github xanmod/linux 5.13.15-xanmod1

2 years ago
  • da18dc2 Linux 5.13.15-xanmod1
  • c18940b Merge tag 'v5.13.15' into 5.13
  • b8c3cc7 Linux 5.13.15
  • 2f939f3 media: stkwebcam: fix memory leak in stk_camera_probe
  • 26874d6 ALSA: pcm: fix divide error in snd_pcm_lib_ioctl
  • 0c9cca4 ALSA: hda/realtek: Workaround for conflicting SSID on ASUS ROG Strix G17
  • a0bdfbb ALSA: usb-audio: Fix regression on Sony WALKMAN NW-A45 DAC
  • 237d4c2 ALSA: hda/realtek: Quirk for HP Spectre x360 14 amp setup
  • deb48f5 USB: serial: cp210x: fix flow-control error handling
  • 4df3f36 USB: serial: cp210x: fix control-characters error handling
  • 7dac6a6 USB: serial: pl2303: fix GL type detection
  • af64ddb xtensa: fix kconfig unmet dependency warning for HAVE_FUTEX_CMPXCHG
  • 391cfac cryptoloop: add a deprecation warning
  • 39c6cf2 perf/x86/amd/power: Assign pmu.module
  • 3e3bb99 perf/x86/amd/ibs: Work around erratum #1197
  • c7858c5 ceph: fix possible null-pointer dereference in ceph_mdsmap_decode()
  • 1ab026c perf/x86/intel/pt: Fix mask of num_address_ranges
  • 6108322 qede: Fix memset corruption
  • 8475b02 net: macb: Add a NULL check on desc_ptp
  • 9809b70 riscv: dts: microchip: Add ethernet0 to the aliases node
  • b13e2bf riscv: dts: microchip: Use 'local-mac-address' for emac1
  • 2aad925 net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: Update mv88e6393x serdes errata
  • 9bf0c45 qed: Fix the VF msix vectors flow
  • eb53922 reset: reset-zynqmp: Fixed the argument data type
  • 241581a gpu: ipu-v3: Fix i.MX IPU-v3 offset calculations for (semi)planar U/V formats
  • b6de6ec ext4: fix e2fsprogs checksum failure for mounted filesystem
  • c764e8f ext4: fix race writing to an inline_data file while its xattrs are changing

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