github xanmod/linux 5.15.4-xanmod1

2 years ago

22c31ca Linux 5.15.4-xanmod1
57edb38 Documentation: amd-pstate: add amd-pstate driver introduction
c391f29 cpupower: print amd-pstate information on cpupower
4987797 cpupower: move print_speed function into misc helper
4945252 cpupower: enable boost state support for amd-pstate module
18b5107 cpupower: add amd-pstate sysfs definition and access helper
e2aefcc cpupower: introduce acpi cppc library
109f9b0 cpupower: add the function to get the sysfs value from specific table
55e8c41 cpupower: initial AMD P-state capability
c568c53 cpupower: add the function to check amd-pstate enabled
fc33b57 cpupower: add AMD P-state capability flag
d897178 cpufreq: amd: add amd-pstate performance attributes
ac8e02f cpufreq: amd: add amd-pstate frequencies attributes
f7ae4f8 cpufreq: amd: add boost mode support for amd-pstate
5ce7170 cpufreq: amd: add trace for amd-pstate module
add601b cpufreq: amd: introduce the support for the processors with shared memory solution
a12c35b cpufreq: amd: add fast switch function for amd-pstate
9a1976c cpufreq: amd: introduce a new amd pstate driver to support future processors
4b117bd ACPI: CPPC: add cppc enable register function
04dc830 ACPI: CPPC: Check present CPUs for determining CPC is valid
72aaea5 ACPI: CPPC: implement support for SystemIO registers
fba3e7e x86/msr: add AMD CPPC MSR definitions
e465b2f x86/cpufreatures: add AMD Collaborative Processor Performance Control feature flag
fc73473 amd-pstate: Remove the v3 patchset
511ee68 Merge tag 'v5.15.4' into 5.15
9ac77cf Linux 5.15.4
1af7386 Revert "ACPI: scan: Release PM resources blocked by unused objects"
ef2590a thermal: Fix NULL pointer dereferences in of_thermal
bd378dc perf/core: Avoid put_page() when GUP fails
7931b7e PCI: Add MSI masking quirk for Nvidia ION AHCI
06ce633 PCI/MSI: Deal with devices lying about their MSI mask capability
a912418 parisc/entry: fix trace test in syscall exit path
73f1e74 Bluetooth: btusb: Add support for TP-Link UB500 Adapter
c099118 loop: Use blk_validate_block_size() to validate block size
1f124a6 block: Add a helper to validate the block size
8d09564 fortify: Explicitly disable Clang support
0fc2241 btrfs: zoned: allow preallocation for relocation inodes
d0fdafa btrfs: check for relocation inodes on zoned btrfs in should_nocow
080f457 btrfs: zoned: use regular writes for relocation
f716e98 btrfs: zoned: only allow one process to add pages to a relocation inode
d282dd7 btrfs: zoned: add a dedicated data relocation block group
02c5e9e btrfs: introduce btrfs_is_data_reloc_root
19e32bd KVM: Fix steal time asm constraints
b069624 Revert "drm: fb_helper: fix CONFIG_FB dependency"
3256c84 Revert "drm: fb_helper: improve CONFIG_FB dependency"
d27b2dc string: uninline memcpy_and_pad

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