github xanmod/linux 5.12.16-xanmod1

2 years ago
  • 048274b Linux 5.12.16-xanmod1
  • f924ea9 Merge tag 'v5.12.16' into 5.12
  • 362de41 Linux 5.12.16
  • 828111d mt76: mt7921: get rid of mcu_reset function pointer
  • 356a5c7 mt76: mt7921: abort uncompleted scan by wifi reset
  • bea85ed mt76: mt7921: add wifi reset support
  • bec3e51 mt76: dma: export mt76_dma_rx_cleanup routine
  • 6249878 mt76: dma: introduce mt76_dma_queue_reset routine
  • f9dceb0 mt76: mt7921: introduce __mt7921_start utility routine
  • e6909ea mt76: mt7921: introduce mt7921_run_firmware utility routine.
  • 70bc03b mt76: mt7921: check mcu returned values in mt7921_start
  • 359e2fb Hexagon: change jumps to must-extend in futex_atomic_*
  • 07990ff Hexagon: add target builtins to kernel
  • e41a31e Hexagon: fix build errors

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