github xanmod/linux 5.14.9-xanmod2

2 years ago
  • 1d25d60 Linux 5.14.9-xanmod2
  • f164cc4 zstd: fix fall-through warnings
  • 90383d7 futex2: Add sysfs entry for syscall numbers
  • 442d05a kernel: Enable waitpid() for futex2
  • e5a1578 docs: locking: futex2: Add documentation
  • fa85b67 futex2: Add compatibility entry point for x86_x32 ABI
  • 5f5c483 futex2: Implement requeue operation
  • 9970c3d futex2: Implement vectorized wait
  • 1ee81ce futex2: Add support for shared futexes
  • ea14247 futex2: Implement wait and wake functions
  • 6afbd4f futex: Implement mechanism to wait on any of several futexes
  • 12aea22 futex*: remove FUTEX_WAIT_MULTIPLE operation and futex2 patchset

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