github xanmod/linux 5.15.10-xanmod1

24 months ago

3e4be6f Linux 5.15.10-xanmod1
98f05eb Merge tag 'v5.15.10' into 5.15
57dcae4 Linux 5.15.10
dbcda20 perf inject: Fix itrace space allowed for new attributes
5b4a8fb fuse: make sure reclaim doesn't write the inode
18fc0ba staging: most: dim2: use device release method
9985d29 tracing: Fix a kmemleak false positive in tracing_map
43b145f drm/amdkfd: process_info lock not needed for svm
c21cff0 drm/amd/display: add connector type check for CRC source set
d9e63f1 drm/amdkfd: fix double free mem structure
00a3f7f drm/amd/display: Fix for the no Audio bug with Tiled Displays
62477b3 drm/amdgpu: check atomic flag to differeniate with legacy path
796ddc8 drm/amdgpu: cancel the correct hrtimer on exit
4c98607 net: netlink: af_netlink: Prevent empty skb by adding a check on len.
2d5ba2f i2c: rk3x: Handle a spurious start completion interrupt flag
a5a0cc7 parisc/agp: Annotate parisc agp init functions with __init
f66f843 ALSA: hda/hdmi: fix HDA codec entry table order for ADL-P
5eceb6a ALSA: hda: Add Intel DG2 PCI ID and HDMI codec vid
ced9b76 loop: Use pr_warn_once() for loop_control_remove() warning
095a04e net/mlx4_en: Update reported link modes for 1/10G
8605743 Revert "tty: serial: fsl_lpuart: drop earlycon entry for i.MX8QXP"
0700eab s390/test_unwind: use raw opcode instead of invalid instruction
2b12c89 KVM: arm64: Save PSTATE early on exit
906f779 drm/msm/dp: Avoid unpowered AUX xfers that caused crashes
dc6c1ed drm/msm/dsi: set default num_data_lanes
d2db211 drm/msm/a6xx: Fix uinitialized use of gpu_scid
f6db3d9 drm/msm: Fix null ptr access msm_ioctl_gem_submit()
9cbb957 i2c: virtio: fix completion handling
304aa6a vmxnet3: fix minimum vectors alloc issue
569670a ice: fix FDIR init missing when reset VF
76db153 RDMA/irdma: Don't arm the CQ more than two times if no CE for this CQ
918e625 RDMA/irdma: Report correct WC errors
b260dfe RDMA/irdma: Fix a potential memory allocation issue in 'irdma_prm_add_pble_mem()'
11eebcf RDMA/irdma: Fix a user-after-free in add_pble_prm
1ac287b netfs: Fix lockdep warning from taking sb_writers whilst holding mmap_lock
cff7282 perf bpf_skel: Do not use typedef to avoid error on old clang
134151c clk: qcom: sm6125-gcc: Swap ops of ice and apps on sdcc1
439250c dt-bindings: media: nxp,imx7-mipi-csi2: Drop bad if/then schema
d17a8d1 inet: use #ifdef CONFIG_SOCK_RX_QUEUE_MAPPING consistently
c6aa887 mtd: rawnand: Fix nand_choose_best_timings() on unsupported interface
0c7b488 mtd: rawnand: Fix nand_erase_op delay
e3bc4d4 RDMA/mlx5: Fix releasing unallocated memory in dereg MR flow
acb53e4 RDMA: Fix use-after-free in rxe_queue_cleanup
c0d44c5 hwmon: (corsair-psu) fix plain integer used as NULL pointer
d89e421 nfc: fix segfault in nfc_genl_dump_devices_done
14655b6 Linux 5.15.9
3be0c72 netfilter: selftest: fix file permission

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