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22 months ago

c69d091 Linux 5.15.19-xanmod1
65146c6 Merge tag 'v5.15.19' into 5.15
47cccb1 Linux 5.15.19
a973936 mtd: rawnand: mpc5121: Remove unused variable in ads5121_select_chip()
4633a79 block: Fix wrong offset in bio_truncate()
3d7b727 fsnotify: invalidate dcache before IN_DELETE event
e8421a9 usr/include/Makefile: add linux/nfc.h to the compile-test coverage
c571505 usb: dwc3: xilinx: fix uninitialized return value
442414e psi: fix "defined but not used" warnings when CONFIG_PROC_FS=n
949c4c1 psi: fix "no previous prototype" warnings when CONFIG_CGROUPS=n
fd26531 perf/core: Fix cgroup event list management
cba7bdc dt-bindings: can: tcan4x5x: fix mram-cfg RX FIFO config
e905e1b irqchip/realtek-rtl: Fix off-by-one in routing
f67594c irqchip/realtek-rtl: Map control data to virq
bcea886 Bluetooth: refactor malicious adv data check
c5e216e net: bridge: vlan: fix memory leak in _allowed_ingress
8861857 ipv4: remove sparse error in ip_neigh_gw4()
d887a33 ipv4: tcp: send zero IPID in SYNACK messages
4d0bd94 ipv4: raw: lock the socket in raw_bind()
2387357 net: bridge: vlan: fix single net device option dumping
e406345 Revert "ipv6: Honor all IPv6 PIO Valid Lifetime values"
1ac025f gve: Fix GFP flags when allocing pages
35b092d ceph: put the requests/sessions when it fails to alloc memory
0536379 KVM: selftests: Don't skip L2's VMCALL in SMM test for SVM guest
9b6be5b Revert "drm/ast: Support 1600x900 with 108MHz PCLK"
1714199 sch_htb: Fail on unsupported parameters when offload is requested
3e662ce net: hns3: handle empty unknown interrupt for VF
925181e net: cpsw: Properly initialise struct page_pool_params
0690c39 yam: fix a memory leak in yam_siocdevprivate()
4d5c2df drm/msm/a6xx: Add missing suspend_count increment
8f069f6 drm/msm/dpu: invalid parameter check in dpu_setup_dspp_pcc
13bd313 drm/msm/hdmi: Fix missing put_device() call in msm_hdmi_get_phy
03a91f9 can: tcan4x5x: regmap: fix max register value
d0a56e4 video: hyperv_fb: Fix validation of screen resolution
38f0bdd net/smc: Transitional solution for clcsock race issue
fdcdc94 ibmvnic: don't spin in tasklet
d443516 ibmvnic: init ->running_cap_crqs early
aa6ae23 ibmvnic: Allow extra failures before disabling
9ae4cd5 ipv4: fix ip option filtering for locally generated fragments
28aaed9 powerpc/perf: Fix power_pmu_disable to call clear_pmi_irq_pending only if PMI is pending
b9dc12e hwmon: (adt7470) Prevent divide by zero in adt7470_fan_write()
774a6ef hwmon: (lm90) Fix sysfs and udev notifications
f4a61d7 hwmon: (lm90) Mark alert as broken for MAX6654
ccdf908 hwmon: (lm90) Re-enable interrupts after alert clears
da20522 Drivers: hv: balloon: account for vmbus packet header in max_pkt_size
82cc338 io_uring: fix bug in slow unregistering of nodes
fa005a5 efi/libstub: arm64: Fix image check alignment at entry
42ff00c rxrpc: Adjust retransmission backoff
437b6b3 octeontx2-pf: Forward error codes to VF
689620d octeontx2-af: cn10k: Do not enable RPM loopback for LPC interfaces
35dd0b7 octeontx2-af: Increase link credit restore polling timeout
f13bf41 octeontx2-af: verify CQ context updates
4070cf0 octeontx2-pf: cn10k: Ensure valid pointers are freed to aura
a332a10 octeontx2-af: Retry until RVU block reset complete
b578044 octeontx2-af: Fix LBK backpressure id count
77c5abf octeontx2-af: Do not fixup all VF action entries
aefaccd phylib: fix potential use-after-free
82688a0 net: stmmac: dwmac-visconti: Fix clock configuration for RMII mode
27e249c net: stmmac: dwmac-visconti: Fix bit definitions for ETHER_CLK_SEL
36c7e4f net: phy: broadcom: hook up soft_reset for BCM54616S
58e8115 sched/pelt: Relax the sync of util_sum with util_avg
7670605 perf: Fix perf_event_read_local() time
498e660 powerpc/64s: Mask SRR0 before checking against the masked NIP
3dc90ad netfilter: conntrack: don't increment invalid counter on NF_REPEAT
3bfbc00 powerpc64/bpf: Limit 'ldbrx' to processors compliant with ISA v2.06
d66377e SUNRPC: Don't dereference xprt->snd_task if it's a cookie
8ea839e SUNRPC: Use BIT() macro in rpc_show_xprt_state()
19d4d09 KVM: arm64: pkvm: Use the mm_ops indirection for cache maintenance
ee06266 NFS: Ensure the server has an up to date ctime before renaming
7a784c2 NFS: Ensure the server has an up to date ctime before hardlinking
fe36a67 ipv6: annotate accesses to fn->fn_sernum
56480fb drm/msm/dsi: invalid parameter check in msm_dsi_phy_enable
0069c23 drm/msm/dsi: Fix missing put_device() call in dsi_get_phy
971754f drm/msm: Fix wrong size calculation
d70d2aa net-procfs: show net devices bound packet types
d739694 NFSv4: nfs_atomic_open() can race when looking up a non-regular file
4c36ca3 NFSv4: Handle case where the lookup of a directory fails
72edb22 hwmon: (lm90) Reduce maximum conversion rate for G781
dee686c ipv4: avoid using shared IP generator for connected sockets
eeb0c91 ping: fix the sk_bound_dev_if match in ping_lookup
4d647a2 hwmon: (lm90) Mark alert as broken for MAX6680
38cfdc0 hwmon: (lm90) Mark alert as broken for MAX6646/6647/6649
e43669c net: fix information leakage in /proc/net/ptype
1515e72 ARM: 9170/1: fix panic when kasan and kprobe are enabled
88e32f7 ipv6_tunnel: Rate limit warning messages
b11e34f scsi: bnx2fc: Flush destroy_work queue before calling bnx2fc_interface_put()
9c2ece4 scsi: elx: efct: Don't use GFP_KERNEL under spin lock
daf9ac7 rpmsg: char: Fix race between the release of rpmsg_eptdev and cdev
85aba11 rpmsg: char: Fix race between the release of rpmsg_ctrldev and cdev
a1f7aa8 usb: roles: fix include/linux/usb/role.h compile issue
d22045c i40e: fix unsigned stat widths
d495828 i40e: Fix for failed to init adminq while VF reset
00eddb0 i40e: Fix queues reservation for XDP
98b70ad i40e: Fix issue when maximum queues is exceeded
d12f5a7 i40e: Increase delay to 1 s after global EMP reset
c894d2f powerpc/32: Fix boot failure with GCC latent entropy plugin
db37bef powerpc/32s: Fix kasan_init_region() for KASAN
569c81c powerpc/32s: Allocate one 256k IBAT instead of two consecutives 128k IBATs
190753f x86/cpu: Add Xeon Icelake-D to list of CPUs that support PPIN
98ccfec x86/MCE/AMD: Allow thresholding interface updates after init
74e88ec PCI/sysfs: Find shadow ROM before static attribute initialization
cef9335 sched/membarrier: Fix membarrier-rseq fence command missing from query bitmask
6129627 ocfs2: fix a deadlock when commit trans
9f71d68 jbd2: export jbd2_journal
4ca8a0b mm, kasan: use compare-exchange operation to set KASAN page tag
28b3465 ucsi_ccg: Check DEV_INT bit only when starting CCG4
3cdaeb8 usb: typec: tcpm: Do not disconnect when receiving VSAFE0V
6b71fad usb: typec: tcpm: Do not disconnect while receiving VBUS off
a1399fe usb: typec: tcpci: don't touch CC line if it's Vconn source
9340226 USB: core: Fix hang in usb_kill_urb by adding memory barriers
1cd3a86 usb: dwc3: xilinx: Fix error handling when getting USB3 PHY
72d338b usb: dwc3: xilinx: Skip resets and USB3 register settings for USB2.0 mode
897d462 usb: cdnsp: Fix segmentation fault in cdns_lost_power function
2798046 usb: gadget: f_sourcesink: Fix isoc transfer for USB_SPEED_SUPER_PLUS
42865e5 usb: common: ulpi: Fix crash in ulpi_match()
d575583 usb: xhci-plat: fix crash when suspend if remote wake enable
a932848 usb-storage: Add unusual-devs entry for VL817 USB-SATA bridge
209a523 kbuild: remove include/linux/cyclades.h from header file check
fa51803 tty: Add support for Brainboxes UC cards.
b51afdc tty: Partially revert the removal of the Cyclades public API
ff79be5 tty: n_gsm: fix SW flow control encoding/handling
775fcd6 serial: stm32: fix software flow control transfer
f799037 serial: 8250: of: Fix mapped region size when using reg-offset property
f0cb780 serial: pl011: Fix incorrect rs485 RTS polarity on set_mctrl
965bc27 dm: properly fix redundant bio-based IO accounting
4cca3e3 block: add bio_start_io_acct_time() to control start_time
8612500 dm: revert partial fix for redundant bio-based IO accounting
c0af639 KVM: PPC: Book3S HV Nested: Fix nested HFSCR being clobbered with multiple vCPUs
e668b52 KVM: x86: Sync the states size with the XCR0/IA32_XSS at, any time
096779d KVM: x86: Update vCPU's runtime CPUID on write to MSR_IA32_XSS
5afeafc KVM: x86: Keep MSR_IA32_XSS unchanged for INIT
e302786 KVM: x86: Forcibly leave nested virt when SMM state is toggled
6f3e157 KVM: x86: nSVM: skip eax alignment check for non-SVM instructions
5756565 KVM: SVM: Don't intercept #GP for SEV guests
3470722 KVM: SVM: Never reject emulation due to SMAP errata for !SEV guests
54b3439 KVM: LAPIC: Also cancel preemption timer during SET_LAPIC
548f20b drm/amd/display: Fix FP start/end for dcn30_internal_validate_bw.
73740f9 drm/atomic: Add the crtc to affected crtc only if uapi.enable = true
473aed1 drm/etnaviv: relax submit size limits
b7bfc2c perf/x86/intel: Add a quirk for the calculation of the number of counters on Alder Lake
1b4abcd perf/x86/intel/uncore: Fix CAS_COUNT_WRITE issue for ICX
b8140d7 powerpc/audit: Fix syscall_get_arch()
d3e4c61 psi: Fix uaf issue when psi trigger is destroyed while being polled
b17cb93 Revert "KVM: SVM: avoid infinite loop on NPF from bad address"
e6023ab fsnotify: fix fsnotify hooks in pseudo filesystems
2aac1ed ceph: set pool_ns in new inode layout for async creates
36d433a ceph: properly put ceph_string reference after async create attempt
4e5dcbe tracing: Don't inc err_log entry count if entry allocation fails
e33fa4a tracing/histogram: Fix a potential memory leak for kstrdup()
fb9b60b PM: wakeup: simplify the output logic of pm_show_wakelocks()
3df5244 efi: runtime: avoid EFIv2 runtime services on Apple x86 machines
cbf96c5 udf: Fix NULL ptr deref when converting from inline format
2ea17d2 udf: Restore i_lenAlloc when inode expansion fails
172aa3b scsi: zfcp: Fix failed recovery on gone remote port with non-NPIV FCP devices
348a850 ucount: Make get_ucount a safe get_user replacement
2dc0a8e powerpc/bpf: Update ldimm64 instructions during extra pass
2f262ca powerpc32/bpf: Fix codegen for bpf-to-bpf calls
0bcd484 bpf: Guard against accessing NULL pt_regs in bpf_get_task_stack()
cfd2a7f s390/nmi: handle vector validity failures for KVM guests
c058e1a s390/nmi: handle guarded storage validity failures for KVM guests
4abcb06 s390/hypfs: include z/VM guests with access control group set
2025d5c s390/module: fix loading modules with a lot of relocations
a3aa485 KVM: arm64: Use shadow SPSR_EL1 when injecting exceptions on !VHE
d950595 ARM: 9180/1: Thumb2: align ALT_UP() sections in modules sufficiently
cbab3ca ARM: 9179/1: uaccess: avoid alignment faults in copy
e826ab1 net: stmmac: skip only stmmac_ptp_register when resume from suspend
9ef5a86 net: stmmac: configure PTP clock source prior to PTP initialization
30705f1 net: sfp: ignore disabled SFP node
5e32b05 can: m_can: m_can_fifo
{read,write}: don't read or write from/to FIFO if length is 0
9c43548 Linux 5.15.18
6066977 drm/vmwgfx: Fix stale file descriptors on failed usercopy
9c82ce5 arm64/bpf: Remove 128MB limit for BPF JIT programs
7b6577c drm/amdgpu: Use correct VIEWPORT_DIMENSION for DCN2
145407e select: Fix indefinitely sleeping task in poll_schedule_timeout()
c3156db rcu: Tighten rcu_advance_cbs_nowake() checks
6ebe994 memcg: better bounds on the memcg stats updates
6c80766 memcg: unify memcg stat flushing
7182935 memcg: flush stats only if updated
2691be4 bnx2x: Invalidate fastpath HSI version for VFs
66e1791 bnx2x: Utilize firmware
b168b1a io_uring: fix not released cached task refs
f71c91e drm/amd/display: reset dcn31 SMU mailbox on failures
8a17a07 drm/i915: Flush TLBs before releasing backing store

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