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23 months ago

27ae60f Linux 5.15.8-rt23-xanmod1
544480a PREEMPT_RT: char/lrng: Rebase to kernel v5.15-rt
62ecc3f PREEMPT_RT: mm: x86, arm64: add arch_has_hw_pte_young()
4f4b15b Merge tag 'v5.15.7-rt23' into 5.15-rt
bcde0eb Revert "mm: x86, arm64: add arch_has_hw_pte_young()"
d704d88 Linux 5.15.8-xanmod1
098a6d8 Linux 5.15.7-rt23
18358ca Merge tag 'v5.15.7' into v5.15-rt
d7ca44f Merge tag 'v5.15.6' into v5.15-rt
5d8b36c v5.15.5-rt22
836bce1 Merge tag 'v5.15.5' into linux-5.15.y-rt
2534ec5 v5.15.3-rt21
1f718bd Merge tag 'v5.15.3' into linux-5.15.y-rt
0a3c929 v5.15.2-rt20
24b9dab net: sched: gred: dynamically allocate tc_gred_qopt_offload
6cf712a v5.15.2-rt19
891add4 mm/vmalloc: Remove unused 'cpu' variable.
a8e5294 v5.15.2-rt18
db6e5ff Merge tag 'v5.15.2' into linux-5.15.y-rt
446caa9 v5.15-rt17
3aa5519 preempt: Remove preempt_disable_rt().
18e08ba fs/dcache: disable preemption on i_dir_seq's write side.
514342e fscache: Use only one fscache_object_cong_wait.
895496e v5.15-rt16
7811d38 Merge tag 'v5.15' into linux-5.15.y-rt
b83089a v5.15-rc7-rt15
24e584a drm/i915: Update the i915 patches
b056c48 fs/namespace: Boost the mount_lock.lock owner instead of spinning on PREEMPT_RT.
7492069 fscache: Use only one fscache_object_cong_wait.
aeb874c v5.15-rc7-rt14
27a9c56 Merge tag 'v5.15-rc7' into linux-5.15.y-rt
aff35ce v5.15-rc6-rt13
3b86aee net: Update the seqcount_t removal from Qdisc.
d3ab918 v5.15-rc6-rt12
3ed7763 net: Update the seqcount_t removal from Qdisc.
3cd6a94 workqueue: Remove printk_deferred_().
0ce9519 v5.15-rc6-rt11
82e273e Merge tag 'v5.15-rc6' into linux-5.15.y-rt
cbc8a1e v5.15-rc5-rt10
0c34700 arm64: signal: Use ARCH_RT_DELAYS_SIGNAL_SEND.
48d6f71 v5.15-rc5-rt9
03597e5 Merge tag 'v5.15-rc5' into linux-5.15.y-rt
340cc70 v5.15-rc4-rt8
90b389a net: Update the Qdisc-seqcount series.
563ed9f drm/i915: Update the i915 patches.
f5a50fe irq_work: Update to the latest version.
56ce0f6 v5.15-rc4-rt7
2485e68 Merge tag 'v5.15-rc4' into linux-5.15.y-rt
f064429 v5.15-rc3-rt6
34e1320 sched: Sync the sched patches
905d204 irq_work: Sync the patches
7bbddda smp: Wake ksoftirqd on PREEMPT_RT instead do_softirq().
a4dbd1f mm/scatterlist: Sync with the proposed patch.
de32315 zsmalloc. Sync patch
6faa4db irq_poll: Use raise_softirq_irqoff() in cpu_dead notifier
ab2154c Revert "softirq: Check preemption after reenabling interrupts" for irq_poll
ce55c8d irq: Export force_irqthreads_key
a23f617 net: bridge: mcast: Associate the seqcount with its protecting lock.
0959369 v5.15-rc3-rt5
02f236a Merge tag 'v5.15-rc3' into linux-5.15.y-rt
903767b v5.15-rc2-rt4
48ae0fa sched: Redo delayed mm_struct & task struct deallocation.
797da75 sched: Additional might_sleep() improvements.
0870473 Remove a few atomic.h includes.
da9f1e9 smp: Wake ksoftirqd from idle when it is not running.
4dcd0e1 smack: Correct intendention level.
ccc6d0d v5.15-rc2-rt3
1a45b35 preempt: Move preempt_enable_no_resched() to the RT block
1b91b8a Revert preempt: Provide preempt__nort variants
9d05eb8 locking/rt: Take RCU nesting into account for might_sleep()
c56c6f2 sched: Make cond_resched_lock() RT aware
279b703 rcu/tree: Protect rcu_rdp_is_offloaded() invocations on RT
6b61ded genirq: Disable irqfixup/poll on PREEMPT_RT.
7cc4560 Revert "sched: Disable CONFIG_RT_GROUP_SCHED on RT"
6e3039e Revert "cpuset: Convert callback_lock to raw_spinlock_t"
dbef0d6 Revert "crypto: limit more FPU-enabled sections"
639e3e1 v5.15-rc2-rt2
311be12 Merge tag 'v5.15-rc2' into linux-5.15.y-rt
05f564a Add localversion for -RT release
527f5d6 POWERPC: Allow to enable RT
95aacd7 powerpc/stackprotector: work around stack-guard init from atomic
aed2b86 powerpc/kvm: Disable in-kernel MPIC emulation for PREEMPT_RT
46cc89c powerpc/pseries/iommu: Use a locallock instead local_irq_save()
c1da300 powerpc: traps: Use PREEMPT_RT
0ac10d7 ARM64: Allow to enable RT
96191b3 ARM: Allow to enable RT
dd2c511 arm64/sve: Make kernel FPU protection RT friendly
13541cb arm64/sve: Delay freeing memory in fpsimd_flush_thread()
de8fd76 KVM: arm/arm64: downgrade preempt_disable()d region to migrate_disable()
08cbd3d ARM: enable irq in translation/section permission fault handlers
1faa2fb arch/arm64: Add lazy preempt support
1bc4822 powerpc: Add support for lazy preemption
5f15849 arm: Add support for lazy preemption
f5374c0 entry: Fix the preempt lazy fallout
6b6c42d x86: Support for lazy preemption
e2cb767 x86/entry: Use should_resched() in idtentry_exit_cond_resched()
240c44c sched: Add support for lazy preemption
06dcd8d x86: Enable RT also on 32bit
e957c86 x86: Allow to enable RT
9b2b757 x86: kvm Require const tsc for RT
2dbbc3a signal/x86: Delay calling signals in atomic
9157fba sysfs: Add /sys/kernel/realtime entry
4496c88 tpm_tis: fix stall after iowrite
b0e29f3 tty/serial/pl011: Make the locking work on RT
d51d0ac tty/serial/omap: Make the locking RT aware
51f3722 drm/i915/gt: Use spin_lock_irq() instead of local_irq_disable() + spin_lock()
e0faa56 drm/i915/gt: Queue and wait for the irq_work item.
e1628c2 drm/i915/gt: Only disable interrupts for the timeline lock on !force-threaded
530de1e drm/i915: skip DRM_I915_LOW_LEVEL_TRACEPOINTS with NOTRACE
3bf3ccc drm/i915: disable tracing on -RT
ab87c83 drm/i915: Don't disable interrupts on PREEMPT_RT during atomic updates
0c53e5b drm,radeon,i915: Use preempt_disable/enable_rt() where recommended
5359045 random: Make it work on rt
6a57de4 x86: stackprotector: Avoid random pool on rt
c3e10bf panic: skip get_random_bytes for RT_FULL in init_oops_id
97c64a8 crypto: testmgr - Only disable migration in crypto_disable_simd_for_test()
7b4d5ab crypto: cryptd - add a lock instead preempt_disable/local_bh_disable
15d0b47 crypto: limit more FPU-enabled sections
c3c0b6d scsi/fcoe: Make RT aware.
760c68f md: raid5: Make raid5_percpu handling RT aware
c761c4c drivers/block/zram: Replace bit spinlocks with rtmutex for -rt
22524fa block/mq: do not invoke preempt_disable()
fe7f6c7 net: Remove preemption disabling in netif_rx()
4df9e69 net: dev: always take qdisc's busylock in __dev_xmit_skb()
d1b8c09 net: Dequeue in dev_cpu_dead() without the lock
526612c net: Use skbufhead with raw lock
b04eaab sunrpc: Make svc_xprt_do_enqueue() use get_cpu_light()
9c7e349 net/core: use local_bh_disable() in netif_rx_ni()
d9560a7 net: Properly annotate the try-lock for the seqlock
6336bff net/Qdisc: use a seqlock instead seqcount
dfeaa86 rcutorture: Avoid problematic critical section nesting on PREEMPT_RT
ce5b778 rcu: Delay RCU-selftests
519707c fs: namespace: Use cpu_chill() in trylock loops
14e2cec rt: Introduce cpu_chill()
05bc801 fs/dcache: disable preemption on i_dir_seq's write side
f1ca438 fs/dcache: use swait_queue instead of waitqueue
489b92d ptrace: fix ptrace vs tasklist_lock race
6a6f78b signal: Revert ptrace preempt magic
2fbdd53 mm/memcontrol: Disable on PREEMPT_RT
d246b22 mm/scatterlist: Do not disable irqs on RT
e9cde32 mm/vmalloc: Another preempt disable region which sucks
e2f0c79 mm/zsmalloc: copy with get_cpu_var() and locking
abf2596 u64_stats: Disable preemption on 32bit-UP/SMP with RT during updates
7b7f388 mm: page_alloc: Use migrate_disable() in drain_local_pages_wq()
36960b5 irq_work: Also rcuwait for !IRQ_WORK_HARD_IRQ on PREEMPT_RT
2b8a43e irq_work: Allow irq_work_sync() to sleep if irq_work() no IRQ support.
6339e8b irqwork: push most work into softirq context
1e04bde softirq: Disable softirq stacks for RT
b9369c0 softirq: Check preemption after reenabling interrupts
5d15c5e cpuset: Convert callback_lock to raw_spinlock_t
9e93864 sched: Disable TTWU_QUEUE on RT
16efe18 sched: Do not account rcu_preempt_depth on RT in might_sleep()
6fff45c kernel/sched: move stack + kprobe clean up to __put_task_struct()
87abb33 sched: Move mmdrop to RCU on RT
ccbf9a2 sched: Limit the number of task migrations per batch
56e8a08 kernel/sched: add {put|get}cpu_light()
3bc2ff0 preempt: Provide preempt
*(no)rt variants
7e17e4f locking: Allow to include asm/spinlock_types.h from linux/spinlock_types_raw.h
27313e8 lockdep/selftests: Adapt ww-tests for PREEMPT_RT
f8fd886 lockdep/selftests: Skip the softirq related tests on PREEMPT_RT
e306efe lockdep/selftests: Unbalanced migrate_disable() & rcu_read_lock()
28ad134 lockdep/selftests: Add rtmutex to the last column
842a333 lockdep: Make it RT aware
cdcac5f rtmutex: Add rt_mutex_lock_nest_lock() and rt_mutex_lock_killable().
41fb1af rtmutex: Add a special case for ww-mutex handling.
291578e sched: Trigger warning if ->migration_disabled counter underflows.
8e6a53c lockdep/selftests: Avoid using local_lock
b3b8baa locking: Remove rt_rwlock_is_contended()
61d127d pid.h: include atomic.h
bf79739 wait.h: include atomic.h
e5431e4 efi: Allow efi=runtime
af552fc efi: Disable runtime services on RT
cfc2628 net/core: disable NET_RX_BUSY_POLL on RT
a07f998 sched: Disable CONFIG_RT_GROUP_SCHED on RT
b8068ff mm: Allow only SLUB on RT
3ffdb11 kconfig: Disable config options which are not RT compatible
ff390ab leds: trigger: disable CPU trigger on -RT
895df79 jump-label: disable if stop_machine() is used
c68dc55 genirq: Disable irqpoll on -rt
58ba3ac mm: Fully initialize invalidate_lock, amend lock class later
ffcc385 genirq: update irq_set_irqchip_state documentation
57216a6 smp: Wake ksoftirqd on PREEMPT_RT instead do_softirq().
7f6426d samples/kfifo: Rename read_lock/write_lock
b65f416 tcp: Remove superfluous BH-disable around listening_hash
9358758 net: Move lockdep where it belongs
9317f6c mm: workingset: replace IRQ-off check with a lockdep assert.
fcdcdbf cgroup: use irqsave in cgroup_rstat_flush_locked()
5464717 genirq: Move prio assignment into the newly created thread
fb2a621 kthread: Move prio/affinite change into the newly created thread
dfda52c kcov: Replace local_irq_save() with a local_lock_t.
1a1a805 kcov: Avoid enable+disable interrupts if !in_task().
f69f4f1 kcov: Allocate per-CPU memory on the relevant node.
8c97d6d Documentation/kcov: Define `ip' in the example.
34b7258 Documentation/kcov: Include types.h in the example.
beee436 virt: acrn: Remove unsued acrn_irqfds_mutex.
8ec6377 smack: Guard smack_ipv6_lock definition within a SMACK_IPV6_PORT_LABELING block
a802f9a ASoC: mediatek: mt8195: Remove unsued irqs_lock.
b0123d5 lockdep: Let lock_is_held_type() detect recursive read as read
39609ed sched: Switch wait_task_inactive to HRTIMER_MODE_REL_HARD
cfe937f printk: Enhance the condition check of msleep in pr_flush()
bfb1d59 printk: add pr_flush()
cf0148c printk: add console handover
2178197 printk: remove deferred printing
5944a17 printk: move console printing to kthreads
4eacfd5 printk: introduce kernel sync mode
6d904cc printk: use seqcount_latch for console_seq
9f40783 printk: call boot_delay_msec() in printk_delay()
5317b1a printk: relocate printk_delay()
edee001 serial: 8250: implement write_atomic
2b7d3a8 kdb: only use atomic consoles for output mirroring
27293f7 console: add write_atomic interface
8ea42ce printk: rename printk cpulock API and always disable interrupts
0aca773 arm64: mm: Make arch_faults_on_old_pte() check for migratability
e29353f rcu/nocb: Protect NOCB state via local_lock() under PREEMPT_RT
078166f sched: Introduce migratable()

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