github xanmod/linux 5.19.3-xanmod1

15 months ago

9cbb46c Linux 5.19.3-xanmod1
11ee0e3 XANMOD: x86/build: Add more x86_64 optimizations
30feab2 Merge tag 'v5.19.3' into 5.19
bf44eed Linux 5.19.3
2d97167 arm64: kexec_file: use more system keyrings to verify kernel image signature
6871b25 kexec, KEYS: make the code in bzImage64_verify_sig generic
9f2ba6f btrfs: raid56: don't trust any cached sector in __raid56_parity_recover()
16a621a btrfs: only write the sectors in the vertical stripe which has data stripes
c811c98 net_sched: cls_route: disallow handle of 0
58c008d tee: add overflow check in register_shm_helper()
daa821e Revert "mm: kfence: apply kmemleak_ignore_phys on early allocated pool"

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