github xanmod/linux 5.10.33-xanmod1

2 years ago
  • 01e661f Linux 5.10.33-xanmod1
  • ded0aef MAINTAINERS: Add maintainer entry for zstd
  • 3de4877 x86/kconfig: more uarches for kernel 5.8+
  • 25cb7d4 Merge tag 'v5.10.33' into 5.10
    | * 8bd8301 Linux 5.10.33
    | * 8a661ba USB: CDC-ACM: fix poison/unpoison imbalance
    | * 90642ee net: hso: fix NULL-deref on disconnect regression
    | * 31720f9 x86/crash: Fix crash_setup_memmap_entries() out-of-bounds access
    | * bed21be ia64: tools: remove duplicate definition of ia64_mf() on ia64
    | * ba0910a ia64: fix discontig.c section mismatches
    | * f4a777b csky: change a Kconfig symbol name to fix e1000 build error
    | * 393200a kasan: fix hwasan build for gcc
    | * f2b4628 cavium/liquidio: Fix duplicate argument
    | * 1bfefd8 xen-netback: Check for hotplug-status existence before watching
    | * 509ae27 arm64: kprobes: Restore local irqflag if kprobes is cancelled
    | * da99331 s390/entry: save the caller of psw_idle
    | * d33031a dmaengine: tegra20: Fix runtime PM imbalance on error
    | * 66d0cf7 net: geneve: check skb is large enough for IPv4/IPv6 header
    | * 6ce6443 ARM: dts: Fix swapped mmc order for omap3
    | * db010ba dmaengine: xilinx: dpdma: Fix race condition in done IRQ
    | * e8d9a93 dmaengine: xilinx: dpdma: Fix descriptor issuing on video group
    | * eb2c81e soc: qcom: geni: shield geni_icc_get() for ACPI boot
    | * 8c4bfe3 HID: wacom: Assign boolean values to a bool variable
    | * e913cbc HID cp2112: fix support for multiple gpiochips
    | * f691dc8 HID: alps: fix error return code in alps_input_configured()
    | * 079e327 HID: google: add don USB id
    | * ffe249b perf map: Fix error return code in maps__clone()
    | * 4d0cfb3 perf auxtrace: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference
    | * ab112cc perf/x86/kvm: Fix Broadwell Xeon stepping in isolation_ucodes[]
    | * 6f8315e perf/x86/intel/uncore: Remove uncore extra PCI dev HSWEP_PCI_PCU_3
    | * 82fa9ce locking/qrwlock: Fix ordering in queued_write_lock_slowpath()
    | * b642e49 bpf: Tighten speculative pointer arithmetic mask
    | * 2982ea9 bpf: Refactor and streamline bounds check into helper
    | * f3c4b01 bpf: Allow variable-offset stack access
    | * f79efcb bpf: Permits pointers on stack for helper calls
    | * edc5d16 arm64: dts: allwinner: Revert SD card CD GPIO for Pine64-LTS
    | * 83d93d0 pinctrl: core: Show pin numbers for the controllers with base = 0
    | * fc2454c block: return -EBUSY when there are open partitions in blkdev_reread_part
    | * 2bbd8aa pinctrl: lewisburg: Update number of pins in community
    | * a8cd07e vdpa/mlx5: Set err = -ENOMEM in case dma_map_sg_attrs fails
    | * bf84ef2 KEYS: trusted: Fix TPM reservation for seal/unseal
    | * 9857fcc gpio: omap: Save and restore sysconfig
    | * 7177749 vhost-vdpa: protect concurrent access to vhost device iotlb
  • 1807d6f Revert "x86/kconfig: Enable additional cpu optimizations for gcc v10.1+ kernel v5.8+"

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