github xanmod/linux 5.10.79-xanmod1

2 years ago
  • b943094 Linux 5.10.79-xanmod1
  • 86599cb char/lrng: add power-on and runtime self-tests
  • 67e5a9d char/lrng: add interface for gathering of raw entropy
  • 820217d char/lrng: add SP800-90B compliant health tests
  • a6cb508 char/lrng: add Jitter RNG fast noise source
  • 38e9c61 crypto: move Jitter RNG header include dir
  • 96ccecf char/lrng: add kernel crypto API PRNG extension
  • f78fec5 char/lrng: add SP800-90A DRBG extension
  • 54db821 crypto: drbg: externalize DRBG functions for LRNG
  • 4611e62 char/lrng: add common generic hash support
  • 116d0bc char/lrng: add switchable DRNG support
  • 00c051b char/lrng: CPU entropy source
  • 58fc5a7 char/lrng: allocate one DRNG instance per NUMA node
  • a32b1f8 char/lrng: sysctls and /proc interface
  • 8376d06 char/lrng: IRQ entropy source
  • 1138bdf drivers/char: Introduce the Linux Random Number Generator
  • aee38a5 Merge tag 'v5.10.79' into 5.10
    | * bd816c2 Linux 5.10.79
    | * 62424fe rsi: fix control-message timeout
    | * 8971158 media: staging/intel-ipu3: css: Fix wrong size comparison imgu_css_fw_init
    | * 1cf43e9 staging: rtl8192u: fix control-message timeouts
    | * 9963ba5 staging: r8712u: fix control-message timeout
    | * 844b024 comedi: vmk80xx: fix bulk and interrupt message timeouts
    | * b7fd7f3 comedi: vmk80xx: fix bulk-buffer overflow
    | * 33d7a47 comedi: vmk80xx: fix transfer-buffer overflows
    | * ef143dc comedi: ni_usb6501: fix NULL-deref in command paths
    | * 786f5b0 comedi: dt9812: fix DMA buffers on stack
    | * 86d4aed isofs: Fix out of bound access for corrupted isofs image
    | * c430094 staging: rtl8712: fix use-after-free in rtl8712_dl_fw
    | * ab4af56 printk/console: Allow to disable console output by using console="" or console=null
    | * 07d1db1 binder: don't detect sender/target during buffer cleanup
    | * 42681b9 usb-storage: Add compatibility quirk flags for iODD 2531/2541
    | * 1309753 usb: musb: Balance list entry in musb_gadget_queue
    | * 2740914 usb: gadget: Mark USB_FSL_QE broken on 64-bit
    | * 94e5305 usb: ehci: handshake CMD_RUN instead of STS_HALT
    | * a8db6fd Revert "x86/kvm: fix vcpu-id indexed array sizes"
    | * ecf5865 KVM: x86: avoid warning with -Wbitwise-instead-of-logical
  • f82b18b drivers/char: remove lrng v42

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