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24 months ago

9a20654 Linux 5.10.84-xanmod1
2a014e9 Merge tag 'v5.10.84' into 5.10
a0582e2 Linux 5.10.84
e6edaf2 ipmi: msghandler: Make symbol 'remove_work_wq' static
a8d18fb net/tls: Fix authentication failure in CCM mode
dbe73da parisc: Mark cr16 CPU clocksource unstable on all SMP machines
01300d2 iwlwifi: mvm: retry init flow if failed
a5d0a72 serial: 8250: Fix RTS modem control while in rs485 mode
f9802d7 serial: 8250_pci: rewrite pericom_do_set_divisor()
50b0688 serial: 8250_pci: Fix ACCES entries in pci_serial_quirks array
e1722ac serial: core: fix transmit-buffer reset and memleak
bda142b serial: tegra: Change lower tolerance baud rate limit for tegra20 and tegra30
901f7e0 serial: pl011: Add ACPI SBSA UART match id
946ded2 tty: serial: msm_serial: Deactivate RX DMA for polling support
67d0845 x86/64/mm: Map all kernel memory into trampoline_pgd
b3a519b x86/tsc: Disable clocksource watchdog for TSC on qualified platorms
1ed4a8f x86/tsc: Add a timer to make sure TSC_adjust is always checked
a92f044 usb: typec: tcpm: Wait in SNK_DEBOUNCED until disconnect
6d8c191 USB: NO_LPM quirk Lenovo Powered USB-C Travel Hub
90c9150 xhci: Fix commad ring abort, write all 64 bits to CRCR register.
1235485 vgacon: Propagate console boot parameters before calling `vc_resize'
92b9113 parisc: Fix "make install" on newer debian releases
c27a548 parisc: Fix KBUILD_IMAGE for self-extracting kernel
92f309c x86/entry: Add a fence for kernel entry SWAPGS in paranoid_entry()
4bbbc9c x86/pv: Switch SWAPGS to ALTERNATIVE
4d42b7b sched/uclamp: Fix rq->uclamp_max not set on first enqueue
2015ffa x86/xen: Add xenpv_restore_regs_and_return_to_usermode()
8b9279c x86/entry: Use the correct fence macro after swapgs in kernel CR3
c8e3411 x86/sev: Fix SEV-ES INS/OUTS instructions for word, dword, and qword
64ca109 KVM: VMX: Set failure code in prepare_vmcs02()
60ce9a7 KVM: x86/pmu: Fix reserved bits for AMD PerfEvtSeln register
cfebd5a atlantic: Remove warn trace message.
95f6fae atlantic: Fix statistics logic for production hardware
695d9c6 Remove Half duplex mode speed capabilities.
0c67e7b atlantic: Add missing DIDs and fix 115c.
ca35029 atlantic: Fix to display FW bundle version instead of FW mac version.
93a4f3f atlatnic: enable Nbase-t speeds with base-t
4481211 atlantic: Increase delay for fw transactions
13f290d drm/msm: Do hw_init() before capturing GPU state
d646856 drm/msm/a6xx: Allocate enough space for GMU registers
a792b3d net/smc: Keep smc_close_final rc during active close
e226180 net/rds: correct socket tunable error in rds_tcp_tune()
77731fe net/smc: fix wrong list_del in smc_lgr_cleanup_early
9a40a1e ipv4: convert fib_num_tclassid_users to atomic_t
fa973bf net: annotate data-races on txq->xmit_lock_owner
e26dab7 dpaa2-eth: destroy workqueue at the end of remove function
dde2406 net: marvell: mvpp2: Fix the computation of shared CPUs
3260b8d net: usb: lan78xx: lan78xx_phy_init(): use PHY_POLL instead of "0" if no IRQ is available
acef1c2 ALSA: intel-dsp-config: add quirk for CML devices based on ES8336 codec
60f0b9c rxrpc: Fix rxrpc_local leak in rxrpc_lookup_peer()
35b40f7 rxrpc: Fix rxrpc_peer leak in rxrpc_look_up_bundle()
4afb320 ASoC: tegra: Fix kcontrol put callback in AHUB
fe4eb52 ASoC: tegra: Fix kcontrol put callback in DSPK
256aa15 ASoC: tegra: Fix kcontrol put callback in DMIC
1cf1f9a ASoC: tegra: Fix kcontrol put callback in I2S
0ee53a1 ASoC: tegra: Fix kcontrol put callback in ADMAIF
e6fb4c3 ASoC: tegra: Fix wrong value type in DSPK
0265ef0 ASoC: tegra: Fix wrong value type in DMIC
e66e75f ASoC: tegra: Fix wrong value type in I2S
6b54c0d ASoC: tegra: Fix wrong value type in ADMAIF
932b338 mt76: mt7915: fix NULL pointer dereference in mt7915_get_phy_mode
a0335cd selftests: net: Correct case name
f1d43ef net/mlx4_en: Fix an use-after-free bug in mlx4_en_try_alloc_resources()
59d2dc7 arm64: ftrace: add missing BTIs
ef55f0f siphash: use _unaligned version by default
fd52e1f net: mpls: Fix notifications when deleting a device
15fa12c net: qlogic: qlcnic: Fix a NULL pointer dereference in qlcnic_83xx_add_rings()
c6f340a tcp: fix page frag corruption on page fault
aa6c393 natsemi: xtensa: fix section mismatch warnings
289ee32 i2c: cbus-gpio: set atomic transfer callback
58d5c53 i2c: stm32f7: stop dma transfer in case of NACK
c221244 i2c: stm32f7: recover the bus on access timeout
8de6ea7 i2c: stm32f7: flush TX FIFO upon transfer errors
1c75779 wireguard: ratelimiter: use kvcalloc() instead of kvzalloc()
cb2d7c1 wireguard: receive: drop handshakes if queue lock is contended
8a29a50 wireguard: receive: use ring buffer for incoming handshakes
e3be118 wireguard: device: reset peer src endpoint when netns exits
f7b6672 wireguard: selftests: rename DEBUG_PI_LIST to DEBUG_PLIST
0584bf5 wireguard: selftests: actually test for routing loops
3d1dc3c wireguard: allowedips: add missing __rcu annotation to satisfy sparse
4caf965 wireguard: selftests: increase default dmesg log size
3d73021 tracing/histograms: String compares should not care about signed values
d4af6d9 KVM: X86: Use vcpu->arch.walk_mmu for kvm_mmu_invlpg()
c71b5f3 KVM: arm64: Avoid setting the upper 32 bits of TCR_EL2 and CPTR_EL2 to 1
5f33887 KVM: x86: Use a stable condition around all VT-d PI paths
7722e88 KVM: nVMX: Flush current VPID (L1 vs. L2) for KVM_REQ_TLB_FLUSH_GUEST
6a44f20 KVM: Disallow user memslot with size that exceeds "unsigned long"
775191d drm/amd/display: Allow DSC on supported MST branch devices
209d35e ipv6: fix memory leak in fib6_rule_suppress
16c242b sata_fsl: fix warning in remove_proc_entry when rmmod sata_fsl
4a46b2f sata_fsl: fix UAF in sata_fsl_port_stop when rmmod sata_fsl
4baba6b fget: check that the fd still exists after getting a ref to it
80bfed3 s390/pci: move pseudo-MMIO to prevent MIO overlap
92283c2 cpufreq: Fix get_cpu_device() failure in add_cpu_dev_symlink()
f717f29 ipmi: Move remove_work to dedicated workqueue
de4f5eb rt2x00: do not mark device gone on EPROTO errors during start
c200721 kprobes: Limit max data_size of the kretprobe instances
2a74c13 vrf: Reset IPCB/IP6CB when processing outbound pkts in vrf dev xmit
136cabf ACPI: Add stubs for wakeup handler functions
cc443ac net/smc: Avoid warning of possible recursive locking
ff061b5 perf report: Fix memory leaks around perf_tip()
a4c17eb perf hist: Fix memory leak of a perf_hpp_fmt
d9b7227 perf inject: Fix ARM SPE handling
2c15d2a net: ethernet: dec: tulip: de4x5: fix possible array overflows in type3_infoblock()
f059fa4 net: tulip: de4x5: fix the problem that the array 'lp->phy[8]' may be out of bound
4d5968e ipv6: check return value of ipv6_skip_exthdr
22519ef ethernet: hisilicon: hns: hns_dsaf_misc: fix a possible array overflow in hns_dsaf_ge_srst_by_port()
9a32d3c ata: ahci: Add Green Sardine vendor ID as board_ahci_mobile
c746945 drm/amd/amdgpu: fix potential memleak
74aafe9 drm/amd/amdkfd: Fix kernel panic when reset failed and been triggered again
f0c9f49 scsi: iscsi: Unblock session then wake up error handler
bc8c423 thermal: core: Reset previous low and high trip during thermal zone init
8e4d2ac btrfs: check-integrity: fix a warning on write caching disabled disk
0395722 s390/setup: avoid using memblock_enforce_memory_limit
fd1e70e platform/x86: thinkpad_acpi: Fix WWAN device disabled issue after S3 deep
226b21a platform/x86: thinkpad_acpi: Add support for dual fan control
3fc8866 net: return correct error code
2c514d2 atlantic: Fix OOB read and write in hw_atl_utils_fw_rpc_wait
ff6eeb6 net/smc: Transfer remaining wait queue entries during fallback
e1a1655 mac80211: do not access the IV when it was stripped
c386d7a drm/sun4i: fix unmet dependency on RESET_CONTROLLER for PHY_SUN6I_MIPI_DPHY
57e3697 powerpc/pseries/ddw: Revert "Extend upper limit for huge DMA window for persistent memory"
7b2b7e0 gfs2: Fix length of holes reported at end-of-file
664ccea gfs2: release iopen glock early in evict
bcce010 ovl: fix deadlock in splice write
dca4f9a ovl: simplify file splice
7774dd9 can: j1939: j1939_tp_cmd_recv(): check the dst address of TP.CM_BAM
60ae63e NFSv42: Fix pagecache invalidation after COPY/CLONE

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