCP
acaa517 net-tcp: add fast_ack_mode=1: skip rwin check in tcp_fast_ack_mode__tcp_ack_snd_check()
08ba890 net-tcp: re-generalize TSO sizing in TCP CC module API
c87a354 net-tcp: add new ca opts flag TCP_CONG_WANTS_CE_EVENTS
ca293b7 net-tcp_bbr: v2: set tx.in_flight for skbs in repair write queue
623f5d8 net-tcp_bbr: v2: adjust skb tx.in_flight upon split in tcp_fragment()
6b8c3c9 net-tcp_bbr: v2: adjust skb tx.in_flight upon merge in tcp_shifted_skb()
f872153 net-tcp_bbr: v2: factor out tx.in_flight setting into tcp_set_tx_in_flight()
52936d9 net-tcp_bbr: v2: introduce ca_ops->skb_marked_lost() CC module callback API
f1d8099 net-tcp_bbr: v2: export FLAG_ECE in rate_sample.is_ece
ad20aec net-tcp_bbr: v2: count packets lost over TCP rate sampling interval
8dd22fd net-tcp_bbr: v2: snapshot packets in flight at transmit time and pass in rate_sample
1a81223 net-tcp_bbr: v2: shrink delivered_mstamp, first_tx_mstamp to u32 to free up 8 bytes
6cb3f4f net-tcp_bbr: broaden app-limited rate sample detection
2cd3a68 futex: Add entry point for FUTEX_WAIT_MULTIPLE (opcode 31)
623418f XANMOD: Makefile: Move ARM and x86 instruction set selection to kernel-wide build
0833064 x86/kconfig: more uarches for kernel 5.17+
5b7a903 XANMOD: scripts/setlocalversion: Move localversion* files to the end
aa3f9b2 XANMOD: scripts/setlocalversion: remove "+" tag for git repo short version
aa6661c XANMOD: Makefile: Disable GCC vectorization on trees
329389a XANMOD: lib/kconfig.debug: disable default CONFIG_SYMBOLIC_ERRNAME and CONFIG_DEBUG_BUGVERBOSE
6bca5f8 XANMOD: cpufreq: tunes ondemand and conservative governor for performance
f005759 XANMOD: sched/autogroup: Add kernel parameter and config option to enable/disable autogroup feature by default
1d70dfa XANMOD: mm/vmscan: vm_swappiness = 30 decreases the amount of swapping
408e9bc XANMOD: dcache: cache_pressure = 50 decreases the rate at which VFS caches are reclaimed
2ada240 XANMOD: kconfig: add 500Hz timer interrupt kernel config option
71302db XANMOD: block: set rq_affinity to force full multithreading I/O requests
e9c817f XANMOD: block/mq-deadline: Disable front_merges by default
732b361 XANMOD: block/mq-deadline: Increase write priority to improve responsiveness
7c469d7 XANMOD: rcu: Change sched_setscheduler_nocheck() calls to SCHED_RR policy
692039f XANMOD: sched/core: Add yield_type sysctl to reduce or disable sched_yield
a237421 XANMOD: fair: Remove all energy efficiency functions
106e6bb XANMOD: x86/build: Add more x86_64 optimizations

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