github xanmod/linux 5.10.64-xanmod1

2 years ago
  • 4c01fba Linux 5.10.64-xanmod1
  • 5bd79be Merge tag 'v5.10.64' into 5.10
  • cb83afd Linux 5.10.64
  • f72fce5 PCI: Call Max Payload Size-related fixup quirks early
  • 8c04a16 x86/reboot: Limit Dell Optiplex 990 quirk to early BIOS versions
  • 1234849 xhci: fix unsafe memory usage in xhci tracing
  • 3f7f1ba xhci: fix even more unsafe memory usage in xhci tracing
  • 30e6e9f usb: mtu3: fix the wrong HS mult value
  • 8a4439a usb: mtu3: use @mult for HS isoc or intr
  • 1478197 usb: mtu3: restore HS function when set SS/SSP
  • c75e2fd usb: gadget: tegra-xudc: fix the wrong mult value for HS isoc or intr
  • d544c9a usb: host: xhci-rcar: Don't reload firmware after the completion
  • c3fd7b0 ALSA: usb-audio: Add registration quirk for JBL Quantum 800
  • 798679a blk-mq: clearing flush request reference in tags->rqs[]
  • e51ff3f netfilter: nftables: clone set element expression template
  • 36983fc netfilter: nf_tables: initialize set before expression setup
  • 3fda454 netfilter: nftables: avoid potential overflows on 32bit arches
  • cad6239 blk-mq: fix is_flush_rq
  • ceffaa6 blk-mq: fix kernel panic during iterating over flush request
  • bc1b5c5 x86/events/amd/iommu: Fix invalid Perf result due to IOMMU PMC power-gating
  • 554efc9 Revert "r8169: avoid link-up interrupt issue on RTL8106e if user enables ASPM"
  • d24347e tty: drop termiox user definitions
  • 0757a88 net: linux/skbuff.h: combine SKB_EXTENSIONS + KCOV handling
  • 0b62660 serial: 8250: 8250_omap: Fix unused variable warning
  • 7ff0b71 net: kcov: don't select SKB_EXTENSIONS when there is no NET
  • c422599 mm/page_alloc: speed up the iteration of max_order
  • 50e56c6 net: ll_temac: Remove left-over debug message
  • 6e2c4e6 USB: serial: mos7720: improve OOM-handling in read_mos_reg()
  • ddd7e8b igmp: Add ip_mc_list lock in ip_check_mc_rcu

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