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2 years ago
  • 2f0b27d Linux 5.10.9-rt24-xanmod1
  • bfb34bc Merge tag 'v5.10.9' into 5.10-rt
    | * e2d1331 Linux 5.10.9
    | * 88a5c90 netfilter: nf_nat: Fix memleak in nf_nat_init
    | * f14e31c netfilter: conntrack: fix reading nf_conntrack_buckets
    | * 5b984e5 ALSA: firewire-tascam: Fix integer overflow in midi_port_work()
    | * c0e1ac2 ALSA: fireface: Fix integer overflow in transmit_midi_msg()
    | * 0eb5645 dm: eliminate potential source of excessive kernel log noise
    | * 2686576 selftests: netfilter: Pass family parameter "-f" to conntrack tool
    | * f0cd3fb net: sunrpc: interpret the return value of kstrtou32 correctly
    | * a9bc9c9 iommu/vt-d: Fix unaligned addresses for intel_flush_svm_range_dev()
    | * ff2ca54 riscv: Trace irq on only interrupt is enabled
    | * c8c01da mm, slub: consider rest of partial list if acquire_slab() fails
    | * ecca0c6 drm/i915/gt: Restore clear-residual mitigations for Ivybridge, Baytrail
    | * de3f572 drm/i915/icl: Fix initing the DSI DSC power refcount during HW readout
    | * 54c9246 drm/i915/dsi: Use unconditional msleep for the panel_on_delay when there is no reset-deassert MIPI-sequence
    | * f6de064 dm zoned: select CONFIG_CRC32
    | * c6dc4f8 umount(2): move the flag validity checks first
    | * 5cd483a IB/mlx5: Fix error unwinding when set_has_smi_cap fails
    | * bc296e4 RDMA/mlx5: Fix wrong free of blue flame register on error
    | * 4469338 bnxt_en: Improve stats context resource accounting with RDMA driver loaded.
    | * 3090af5 RDMA/usnic: Fix memleak in find_free_vf_and_create_qp_grp
    | * 3569492 RDMA/restrack: Don't treat as an error allocation ID wrapping
    | * cd22323 ext4: fix superblock checksum failure when setting password salt
    | * 4351cf2 scsi: ufs: Fix possible power drain during system suspend
    | * 51121ea NFS: nfs_igrab_and_active must first reference the superblock
    | * b468956 NFS: nfs_delegation_find_inode_server must first reference the superblock
    | * 01a12a2 NFS/pNFS: Fix a leak of the layout 'plh_outstanding' counter
    | * b666f39 NFS/pNFS: Don't leak DS commits in pnfs_generic_retry_commit()
    | * 067aefc NFS/pNFS: Don't call pnfs_free_bucket_lseg() before removing the request
    | * e6ae164 NFS: Adjust fs_context error logging
    | * 06f58db pNFS: Stricter ordering of layoutget and layoutreturn
    | * ecaaad1 pNFS: Mark layout for return if return-on-close was not sent
    | * f128de1 pNFS: We want return-on-close to complete when evicting the inode
    | * 1b42712 NFS4: Fix use-after-free in trace_event_raw_event_nfs4_set_lock
    | * 76600f6 nvme-tcp: Fix warning with CONFIG_DEBUG_PREEMPT
    | * b1e9f63 nvme-tcp: fix possible data corruption with bio merges
    | * c09af1e nvme: don't intialize hwmon for discovery controllers
    | * a60c7aa nvmet-rdma: Fix NULL deref when setting pi_enable and traddr INADDR_ANY
    | * a835cff ASoC: Intel: fix error code cnl_set_dsp_D0()
    | * 95e5df5 ASoC: meson: axg-tdmin: fix axg skew offset
    | * d11f183 ASoC: meson: axg-tdm-interface: fix loopback
    | * a3fddad dump_common_audit_data(): fix racy accesses to ->d_name
    | * 09b3e0b perf intel-pt: Fix 'CPU too large' error
    | * 72c5ce8 mm: don't put pinned pages into the swap cache
    | * 1eea108 mm: don't play games with pinned pages in clear_page_refs
    | * 41b0b0c mm: fix clear_refs_write locking
    | * 847c765 blk-mq-debugfs: Add decode for BLK_MQ_F_TAG_HCTX_SHARED
    | * 9812b54 net/mlx5: E-Switch, fix changing vf VLANID
    | * 96d77cf net/mlx5: Fix passing zero to 'PTR_ERR'
    | * 452e34d net/mlx5e: CT: Use per flow counter when CT flow accounting is enabled
    | * 518606a iommu/vt-d: Update domain geometry in
    | * f1cd8c4 nvme-fc: avoid calling _nvme_fc_abort_outstanding_ios from interrupt context
    | * 4ac5d20 cfg80211: select CONFIG_CRC32
    | * e558b38 x86/sev-es: Fix SEV-ES OUT/IN immediate opcode vc handling
    | * 1f63b33 bpf: Save correct stopping point in file seq iteration
    | * a3a51c6 bpf: Simplify task_file_seq_get_next()
    | * 30b491e rcu-tasks: Move RCU-tasks initialization to before early_initcall()
    | * bc880f2 poll: fix performance regression due to out-of-line __put_user()
    | * e30f6e1 ARM: picoxcell: fix missing interrupt-parent properties
    | * d565c62 drm/msm: Call msm_init_vram before binding the gpu
    | * 45f7e13 ACPI: scan: add stub acpi_create_platform_device() for !CONFIG_ACPI
    | * a4c84cd iommu/vt-d: Fix lockdep splat in sva bind()/unbind()
    | * 2c7b766 usb: typec: Fix copy paste error for NVIDIA alt-mode description
    | * 279af87 drm/amdgpu: fix potential memory leak during navi12 deinitialization
    | * 9910f52 drm/amd/pm: fix the failure when change power profile for renoir
    | * a973bc7 drm/amdgpu: fix a GPU hang issue when remove device
    | * 26f0adb drm/amd/display: fix sysfs amdgpu_current_backlight_pwm NULL pointer issue
    | * 8e57baf nvmet-rdma: Fix list_del corruption on queue establishment failure
    | * 74310d4 nvme: avoid possible double fetch in handling CQE
    | * afc0002 nvme-pci: mark Samsung PM1725a as IGNORE_DEV_SUBNQN
    | * 1151161 selftests: fix the return value for UDP GRO test
    | * 2e19393 net: ethernet: fs_enet: Add missing MODULE_LICENSE
    | * 8bd5905 misdn: dsp: select CONFIG_BITREVERSE
    | * bb37009 arch/arc: add copy_user_page() to <asm/page.h> to fix build error on ARC
    | * 7fdaca8 bfq: Fix computation of shallow depth
    | * 94dbb87 io_uring: drop file refs after task cancel
    | * 501e187 spi: fix the divide by 0 error when calculating xfer waiting time
    | * 17a0868 kconfig: remove 'kvmconfig' and 'xenconfig' shorthands
    | * 2aa134d lib/raid6: Let $(UNROLL) rules work with macOS userland
    | * 3163d7c hwmon: (pwm-fan) Ensure that calculation doesn't discard big period values
    | * 8c3520e habanalabs: Fix memleak in hl_device_reset
    | * 7875537 spi: altera: fix return value for altera_spi_txrx()
    | * 560e9b9 staging: spmi: hisi-spmi-controller: Fix some error handling paths
    | * c78cff5 habanalabs: register to pci shutdown callback
    | * 68a9abf habanalabs/gaudi: retry loading TPC f/w on -EINTR
    | * 8d0522d habanalabs: adjust pci controller init to new firmware
    | * 06b0d83 ARM: dts: ux500/golden: Set display max brightness
    | * d5285a5 ethernet: ucc_geth: fix definition and size of ucc_geth_tx_global_pram
    | * 36afeaa regulator: bd718x7: Add enable times
    | * 2954386 btrfs: fix transaction leak and crash after RO remount caused by qgroup rescan
    | * f89d84b btrfs: merge critical sections of discard lock in workfn
    | * 33061bd btrfs: fix async discard stall
    | * d18e04c ath11k: qmi: try to allocate a big block of DMA memory first
    | * cc77e4a netfilter: ipset: fixes possible oops in mtype_resize
    | * c871060 ath11k: fix crash caused by NULL rx_channel
    | * 54cfdd6 ARM: omap2: pmic-cpcap: fix maximum voltage to be consistent with defaults on xt875
    | * 6169a5c ARC: build: move symlink creation to arch/arc/Makefile to avoid race
    | * 443fb88 ARC: build: add boot_targets to PHONY
    | * e1c4b5f ARC: build: add uImage.lzma to the top-level target
    | * cf4592a ARC: build: remove non-existing bootpImage from KBUILD_IMAGE
    | * f7f3282 io_uring: drop mm and files after task_work_run
    | * a3647cd io_uring: don't take files/mm for a dead task
    | * 85958f6 ext4: don't leak old mountpoint samples
    | * 41b5ec7 btrfs: tree-checker: check if chunk item end overflows
    | * 8590524 r8152: Add Lenovo Powered USB-C Travel Hub
    | * 53e976b stmmac: intel: change all EHL/TGL to auto detect phy addr
    | * 7c5b204 dm crypt: defer decryption to a tasklet if interrupts disabled
    | * fe40f6a dm crypt: do not call bio_endio() from the dm-crypt tasklet
    | * 8727884 dm crypt: do not wait for backlogged crypto request completion in softirq
    | * 93edb8d dm crypt: use GFP_ATOMIC when allocating crypto requests from softirq
    | * 9bf4fba dm integrity: fix the maximum number of arguments
    | * 6bba7ef dm integrity: fix flush with external metadata device
    | * 1ac4156 dm snapshot: flush merged data before committing metadata
    | * 5de4f3a dm raid: fix discard limits for raid1
    | * ccd903e mm/process_vm_access.c: include compat.h
    | * d3e43af mm/hugetlb: fix potential missing huge page size info
    | * b4ecc25 mm/vmalloc.c: fix potential memory leak
    | * 33dbd54 compiler.h: Raise minimum version of GCC to 5.1 for arm64
    | * 047ea5a xen/privcmd: allow fetching resource sizes
    | * 3b9f7b0 ACPI: scan: Harden acpi_device_add() against device ID overflows
    | * 0dbfad1 RDMA/ocrdma: Fix use after free in ocrdma_dealloc_ucontext_pd()
    | * c8c2b27 MIPS: relocatable: fix possible boot hangup with KASLR enabled
    | * 652daca MIPS: Fix malformed NT_FILE and NT_SIGINFO in 32bit coredumps
    | * 9e2413f MIPS: boot: Fix unaligned access with CONFIG_MIPS_RAW_APPENDED_DTB
    | * 974f196 mips: lib: uncached: fix non-standard usage of variable 'sp'
    | * 5ca873f mips: fix Section mismatch in reference
    | * 4b0a065 riscv: Fix KASAN memory mapping.
    | * ab7594f riscv: Fixup CONFIG_GENERIC_TIME_VSYSCALL
    | * 7c4ced3 riscv: return -ENOSYS for syscall -1
    | * eae7b19 riscv: Drop a duplicated PAGE_KERNEL_EXEC
    | * 531c88c cifs: fix interrupted close commands
    | * 0e4c42c cifs: check pointer before freeing
    | * 2207c3c ext4: fix bug for rename with RENAME_WHITEOUT
    | * 15a062c ext4: fix wrong list_splice in ext4_fc_cleanup
    | * 6c557cb ext4: use IS_ERR instead of IS_ERR_OR_NULL and set inode null when IS_ERR
    | * fcae2be tools/bootconfig: Add tracing_on support to helper scripts
    | * 7594237 tracing/kprobes: Do the notrace functions check without kprobes on ftrace
    | * 47319c4 drm/bridge: sii902x: Enable I/O and core VCC supplies if present
    | * af402f6 dt-bindings: display: sii902x: Add supply bindings
    | * c0c34c5 drm/bridge: sii902x: Refactor init code into separate function
    | * 0a34add drm/i915/backlight: fix CPU mode backlight takeover on LPT
    | * 48b8c66 drm/i915/gt: Limit VFE threads based on GT
    | * 481e27f drm/i915: Allow the sysadmin to override security mitigations
    | * 586a42d drm/amdgpu: add new device id for Renior
    | * 989a0f6 Revert "drm/amd/display: Fixed Intermittent blue screen on OLED panel"
    | * 7fe7458 drm/amdgpu: fix DRM_INFO flood if display core is not supported (bug 210921)
    | * 9c6524b drm/amdgpu: add green_sardine device id (v2)
    | * ad8ca24 x86/hyperv: check cpu mask after interrupt has been disabled
    | * 0351fbe ASoC: dapm: remove widget from dirty list on free
    | * 55eb186 ASoC: AMD Renoir - add DMI entry for Lenovo ThinkPad X395
    | * 69b84d8 ALSA: doc: Fix reference to mixart.rst
    | * 617b1ba ALSA: hda/realtek: fix right sounds and mute/micmute LEDs for HP machines
    | * f37fba6 btrfs: prevent NULL pointer dereference in extent_io_tree_panic
    | * e883eb5 btrfs: reloc: fix wrong file extent type check to avoid false ENOENT
  • | 4ca4e5c net-tcp_bbr: v2: don't assume prior_cwnd was set entering CA_Loss
  • | af7158b net-tcp_bbr: v2: remove cycle_rand parameter that is unused in BBRv2
  • | a64d53e net-tcp_bbr: v2: remove field bw_rtts that is unused in BBRv2
  • | 3d2e80c net-tcp_bbr: v2: remove unnecessary rs.delivered_ce logic upon loss
  • | a9fbac3 net-tcp_bbr: v2: BBRv2 ("bbr2") congestion control for Linux TCP
  • | 49491e3 net-tcp: add fast_ack_mode=1: skip rwin check in tcp_fast_ack_mode__tcp_ack_snd_check()
  • | 3e728f7 net-tcp: re-generalize TSO sizing in TCP CC module API
  • | 5b1ac15 net-tcp: add new ca opts flag TCP_CONG_WANTS_CE_EVENTS
  • | ec84d65 net-tcp_bbr: v2: set tx.in_flight for skbs in repair write queue
  • | d2816eb net-tcp_bbr: v2: adjust skb tx.in_flight upon split in tcp_fragment()
  • | 7f3c077 net-tcp_bbr: v2: adjust skb tx.in_flight upon merge in tcp_shifted_skb()
  • | ef5e2d1 net-tcp_bbr: v2: factor out tx.in_flight setting into tcp_set_tx_in_flight()
  • | e4ab41a net-tcp_bbr: v2: introduce ca_ops->skb_marked_lost() CC module callback API
  • | 72b5d7e net-tcp_bbr: v2: export FLAG_ECE in rate_sample.is_ece
  • | 1b81ec5 net-tcp_bbr: v2: count packets lost over TCP rate sampling interval
  • | 81de76b net-tcp_bbr: v2: snapshot packets in flight at transmit time and pass in rate_sample
  • | fcc4121 net-tcp_bbr: v2: shrink delivered_mstamp, first_tx_mstamp to u32 to free up 8 bytes
  • | af86fa7 net-tcp_rate: account for CE marks in rate sample
  • | e4e9ed7 net-tcp_rate: consolidate inflight tracking approaches in TCP
  • | 5da2919 net-tcp_bbr: broaden app-limited rate sample detection
  • | 5a81d7d Revert "net-tcp_bbr: v2: BBRv2 ("bbr2") congestion control for Linux TCP"
  • | df929b5 Merge tag 'v5.10.8-rt24' into 5.10-rt
  • | bcfd8f0 v5.10.8-rt24
  • | b819689 tracing: Update "Merge irqflags + preemt counter, add RT bits"
  • | 3c7e3c2 locking/rwsem-rt: Add __down_read_interruptible()
  • | 7bb4e86 v5.10.8-rt23
  • | 7e9227b Merge tag 'v5.10.8' into linux-5.10.y-rt
  • 7a1519a Linux 5.10.8
  • b77681d tools headers UAPI: Sync linux/fscrypt.h with the kernel sources
  • 27c6968 drm/panfrost: Remove unused variables in panfrost_job_close()
  • 75e5e51 regmap: debugfs: Fix a reversed if statement in regmap_debugfs_init()
  • 43f6ea4 net: drop bogus skb with CHECKSUM_PARTIAL and offset beyond end of trimmed packet
  • 481097d block: fix use-after-free in disk_part_iter_next
  • 61e8c02 can: isotp: isotp_getname(): fix kernel information leak
  • 6f7a362 block/rnbd-clt: avoid module unload race with close confirmation
  • be66572 xsk: Rollback reservation at NETDEV_TX_BUSY
  • 9ad0375 xsk: Fix race in SKB mode transmit with shared cq
  • 610e2c5 KVM: arm64: Don't access PMCR_EL0 when no PMU is available
  • c5c2294 selftests: fib_nexthops: Fix wrong mausezahn invocation
  • e336a77 net: mvneta: fix error message when MTU too large for XDP
  • 729319e drm/i915/dp: Track pm_qos per connector
  • e7f0992 net: mvpp2: disable force link UP during port init procedure
  • 734bd3f regulator: qcom-rpmh-regulator: correct hfsmps515 definition
  • ae4db0b arm64: cpufeature: remove non-exist CONFIG_KVM_ARM_HOST
  • 344f59a wan: ds26522: select CONFIG_BITREVERSE
  • c969838 regmap: debugfs: Fix a memory leak when calling regmap_attach_dev
  • 6defee4 net/mlx5e: Fix two double free cases
  • 699804e net/mlx5e: Fix memleak in mlx5e_create_l2_table_groups
  • b23accd nvme-tcp: Fix possible race of io_work and direct send
  • 31a3520 bpftool: Fix compilation failure for net.o with older glibc
  • 2a21faa iommu/intel: Fix memleak in intel_irq_remapping_alloc
  • 39b3204 iommu/vt-d: Fix misuse of ALIGN in qi_flush_piotlb()
  • 2bbe923 zonefs: select CONFIG_CRC32
  • 771865d lightnvm: select CONFIG_CRC32
  • 432071f block: rsxx: select CONFIG_CRC32
  • 0d813da wil6210: select CONFIG_CRC32
  • e208085 phy: dp83640: select CONFIG_CRC32
  • f03e225 qed: select CONFIG_CRC32
  • 41dcfc0 arm64: mm: Fix ARCH_LOW_ADDRESS_LIMIT when !CONFIG_ZONE_DMA
  • d4a7eb9 dmaengine: xilinx_dma: fix mixed_enum_type coverity warning
  • c16e7cf dmaengine: xilinx_dma: fix incompatible param warning in _child_probe()
  • e72371f dmaengine: xilinx_dma: check dma_async_device_register return value
  • 41f95d8 dmaengine: milbeaut-xdmac: Fix a resource leak in the error handling path of the probe function
  • ceb97fb dmaengine: mediatek: mtk-hsdma: Fix a resource leak in the error handling path of the probe function
  • fcd04aa interconnect: qcom: fix rpmh link failures
  • 6a0e580 interconnect: imx: Add a missing of_node_put after of_device_is_available
  • e5689d8 bcache: set bcache device into read-only mode for BCH_FEATURE_INCOMPAT_OBSO_LARGE_BUCKET
  • 8f24368 i2c: mediatek: Fix apdma and i2c hand-shake timeout
  • d908dd5 i2c: i801: Fix the i2c-mux gpiod_lookup_table not being properly terminated
  • 7a30d66 spi: stm32: FIFO threshold level - fix align packet size
  • c75a667 spi: spi-geni-qcom: Fix geni_spi_isr() NULL dereference in timeout case
  • 932e130 cpufreq: powernow-k8: pass policy rather than use cpufreq_cpu_get()
  • a885713 spi: spi-geni-qcom: Fail new xfers if xfer/cancel/abort pending
  • 175465c can: kvaser_pciefd: select CONFIG_CRC32
  • 9fc286e can: m_can: m_can_class_unregister(): remove erroneous m_can_clk_stop()
  • 9b99078 can: tcan4x5x: fix bittiming const, use common bittiming from m_can driver
  • 4abc2db selftests/bpf: Clarify build error if no vmlinux
  • e095ac6 dmaengine: dw-edma: Fix use after free in dw_edma_alloc_chunk()
  • 75dfd24 i2c: sprd: use a specific timeout to avoid system hang up issue
  • 0a27398 ARM: OMAP2+: omap_device: fix idling of devices during probe
  • 7973356 fanotify: Fix sys_fanotify_mark() on native x86-32
  • 797c128 HID: wacom: Fix memory leakage caused by kfifo_alloc
  • bca9046 ionic: start queues before announcing link up
  • 6aebfda scsi: lpfc: Fix variable 'vport' set but not used in lpfc_sli4_abts_err_handler()
  • 8543acf net/mlx5: Check if lag is supported before creating one
  • 1e5b0a2 net/mlx5e: In skb build skip setting mark in switchdev mode
  • dd7cce9 net/mlx5e: ethtool, Fix restriction of autoneg with 56G
  • 39e86d3 net/mlx5: Use port_num 1 instead of 0 when delete a RoCE address
  • d6d3f9d net: dsa: lantiq_gswip: Exclude RMII from modes that report 1 GbE
  • af9b4ab s390/qeth: fix L2 header access in qeth_l3_osa_features_check()
  • af0c184 s390/qeth: fix locking for discipline setup / removal
  • 1214d69 s390/qeth: fix deadlock during recovery
  • 5fb8a31 nexthop: Bounce NHA_GATEWAY in FDB nexthop groups
  • eaa7a6c nexthop: Unlink nexthop group entry in error path
  • 6486bc0 nexthop: Fix off-by-one error in error path
  • 2e76352 octeontx2-af: fix memory leak of lmac and lmac->name
  • ab8e7a1 chtls: Fix chtls resources release sequence
  • 23e696e chtls: Added a check to avoid NULL pointer dereference
  • 5a1af38 chtls: Replace skb_dequeue with skb_peek
  • d929748 chtls: Avoid unnecessary freeing of oreq pointer
  • 523cea3 chtls: Fix panic when route to peer not configured
  • 2702758 chtls: Remove invalid set_tcb call
  • 694635a chtls: Fix hardware tid leak
  • b0ff6d0 net: ip: always refragment ip defragmented packets
  • d5fc41e net: fix pmtu check in nopmtudisc mode
  • 541c22a tools: selftests: add test for changing routes with PTMU exceptions
  • 69363e3 net: ipv6: fib: flush exceptions when purging route
  • 6d233d9 ptp: ptp_ines: prevent build when HAS_IOMEM is not set
  • 210b9cd net: bareudp: add missing error handling for bareudp_link_config()
  • 2a432be net/sonic: Fix some resource leaks in error handling paths
  • 9591f32 net: vlan: avoid leaks on register_vlan_dev() failures
  • 60de771 net: stmmac: dwmac-sun8i: Balance syscon (de)initialization
  • 35526a9 net: stmmac: dwmac-sun8i: Balance internal PHY power
  • 22e1ed2 net: stmmac: dwmac-sun8i: Balance internal PHY resource references
  • 413a79c net: stmmac: dwmac-sun8i: Fix probe error handling
  • 8d12c06 net: hns3: fix a phy loopback fail issue
  • ed59d39 net: hns3: fix the number of queues actually used by ARQ
  • 799d808 net: hns3: fix incorrect handling of sctp6 rss tuple
  • b044a94 net: cdc_ncm: correct overhead in delayed_ndp_size
  • e3b5252 btrfs: shrink delalloc pages instead of full inodes
  • 17243f7 btrfs: fix deadlock when cloning inline extent and low on free metadata space
  • 8773816 btrfs: skip unnecessary searches for xattrs when logging an inode
  • e28ace8 scsi: ufs: Fix -Wsometimes-uninitialized warning
  • 458b405 io_uring: Fix return value from alloc_fixed_file_ref_node
  • 51495b7 drm/panfrost: Don't corrupt the queue mutex on open/close
  • 9d7751a iommu/arm-smmu-qcom: Initialize SCTLR of the bypass context
  • 85bbe2e RDMA/hns: Avoid filling sl in high 3 bits of vlan_id
  • 85e25e2 io_uring: patch up IOPOLL overflow_flush sync
  • bc924dd io_uring: limit {io|sq}poll submit locking scope
  • 1d5e50d io_uring: synchronise IOPOLL on task_submit fail
  • bca9ca5 powerpc/32s: Fix RTAS machine check with VMAP stack
  • 6593610 Linux 5.10.7
  • 6f1e885 scsi: target: Fix XCOPY NAA identifier lookup
  • 513729a rtlwifi: rise completion at the last step of firmware callback
  • 0fae7d2 xsk: Fix memory leak for failed bind
  • 563135e KVM: x86: fix shift out of bounds reported by UBSAN
  • 02ccda9 x86/mtrr: Correct the range check before performing MTRR type lookups
  • 6e3c679 dmaengine: idxd: off by one in cleanup code
  • 8b109f4 netfilter: nft_dynset: report EOPNOTSUPP on missing set feature
  • 810bc97 netfilter: xt_RATEEST: reject non-null terminated string from userspace
  • d17f2cc netfilter: ipset: fix shift-out-of-bounds in htable_bits()
  • 27bc60d netfilter: x_tables: Update remaining dereference to RCU
  • 56429dd ARM: dts: OMAP3: disable AES on N950/N9
  • 00a6b09 net/mlx5e: Fix SWP offsets when vlan inserted by driver
  • a360100 bcache: introduce BCH_FEATURE_INCOMPAT_LOG_LARGE_BUCKET_SIZE for large bucket
  • a9c413c bcache: check unsupported feature sets for bcache register
  • fbb23cd bcache: fix typo from SUUP to SUPP in features.h
  • 36d366a drm/i915: clear the gpu reloc batch
  • 13738d7 drm/i915: clear the shadow batch
  • 1cd7e30 arm64: link with -z norelro for LLD or aarch64-elf
  • a19dae4 dmabuf: fix use-after-free of dmabuf's file->f_inode
  • 6844bc3 Revert "device property: Keep secondary firmware node secondary by type"
  • 5e84c99 btrfs: send: fix wrong file path when there is an inode with a pending rmdir
  • 1888e5d btrfs: qgroup: don't try to wait flushing if we're already holding a transaction
  • 1c31964 iommu/vt-d: Move intel_iommu info from struct intel_svm to struct intel_svm_dev
  • a07c549 ALSA: hda/realtek: Add two "Intel Reference board" SSID in the ALC256.
  • 41af04d ALSA: hda/realtek: Enable mute and micmute LED on HP EliteBook 850 G7
  • 3e1bcae ALSA: hda/realtek: Add mute LED quirk for more HP laptops
  • 582de98 ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix speaker volume control on Lenovo C940
  • 2eda063 ALSA: hda/conexant: add a new hda codec CX11970
  • c03f37d ALSA: hda/via: Fix runtime PM for Clevo W35xSS
  • cafc6e7 blk-iocost: fix NULL iocg deref from racing against initialization
  • 397e352 x86/resctrl: Don't move a task to the same resource group
  • 34e4ae4 x86/resctrl: Use an IPI instead of task_work_add() to update PQR_ASSOC MSR
  • c3cf9ff KVM: x86/mmu: Ensure TDP MMU roots are freed after yield
  • ffee677 kvm: check tlbs_dirty directly
  • f4064ef KVM: x86/mmu: Get root level from walkers when retrieving MMIO SPTE
  • afd6216 KVM: x86/mmu: Use -1 to flag an undefined spte in get_mmio_spte()
  • 23220e8 x86/mm: Fix leak of pmd ptlock
  • 876195e mm: make wait_on_page_writeback() wait for multiple pending writebacks
  • 96e6724 hwmon: (amd_energy) fix allocation of hwmon_channel_info config
  • 3f47b18 USB: serial: keyspan_pda: remove unused variable
  • a4b202c usb: gadget: configfs: Fix use-after-free issue with udc_name
  • ed57b76 usb: gadget: configfs: Preserve function ordering after bind failure
  • 8ca9626 usb: gadget: Fix spinlock lockup on usb_function_deactivate
  • c92e683 USB: gadget: legacy: fix return error code in acm_ms_bind()
  • 9cc6bf9 usb: gadget: u_ether: Fix MTU size mismatch with RX packet size
  • e698e14 usb: gadget: function: printer: Fix a memory leak for interface descriptor
  • c4aa893 usb: gadget: f_uac2: reset wMaxPacketSize
  • e7f2c25 USB: Gadget: dummy-hcd: Fix shift-out-of-bounds bug
  • 2cd6988 usb: gadget: select CONFIG_CRC32
  • 88eaa6c ALSA: usb-audio: Fix UBSAN warnings for MIDI jacks
  • 0a5b28c USB: usblp: fix DMA to stack
  • 4f7e97f USB: yurex: fix control-URB timeout handling
  • 0086895 USB: serial: option: add Quectel EM160R-GL
  • 3013ff7 USB: serial: option: add LongSung M5710 module support
  • 5410726 USB: serial: iuu_phoenix: fix DMA from stack
  • 677503c usb: uas: Add PNY USB Portable SSD to unusual_uas
  • 91a6375 usb: usbip: vhci_hcd: protect shift size
  • cee536f USB: xhci: fix U1/U2 handling for hardware with XHCI_INTEL_HOST quirk set
  • 4485bdb usb: chipidea: ci_hdrc_imx: add missing put_device() call in usbmisc_get_init_data()
  • 150a9c1 usb: dwc3: ulpi: Fix USB2.0 HS/FS/LS PHY suspend regression
  • 97abe66 usb: dwc3: ulpi: Replace CPU-based busyloop with Protocol-based one
  • b51963e usb: dwc3: ulpi: Use VStsDone to detect PHY regs access completion
  • 8907a10 usb: dwc3: gadget: Clear wait flag on dequeue
  • dd8363f usb: dwc3: gadget: Restart DWC3 gadget when enabling pullup
  • 906b051 usb: dwc3: meson-g12a: disable clk on error handling path in probe
  • 5a5ce1e usb: typec: intel_pmc_mux: Configure HPD first for HPD+IRQ request
  • 340db7c USB: cdc-wdm: Fix use after free in service_outstanding_interrupt().
  • 1452fef USB: cdc-acm: blacklist another IR Droid device
  • b55debd usb: gadget: enable super speed plus
  • 22f56c6 staging: mt7621-dma: Fix a resource leak in an error handling path
  • b8c9bb1 Staging: comedi: Return -EFAULT if copy_to_user() fails
  • cb5a170 powerpc: Handle .text.{hot,unlikely}.* in linker script
  • 80a3644 crypto: asym_tpm: correct zero out potential secrets
  • 3f20005 crypto: ecdh - avoid buffer overflow in ecdh_set_secret()
  • d55d15a scsi: block: Do not accept any requests while suspended
  • 782c9ef scsi: block: Remove RQF_PREEMPT and BLK_MQ_REQ_PREEMPT
  • faa613d Bluetooth: revert: hci_h5: close serdev device and free hu in h5_close
  • 3ca4258 kbuild: don't hardcode depmod path
  • e538343 scsi: ufs: Clear UAC for FFU and RPMB LUNs
  • 43dee88 depmod: handle the case of /sbin/depmod without /sbin in PATH
  • 8532d3e lib/genalloc: fix the overflow when size is too big
  • 2179bae local64.h: make <asm/local64.h> mandatory
  • 271822b scsi: core: Only process PM requests if rpm_status != RPM_ACTIVE
  • a97d55d scsi: scsi_transport_spi: Set RQF_PM for domain validation commands
  • 60fb6a8 scsi: ide: Mark power management requests with RQF_PM instead of RQF_PREEMPT
  • 2d8b9f9 scsi: ide: Do not set the RQF_PREEMPT flag for sense requests
  • 8ed46b3 scsi: block: Introduce BLK_MQ_REQ_PM
  • 4bdd912 scsi: ufs-pci: Enable UFSHCD_CAP_RPM_AUTOSUSPEND for Intel controllers
  • 3a1be8e scsi: ufs-pci: Fix recovery from hibernate exit errors for Intel controllers
  • 46e4355 scsi: ufs-pci: Ensure UFS device is in PowerDown mode for suspend-to-disk ->poweroff()
  • 20e1aec scsi: ufs-pci: Fix restore from S4 for Intel controllers
  • 42b464f scsi: ufs: Fix wrong print message in dev_err()
  • dfec7dc workqueue: Kick a worker based on the actual activation of delayed works
  • bfb39e6 block: add debugfs stanza for QUEUE_FLAG_NOWAIT
  • 2dc3447 selftests/vm: fix building protection keys test
  • 952264a stmmac: intel: Add PCI IDs for TGL-H platform
  • 22c0b15 selftests: mlxsw: Set headroom size of correct port
  • 7b81c2f net: usb: qmi_wwan: add Quectel EM160R-GL
  • 0636080 ibmvnic: fix: NULL pointer dereference.
  • 57dde18 CDC-NCM: remove "connected" log message
  • 143143f net: dsa: lantiq_gswip: Fix GSWIP_MII_CFG(p) register access
  • 4954421 net: dsa: lantiq_gswip: Enable GSWIP_MII_CFG_EN also for internal PHYs
  • f621530 r8169: work around power-saving bug on some chip versions
  • 0ad3188 vhost_net: fix ubuf refcount incorrectly when sendmsg fails
  • cf78c32 bareudp: Fix use of incorrect min_headroom size
  • cfcd702 bareudp: set NETIF_F_LLTX flag
  • 8ca1d23 net: hdlc_ppp: Fix issues when mod_timer is called while timer is running
  • 0d6eeee erspan: fix version 1 check in gre_parse_header()
  • cd63471 net: hns: fix return value check in __lb_other_process()
  • 7a20969 net: sched: prevent invalid Scell_log shift count
  • 5e87eab ipv4: Ignore ECN bits for fib lookups in fib_compute_spec_dst()
  • 042c7f3 bnxt_en: Fix AER recovery.
  • cdb02a7 net: mvpp2: fix pkt coalescing int-threshold configuration
  • 9b35072 bnxt_en: Check TQM rings for maximum supported value.
  • 7c0681c e1000e: Export S0ix flags to ethtool
  • d0cd009 Revert "e1000e: disable s0ix entry and exit flows for ME systems"
  • 4e71761 e1000e: bump up timeout to wait when ME un-configures ULP mode
  • 35a44ba e1000e: Only run S0ix flows if shutdown succeeded
  • e3cbce8 tun: fix return value when the number of iovs exceeds MAX_SKB_FRAGS
  • 44dc29d net: ethernet: ti: cpts: fix ethtool output when no ptp_clock registered
  • e4535db net-sysfs: take the rtnl lock when accessing xps_rxqs_map and num_tc
  • 9029755 net-sysfs: take the rtnl lock when storing xps_rxqs
  • 0ca897c net-sysfs: take the rtnl lock when accessing xps_cpus_map and num_tc
  • 4da25d8 net-sysfs: take the rtnl lock when storing xps_cpus
  • 7eab4e6 net: ethernet: Fix memleak in ethoc_probe
  • 2cdf8c2 net/ncsi: Use real net-device for response handler
  • 23f8bea virtio_net: Fix recursive call to cpus_read_lock()
  • 087cfc7 qede: fix offload for IPIP tunnel packets
  • c7d068a net: ethernet: mvneta: Fix error handling in mvneta_probe
  • 933b2ba ibmvnic: continue fatal error reset after passive init
  • 0583c8e ibmvnic: fix login buffer memory leak
  • cad75a6 net: stmmac: dwmac-meson8b: ignore the second clock input
  • 04f241f net: mvpp2: Fix GoP port 3 Networking Complex Control configurations
  • 8ece401 atm: idt77252: call pci_disable_device() on error path
  • 0e2dee9 ionic: account for vlan tag len in rx buffer len
  • 15741c0 ethernet: ucc_geth: set dev->max_mtu to 1518
  • 116395a ethernet: ucc_geth: fix use-after-free in ucc_geth_remove()
  • ca126e9 net: systemport: set dev->max_mtu to UMAC_MAX_MTU_SIZE
  • cf65734 net: mvpp2: prs: fix PPPoE with ipv6 packet parse
  • 121164d net: mvpp2: Add TCAM entry to drop flow control pause frames
  • db8895a net/sched: sch_taprio: ensure to reset/destroy all child qdiscs
  • e257242 iavf: fix double-release of rtnl_lock
  • d9dea80 i40e: Fix Error I40E_AQ_RC_EINVAL when removing VFs
  • 5650152 Linux 5.10.6
  • 94cc73b mwifiex: Fix possible buffer overflows in mwifiex_cmd_802_11_ad_hoc_start
  • ab7709b exec: Transform exec_update_mutex into a rw_semaphore
  • 933b7cc rwsem: Implement down_read_interruptible
  • 27bae39 rwsem: Implement down_read_killable_nested
  • 2cded5a perf: Break deadlock involving exec_update_mutex
  • 36cf9ae fuse: fix bad inode
  • e522a78 RDMA/siw,rxe: Make emulated devices virtual in the device tree
  • 404fa09 RDMA/core: remove use of dma_virt_ops
  • 2a54ad3 scsi: ufs: Re-enable WriteBooster after device reset
  • acbf7db scsi: ufs: Allow an error return value from ->device_reset()
  • 8cba903 drm/i915/tgl: Fix Combo PHY DPLL fractional divider for 38.4MHz ref clock
  • adee1c5 ALSA: hda/hdmi: Fix incorrect mutex unlock in silent_stream_disable()
  • e235fd0 ALSA: hda/realtek - Modify Dell platform name
  • ce9163c Bluetooth: Fix attempting to set RPA timeout when unsupported
  • 3e07350 kdev_t: always inline major/minor helper functions
  • fd3ec3b dt-bindings: rtc: add reset-source property
  • 757cd94 rtc: pcf2127: only use watchdog when explicitly available
  • acb8214 rtc: pcf2127: move watchdog initialisation to a separate function
  • b001952 Revert "mtd: spinand: Fix OOB read"
  • 261f4d0 Revert "drm/amd/display: Fix memory leaks in S3 resume"
  • f524794 Linux 5.10.5
  • 12d377b device-dax: Fix range release
  • aceb8ae ext4: avoid s_mb_prefetch to be zero in individual scenarios
  • aff18aa dm verity: skip verity work if I/O error when system is shutting down
  • 610d2fa ALSA: pcm: Clear the full allocated memory at hw_params
  • c7b04d2 io_uring: remove racy overflow list fast checks
  • 13f9eec s390: always clear kernel stack backchain before calling functions
  • 330c1ee tick/sched: Remove bogus boot "safety" check
  • 9b22bc0 drm/amd/display: updated wm table for Renoir
  • 86be0f2 ceph: fix inode refcount leak when ceph_fill_inode on non-I_NEW inode fails
  • 8bcfa17 NFSv4.2: Don't error when exiting early on a READ_PLUS buffer overflow
  • ef3b9ad um: ubd: Submit all data segments atomically
  • a8b49c4 um: random: Register random as hwrng-core device
  • 0aa2eec watchdog: rti-wdt: fix reference leak in rti_wdt_probe
  • eae1fb3 fs/namespace.c: WARN if mnt_count has become negative
  • b1e155c powerpc/64: irq replay remove decrementer overflow check
  • 8b5b2b7 module: delay kobject uevent until after module init call
  • db6129f f2fs: fix race of pending_pages in decompression
  • ee3f8ae f2fs: avoid race condition for shrinker count
  • 3c0f0f5 NFSv4: Fix a pNFS layout related use-after-free race when freeing the inode
  • 06ac2ca i3c master: fix missing destroy_workqueue() on error in i3c_master_register
  • 498d906 powerpc: sysdev: add missing iounmap() on error in mpic_msgr_probe()
  • acc3c8c rtc: pl031: fix resource leak in pl031_probe
  • 26058c3 quota: Don't overflow quota file offsets
  • bb2ab90 module: set MODULE_STATE_GOING state when a module fails to load
  • 0ad9a6e rtc: sun6i: Fix memleak in sun6i_rtc_clk_init
  • b5a2f09 io_uring: check kthread stopped flag when sq thread is unparked
  • 9080305 fcntl: Fix potential deadlock in send_sig{io, urg}()
  • 721972b ext4: check for invalid block size early when mounting a file system
  • 8ed894f bfs: don't use WARNING: string when it's just info.
  • fb05e98 ALSA: rawmidi: Access runtime->avail always in spinlock
  • cf7fe67 ALSA: seq: Use bool for snd_seq_queue internal flags
  • 1c5a034 f2fs: fix shift-out-of-bounds in sanity_check_raw_super()
  • 2b56f16 media: gp8psk: initialize stats at power control logic
  • f290cff misc: vmw_vmci: fix kernel info-leak by initializing dbells in vmci_ctx_get_chkpt_doorbells()
  • a021b66 reiserfs: add check for an invalid ih_entry_count
  • 397971e fbcon: Disable accelerated scrolling
  • df83b9b Bluetooth: hci_h5: close serdev device and free hu in h5_close
  • 9d4053c scsi: cxgb4i: Fix TLS dependency
  • fdac87b zlib: move EXPORT_SYMBOL() and MODULE_LICENSE() out of dfltcc_syms.c
  • bf81221 cgroup: Fix memory leak when parsing multiple source parameters
  • 9154d2e tools headers UAPI: Sync linux/const.h with the kernel headers
  • e8afbba uapi: move constants from <linux/kernel.h> to <linux/const.h>
  • ce00a7d io_uring: fix io_sqe_files_unregister() hangs
  • b25b869 io_uring: add a helper for setting a ref node
  • 25a2de6 io_uring: use bottom half safe lock for fixed file data
  • 7247bc6 io_uring: don't assume mm is constant across submits
  • a5184f3 lib/zlib: fix inflating zlib streams on s390
  • 98b5768 mm: memmap defer init doesn't work as expected
  • df73c80 mm/hugetlb: fix deadlock in hugetlb_cow error path
  • 092898b scsi: block: Fix a race in the runtime power management code
  • 1a58c17 opp: Call the missing clk_put() on error
  • e832283 opp: fix memory leak in _allocate_opp_table
  • c6dd62c spi: dw-bt1: Fix undefined devm_mux_control_get symbol
  • 6d63cc4 jffs2: Fix NULL pointer dereference in rp_size fs option parsing
  • 58dc344 jffs2: Allow setting rp_size to zero during remounting
  • 52504a6 io_uring: close a small race gap for files cancel
  • 8b8a688 drm/amd/display: Add get_dig_frontend implementation for DCEx
  • 5ef9837 md/raid10: initialize r10_bio->read_slot before use.
  • 62162b3 ethtool: fix string set id check
  • 95fcb69 ethtool: fix error paths in ethnl_set_channels()
  • aeab3d7 mptcp: fix security context on server socket
  • a969a63 net/sched: sch_taprio: reset child qdiscs before freeing them

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