github xanmod/linux 5.4.100-xanmod1

2 years ago
  • 4b67085 Linux 5.4.100-xanmod1
  • f371cf6 sysctl: add sysctl to disallow unprivileged CLONE_NEWUSER by default
  • 5293d07 Merge tag 'v5.4.100' into 5.4
  • fc944dd Linux 5.4.100
  • 38d777a btrfs: fix backport of 2175bf5 in 5.4.95
  • c6dd854 media: pwc: Use correct device for DMA
  • 524a77a xen-blkback: fix error handling in xen_blkbk_map()
  • be05138 xen-scsiback: don't "handle" error by BUG()
  • 52e8f43 xen-netback: don't "handle" error by BUG()
  • 7109f61 xen-blkback: don't "handle" error by BUG()
  • 55ccf71 xen/arm: don't ignore return errors from set_phys_to_machine
  • feda880 Xen/gntdev: correct error checking in gntdev_map_grant_pages()
  • 0e38268 Xen/gntdev: correct dev_bus_addr handling in gntdev_map_grant_pages()
  • da92e41 Xen/x86: also check kernel mapping in set_foreign_p2m_mapping()
  • 104eef9 Xen/x86: don't bail early from clear_foreign_p2m_mapping()
  • 49de0a1 net: bridge: Fix a warning when del bridge sysfs
  • c35ce3d net: qrtr: Fix port ID for control messages
  • f49731d KVM: SEV: fix double locking due to incorrect backport

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