github xanmod/linux 5.12.18-xanmod3

2 years ago
  • b01f6c6 Linux 5.12.18-xanmod3
  • 8817e56 char/lrng: add power-on and runtime self-tests
  • cfb8997 char/lrng: add interface for gathering of raw entropy
  • fd00b1e char/lrng: add SP800-90B compliant health tests
  • 124b6ed char/lrng: add Jitter RNG fast noise source
  • 0b7ca1b crypto: provide access to a static Jitter RNG state
  • 205951c char/lrng: add kernel crypto API PRNG extension
  • faab742 char/lrng: add SP800-90A DRBG extension
  • fc8739a crypto: drbg - externalize DRBG functions for LRNG
  • c40c6f2 char/lrng: add common generic hash support
  • 35074b7 char/lrng: add switchable DRNG support
  • c2644c0 char/lrng: sysctls and /proc interface
  • 8b1fb49 char/lrng: allocate one DRNG instance per NUMA node
  • 5c4cf89 drivers: Introduce the Linux Random Number Generator
  • b7b3bad drivers: remove lrng v40

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