github xanmod/linux 5.10.131-rt72-xanmod1

16 months ago

05dbafe Linux 5.10.131-rt72-xanmod1
b625c0c Merge tag 'v5.10.131-rt72' into 5.10-rt
858d4b0 drivers/char: Remove LRNG v43 patchset
708e7c0 Linux 5.10.131-rt72
7675095 Merge tag 'v5.10.131' into v5.10-rt
01a23be Linux 5.10.121-rt71
015f5d6 Merge tag 'v5.10.121' into v5.10-rt
8f95261 Linux 5.10.131
cc5ee0e Revert "mtd: rawnand: gpmi: Fix setting busy timeout setting"
26ae9c3 Linux 5.10.130
8365b15 dmaengine: ti: Add missing put_device in ti_dra7_xbar_route_allocate
37147e2 dmaengine: ti: Fix refcount leak in ti_dra7_xbar_route_allocate
1be247d dmaengine: at_xdma: handle errors of at_xdmac_alloc_desc() correctly
7b721f5 dmaengine: pl330: Fix lockdep warning about non-static key
e23cfb3 ida: don't use BUG_ON() for debugging
37995f0 dt-bindings: dma: allwinner,sun50i-a64-dma: Fix min/max typo
ca4a919 misc: rtsx_usb: set return value in rsp_buf alloc err path
ff79e0c misc: rtsx_usb: use separate command and response buffers
af7d9d4 misc: rtsx_usb: fix use of dma mapped buffer for usb bulk transfer
8688401 dmaengine: imx-sdma: Allow imx8m for imx7 FW revs
9b329ed i2c: cadence: Unregister the clk notifier in error path
26938bd r8169: fix accessing unset transport header
904f622 selftests: forwarding: fix error message in learning_test
9906c22 selftests: forwarding: fix learning_test when h1 supports IFF_UNICAST_FLT
859b889 selftests: forwarding: fix flood_unicast_test when h2 supports IFF_UNICAST_FLT
23cdc57 ibmvnic: Properly dispose of all skbs during a failover.
2b4659c i40e: Fix dropped jumbo frames statistics
5561bdd xsk: Clear page contiguity bit when unmapping pool
87d2bb8 ARM: dts: at91: sama5d2_icp: fix eeprom compatibles
9b7d8e2 ARM: dts: at91: sam9x60ek: fix eeprom compatible and size
ade03e5 ARM: at91: pm: use proper compatibles for sam9x60's rtc and rtt
b40ac80 ARM: at91: pm: use proper compatible for sama5d2's rtc
4c3e73a arm64: dts: qcom: msm8992-*: Fix vdd_lvs1_2-supply typo
1d0c3ce pinctrl: sunxi: sunxi_pconf_set: use correct offset
e1cda2a arm64: dts: imx8mp-evk: correct I2C3 pad settings
2ade1b1 arm64: dts: imx8mp-evk: correct gpio-led pad settings
17b3883 arm64: dts: imx8mp-evk: correct the uart2 pinctl value
43319ee arm64: dts: imx8mp-evk: correct mmc pad settings
6bf74a1 arm64: dts: qcom: msm8994: Fix CPU6/7 reg values
2c0d10c pinctrl: sunxi: a83t: Fix NAND function name for some pins
3d90607 ARM: meson: Fix refcount leak in meson_smp_prepare_cpus
e14930e xfs: remove incorrect ASSERT in xfs_rename
852952e can: kvaser_usb: kvaser_usb_leaf: fix bittiming limits
a741e76 can: kvaser_usb: kvaser_usb_leaf: fix CAN clock frequency regression
f439d08 can: kvaser_usb: replace run-time checks with struct kvaser_usb_driver_info
79af7be powerpc/powernv: delay rng platform device creation until later in boot
1910442 video: of_display_timing.h: include errno.h
96fa24e memregion: Fix memregion_free() fallback definition
d6931bf PM: runtime: Redefine pm_runtime_release_supplier()
cecb806 fbcon: Prevent that screen size is smaller than font size
b727561 fbcon: Disallow setting font bigger than screen size
b812128 fbmem: Check virtual screen sizes in fb_set_var()
d03e8ed fbdev: fbmem: Fix logo center image dx issue
963c80f iommu/vt-d: Fix PCI bus rescan device hot add
0a5e36d netfilter: nf_tables: stricter validation of element data
4a6430b netfilter: nft_set_pipapo: release elements in clone from abort path
4f59d12 net: rose: fix UAF bug caused by rose_t0timer_expiry
0085da9 usbnet: fix memory leak in error case
e917be1 bpf: Fix insufficient bounds propagation from adjust_scalar_min_max_vals
9adec73 bpf: Fix incorrect verifier simulation around jmp32's jeq/jne
d0b8e22 can: gs_usb: gs_usb_open/close(): fix memory leak
b6f4b34 can: grcan: grcan_probe(): remove extra of_node_get()
85cd410 can: bcm: use call_rcu() instead of costly synchronize_rcu()
b75d4be ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for Clevo L140PU
6c32496 mm/slub: add missing TID updates on slab deactivation
7208d12 Linux 5.10.129
0e21ef1 clocksource/drivers/ixp4xx: remove EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL from ixp4xx_timer_setup()
7055e34 net: usb: qmi_wwan: add Telit 0x1070 composition
f1a53bb net: usb: qmi_wwan: add Telit 0x1060 composition
43c8d33 xen/arm: Fix race in RB-tree based P2M accounting
547b7c6 xen-netfront: restore __skb_queue_tail() positioning in xennet_get_responses()
cbbd2d2 xen/blkfront: force data bouncing when backend is untrusted
4923217 xen/netfront: force data bouncing when backend is untrusted
728d68b xen/netfront: fix leaking data in shared pages
cfea428 xen/blkfront: fix leaking data in shared pages
d341e5a selftests/rseq: Change type of rseq_offset to ptrdiff_t
7e61727 selftests/rseq: x86-32: use %gs segment selector for accessing rseq thread area
27f6361 selftests/rseq: x86-64: use %fs segment selector for accessing rseq thread area
a4312e2 selftests/rseq: Fix: work-around asm goto compiler bugs
7e1a0a9 selftests/rseq: Remove arm/mips asm goto compiler work-around
ba4d79a selftests/rseq: Fix warnings about #if checks of undefined tokens
35c6f50 selftests/rseq: Fix ppc32 offsets by using long rather than off_t
dbc1f0e selftests/rseq: Fix ppc32 missing instruction selection "u" and "x" for load/store
d4f631e selftests/rseq: Fix ppc32: wrong rseq_cs 32-bit field pointer on big endian
e85fdae selftests/rseq: Uplift rseq selftests for compatibility with glibc-2.35
c79e564 selftests/rseq: Introduce thread pointer getters
4a78bf8 selftests/rseq: Introduce rseq_get_abi() helper
3c2a416 selftests/rseq: Remove volatile from __rseq_abi
68e1232 selftests/rseq: Remove useless assignment to cpu variable
3e77ed4 selftests/rseq: introduce own copy of rseq uapi header
54cd556 selftests/rseq: remove ARRAY_SIZE define from individual tests
14894cf hwmon: (ibmaem) don't call platform_device_del() if platform_device_add() fails
f72d410 ipv6/sit: fix ipip6_tunnel_get_prl return value
25055da sit: use min
652fd40 drivers: cpufreq: Add missing of_node_put() in qoriq-cpufreq.c
7996302 xen/gntdev: Avoid blocking in unmap_grant_pages()
5f614f5 tcp: add a missing nf_reset_ct() in 3WHS handling
9203dfb xfs: fix xfs_reflink_unshare usage of filemap_write_and_wait_range
f874e16 xfs: update superblock counters correctly for !lazysbcount
7ab7458 xfs: fix xfs_trans slab cache name
f12968a xfs: ensure xfs_errortag_random_default matches XFS_ERRTAG_MAX
da61388 xfs: Skip repetitive warnings about mount options
6b7dab8 xfs: rename variable mp to parsing_mp
b261cd0 xfs: use current->journal_info for detecting transaction recursion
c36d41b net: tun: avoid disabling NAPI twice
59c51c3 tunnels: do not assume mac header is set in skb_tunnel_check_pmtu()
c9fc52c io_uring: ensure that send/sendmsg and recv/recvmsg check sqe->ioprio
b8def02 epic100: fix use after free on rmmod
456bc33 tipc: move bc link creation back to tipc_node_create
09f9946 NFC: nxp-nci: Don't issue a zero length i2c_master_read()
7d36336 nfc: nfcmrvl: Fix irq_of_parse_and_map() return value
63b2fe5 net: bonding: fix use-after-free after 802.3ad slave unbind
7597ed3 net: bonding: fix possible NULL deref in rlb code
ac12337 net/sched: act_api: Notify user space if any actions were flushed before error
91d3bb8 netfilter: nft_dynset: restore set element counter when failing to update
4b480a7 s390: remove unneeded 'select BUILD_BIN2C'
e65027f PM / devfreq: exynos-ppmu: Fix refcount leak in of_get_devfreq_events
653bdcd caif_virtio: fix race between virtio_device_ready() and ndo_open()
208ff79 NFSD: restore EINVAL error translation in nfsd_commit()
db82bb6 net: ipv6: unexport __init-annotated seg6_hmac_net_init()
eb1757c usbnet: fix memory allocation in helpers
fae2a9f linux/dim: Fix divide by 0 in RDMA DIM
b0cab8b RDMA/cm: Fix memory leak in ib_cm_insert_listen
9de276d RDMA/qedr: Fix reporting QP timeout attribute
a42bd00 net: dp83822: disable rx error interrupt
9c06d84 net: dp83822: disable false carrier interrupt
c70ca16 net: tun: stop NAPI when detaching queues
bec1be0 net: tun: unlink NAPI from device on destruction
0b2499c net: dsa: bcm_sf2: force pause link settings
3f55912 selftests/net: pass ipv6_args to udpgso_bench's IPv6 TCP test
f7b8fb4 virtio-net: fix race between ndo_open() and virtio_device_ready()
c0a28f2 net: usb: ax88179_178a: Fix packet receiving
8f74cb2 net: rose: fix UAF bugs caused by timer handler
6a0b951 SUNRPC: Fix READ_PLUS crasher
ed03a65 s390/archrandom: simplify back to earlier design and initialize earlier
d8bca51 dm raid: fix KASAN warning in raid5_add_disks
9bf2b07 dm raid: fix accesses beyond end of raid member array
213c550 powerpc/bpf: Fix use of user_pt_regs in uapi
68a34e4 powerpc/book3e: Fix PUD allocation size in map_kernel_page()
e188bbd powerpc/prom_init: Fix kernel config grep
e6a7d30 nvdimm: Fix badblocks clear off-by-one error
0b99c4a nvme-pci: add NVME_QUIRK_BOGUS_NID for ADATA XPG SX6000LNP (AKA SPECTRIX S40G)
e778041 ipv6: take care of disable_policy when restoring routes
03b9e01 drm/amdgpu: To flush tlb for MMHUB of RAVEN series
ea86c14 Linux 5.10.128
2d10984 net: mscc: ocelot: allow unregistered IP multicast flooding
6a65628 powerpc/ftrace: Remove ftrace init tramp once kernel init is complete
6b734f7 xfs: check sb_meta_uuid for dabuf buffer recovery
071e750 xfs: remove all COW fork extents when remounting readonly
1e76bd4 xfs: Fix the free logic of state in xfs_attr_node_hasname
0cdccc0 xfs: punch out data fork delalloc blocks on COW writeback failure
db3f811 xfs: use kmem_cache_free() for kmem_cache objects
09c9902 bcache: memset on stack variables in bch_btree_check() and bch_sectors_dirty_init()
c4ff3ff tick/nohz: unexport __init-annotated tick_nohz_full_setup()
069fff5 drm: remove drm_fb_helper_modinit
52dc7f3 MAINTAINERS: add Amir as xfs maintainer for 5.10.y
deb587b Linux 5.10.127
1cca46c powerpc/pseries: wire up rng during setup_arch()
95d73d5 kbuild: link vmlinux only once for CONFIG_TRIM_UNUSED_KSYMS (2nd attempt)
feb5ab7 random: update comment from copy_to_user() -> copy_to_iter()
959bbaf modpost: fix section mismatch check for exported init/exit sections
c980392 ARM: cns3xxx: Fix refcount leak in cns3xxx_init
889aad2 memory: samsung: exynos5422-dmc: Fix refcount leak in of_get_dram_timings
44a5b3a ARM: Fix refcount leak in axxia_boot_secondary
30bbfeb soc: bcm: brcmstb: pm: pm-arm: Fix refcount leak in brcmstb_pm_probe
68f28d5 ARM: exynos: Fix refcount leak in exynos_map_pmu
59fdf10 ARM: dts: imx6qdl: correct PU regulator ramp delay
fb70bd8 ARM: dts: imx7: Move hsic_phy power domain to HSIC PHY node
f78acc4 powerpc/powernv: wire up rng during setup_arch
7db1ba6 powerpc/rtas: Allow ibm,platform-dump RTAS call with null buffer address
1f5a920 powerpc: Enable execve syscall exit tracepoint
ca14491 parisc: Enable ARCH_HAS_STRICT_MODULE_RWX
a1c9023 parisc/stifb: Fix fb_is_primary_device() only available with CONFIG_FB_STI
af0ff2d xtensa: Fix refcount leak bug in time.c
6c0839c xtensa: xtfpga: Fix refcount leak bug in setup
501652a iio: adc: adi-axi-adc: Fix refcount leak in adi_axi_adc_attach_client
d40514d iio: adc: axp288: Override TS pin bias current for some models
d579c89 iio: adc: stm32: Fix IRQs on STM32F4 by removing custom spurious IRQs message
62284d4 iio: adc: stm32: Fix ADCs iteration in irq handler
e3ebb9d iio: imu: inv_icm42600: Fix broken icm42600 (chip id 0 value)
3e0af68 iio: adc: stm32: fix maximum clock rate for stm32mp15x
b07a30a iio: trigger: sysfs: fix use-after-free on remove
399788e iio: gyro: mpu3050: Fix the error handling in mpu3050_power_up()
c1ec7d5 iio: accel: mma8452: ignore the return value of reset operation
42caf44 iio:accel:mxc4005: rearrange iio trigger get and register
e26dcf6 iio:accel:bma180: rearrange iio trigger get and register
f26379e iio:chemical:ccs811: rearrange iio trigger get and register
4b6cdcf f2fs: attach inline_data after setting compression
2d7bdb6 usb: chipidea: udc: check request status before setting device address
656eca3 USB: gadget: Fix double-free bug in raw_gadget driver
5460410 usb: gadget: Fix non-unique driver names in raw-gadget driver
d87dec2 xhci-pci: Allow host runtime PM as default for Intel Meteor Lake xHCI
114080d xhci-pci: Allow host runtime PM as default for Intel Raptor Lake xHCI
b8142a8 xhci: turn off port power in shutdown
116c3e8 usb: typec: wcove: Drop wrong dependency to INTEL_SOC_PMIC
a547662 iio: adc: vf610: fix conversion mode sysfs node name
58c3a27 iio: mma8452: fix probe fail when device tree compatible is used.
5ee016f s390/cpumf: Handle events cycles and instructions identical
abe487a gpio: winbond: Fix error code in winbond_gpio_get()
30531e0 nvme: move the Samsung X5 quirk entry to the core quirks
169f7d7 nvme-pci: add NO APST quirk for Kioxia device
938f594 nvme-pci: allocate nvme_command within driver pdu
ba388d4 nvme: don't check nvme_req flags for new req
e7ccaa1 nvme: mark nvme_setup_passsthru() inline
3ee62a1 nvme: split nvme_alloc_request()
fe06c69 nvme: centralize setting the timeout in nvme_alloc_request
afbc954 Revert "net/tls: fix tls_sk_proto_close executed repeatedly"
340fbdc virtio_net: fix xdp_rxq_info bug after suspend/resume
3bccf82 igb: Make DMA faster when CPU is active on the PCIe link
7d74503 regmap-irq: Fix a bug in regmap_irq_enable() for type_in_mask chips
40b3815 ice: ethtool: advertise 1000M speeds properly
7b564e3 afs: Fix dynamic root getattr
3c22192 MIPS: Remove repetitive increase irq_err_count
cc649a7 x86/xen: Remove undefined behavior in setup_features()
b60c375 selftests: netfilter: correct PKTGEN_SCRIPT_PATHS in
20119c1 udmabuf: add back sanity check
e82376b net/tls: fix tls_sk_proto_close executed repeatedly
cec9867 erspan: do not assume transport header is always set
acf7612 drm/msm/dp: fix connect/disconnect handled at irq_hpd
61f8f40 drm/msm/dp: promote irq_hpd handle to handle link training correctly
d11cb08 drm/msm/dp: deinitialize mainlink if link training failed
3d67cb0 drm/msm/dp: fixes wrong connection state caused by failure of link train
efb2b69 drm/msm/dp: check core_initialized before disable interrupts at dp_display_unbind()
d16a433 drm/msm/mdp4: Fix refcount leak in mdp4_modeset_init_intf
363fd6e net/sched: sch_netem: Fix arithmetic in netem_dump() for 32-bit platforms
2e3216b bonding: ARP monitor spams NETDEV_NOTIFY_PEERS notifiers
c12a2c9 igb: fix a use-after-free issue in igb_clean_tx_ring
361c552 tipc: fix use-after-free Read in tipc_named_reinit
f299d3f tipc: simplify the finalize work queue
ab7f565 phy: aquantia: Fix AN when higher speeds than 1G are not advertised
a51c199 bpf, x86: Fix tail call count offset calculation on bpf2bpf call
4ae1164 drm/sun4i: Fix crash during suspend after component bind failure
516760f bpf: Fix request_sock leak in sk lookup helpers
505a375 drm/msm: use for_each_sgtable_sg to iterate over scatterlist
10eb239 scsi: scsi_debug: Fix zone transition to full condition
15cc30a netfilter: use get_random_u32 instead of prandom
95f80c8 netfilter: nftables: add nft_parse_register_store() and use it
ec9b0a8 netfilter: nftables: add nft_parse_register_load() and use it
8adedb4 drm/msm: Fix double pm_runtime_disable() call
8682335 USB: serial: option: add Quectel RM500K module support
9e6e063 USB: serial: option: add Quectel EM05-G modem
0b3006a USB: serial: option: add Telit LE910Cx 0x1250 composition
f6a266e dm mirror log: clear log bits up to BITS_PER_LONG boundary
03d1874 dm era: commit metadata in postsuspend after worker stops
273106c ata: libata: add qc->flags in ata_qc_complete_template tracepoint
156427b mtd: rawnand: gpmi: Fix setting busy timeout setting
07e5688 mmc: sdhci-pci-o2micro: Fix card detect by dealing with debouncing
0ae82e1 btrfs: add error messages to all unrecognized mount options
49e3e44 net: openvswitch: fix parsing of nw_proto for IPv6 fragments
1508658 ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for Clevo NS50PU
6e8e503 ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for Clevo PD70PNT
8030745 ALSA: hda/realtek: Apply fixup for Lenovo Yoga Duet 7 properly
7fcbc89 ALSA: hda/realtek - ALC897 headset MIC no sound
f5ea433 ALSA: hda/realtek: Add mute LED quirk for HP Omen laptop
6437329 ALSA: hda/conexant: Fix missing beep setup
12a6be5 ALSA: hda/via: Fix missing beep setup
5e80f92 random: quiet urandom warning ratelimit suppression message
310ebbd random: schedule mix_interrupt_randomness() less often
3acb7dc vt: drop old FONT ioctls
9cae50b Linux 5.10.126
fb2fbb3 io_uring: use separate list entry for iopoll requests
6a7c3bc Linux 5.10.125
df3f3bb io_uring: add missing item types for various requests
1a264b3 arm64: mm: Don't invalidate FROM_DEVICE buffers at start of DMA transfer
a1508d1 serial: core: Initialize rs485 RTS polarity already on probe
7ccb026 tcp: drop the hash_32() part from the index calculation
9429b75 tcp: increase source port perturb table to 2^16
24b922a tcp: dynamically allocate the perturb table used by source ports
d28e64b tcp: add small random increments to the source port
dd46a86 tcp: use different parts of the port_offset for index and offset
743acb5 tcp: add some entropy in __inet_hash_connect()
16b1994 usb: gadget: u_ether: fix regression in setting fixed MAC address
355be61 zonefs: fix zonefs_iomap_begin() for reads
ee4677b s390/mm: use non-quiescing sske for KVM switch to keyed guest
4f3fee7 Linux 5.10.124
e0b6018 clk: imx8mp: fix usb_root_clk parent
a3e5050 powerpc/book3e: get rid of #include <generated/compile.h>
ff4443f igc: Enable PCIe PTM
f0a7adf Revert "PCI: Make pci_enable_ptm() private"
e1513a7 net: openvswitch: fix misuse of the cached connection on tuple changes
09b55dc net/sched: act_police: more accurate MTU policing
73bc8a5 dma-direct: don't over-decrypt memory
aa9a001 virtio-pci: Remove wrong address verification in vp_del_vqs()
be98641 ALSA: hda/realtek: fix right sounds and mute/micmute LEDs for HP machine
401bef1 KVM: SVM: Use kzalloc for sev ioctl interfaces to prevent kernel data leak
d6be031 KVM: x86: Account a variety of miscellaneous allocations
d74d786 KVM: arm64: Don't read a HW interrupt pending state in user context
bfd004a ext4: add reserved GDT blocks check
0ca74da ext4: make variable "count" signed
6fdaf31 ext4: fix bug_on ext4_mb_use_inode_pa
e27430c drm/amd/display: Cap OLED brightness per max frame-average luminance
ba751f0 dm mirror log: round up region bitmap size to BITS_PER_LONG
33ba363 serial: 8250: Store to lsr_save_flags after lsr read
57901c6 usb: gadget: lpc32xx_udc: Fix refcount leak in lpc32xx_udc_probe
a44a8a7 usb: dwc2: Fix memory leak in dwc2_hcd_init
791da3e USB: serial: io_ti: add Agilent E5805A support
0e13274 USB: serial: option: add support for Cinterion MV31 with new baseline
d721986 crypto: memneq - move into lib/
308b8f3 comedi: vmk80xx: fix expression for tx buffer size
9308be3 mei: me: add raptor lake point S DID
9ea9c92 i2c: designware: Use standard optional ref clock implementation
506a88a irqchip/gic-v3: Fix refcount leak in gic_populate_ppi_partitions
7c9dd9d irqchip/gic-v3: Fix error handling in gic_populate_ppi_partitions
e52a58b irqchip/gic/realview: Fix refcount leak in realview_gic_of_init
716587a i2c: npcm7xx: Add check for platform_driver_register
b559ef9 faddr2line: Fix overlapping text section failures, the sequel
7fa28a7 block: Fix handling of offline queues in blk_mq_alloc_request_hctx()
2d825fb certs/blacklist_hashes.c: fix const confusion in certs blacklist
bc28fde arm64: ftrace: consistently handle PLTs.
e177f17 arm64: ftrace: fix branch range checks
6407238 net: ax25: Fix deadlock caused by skb_recv_datagram in ax25_recvmsg
28069e0 net: bgmac: Fix an erroneous kfree() in bgmac_remove()
984793f mlxsw: spectrum_cnt: Reorder counter pools
b90ae84 nvme: add device name to warning in uuid_show()
42f7cbe nvme: use sysfs_emit instead of sprintf
63b26fe drm/i915/reset: Fix error_state_read ptr + offset use
2b21804 misc: atmel-ssc: Fix IRQ check in ssc_probe
65ca4db tty: goldfish: Fix free_irq() on remove
5334455 Drivers: hv: vmbus: Release cpu lock in error case
8140929 i40e: Fix call trace in setup_tx_descriptors
43dfd11 i40e: Fix calculating the number of queue pairs
ef4d73d i40e: Fix adding ADQ filter to TC0
db965e2 clocksource: hyper-v: unexport __init-annotated hv_init_clocksource()
8acc3e2 pNFS: Avoid a live lock condition in pnfs_update_layout()
03ea833 pNFS: Don't keep retrying if the server replied NFS4ERR_LAYOUTUNAVAILABLE
4603a37 random: credit cpu and bootloader seeds by default
9d66734 gpio: dwapb: Don't print error on -EPROBE_DEFER
f3c8bfd MIPS: Loongson-3: fix compile mips cpu_hwmon as module build error.
85340c0 mellanox: mlx5: avoid uninitialized variable warning with gcc-12
38c519d net: ethernet: mtk_eth_soc: fix misuse of mem alloc interface netdev[napi]_alloc_frag
b8879ca ipv6: Fix signed integer overflow in l2tp_ip6_sendmsg
0eeec1a nfc: nfcmrvl: Fix memory leak in nfcmrvl_play_deferred
6c18f47 virtio-mmio: fix missing put_device() when vm_cmdline_parent registration failed
d539feb ALSA: hda/realtek - Add HW8326 support
16dd002 scsi: pmcraid: Fix missing resource cleanup in error case
410b692 scsi: ipr: Fix missing/incorrect resource cleanup in error case
85acc5b scsi: lpfc: Allow reduced polling rate for nvme_admin_async_event cmd completion
916145b scsi: lpfc: Fix port stuck in bypassed state after LIP in PT2PT topology
f416fee scsi: vmw_pvscsi: Expand vcpuHint to 16 bits
0e9994b Input: soc_button_array - also add Lenovo Yoga Tablet2 1051F to dmi_use_low_level_irq
2e640e5 ASoC: wm_adsp: Fix event generation for wm_adsp_fw_put()
a572c74 ASoC: es8328: Fix event generation for deemphasis control
c7b8c37 ASoC: wm8962: Fix suspend while playing music
8656623 quota: Prevent memory allocation recursion while holding dq_lock
36cd19e ata: libata-core: fix NULL pointer deref in ata_host_alloc_pinfo()
440b2a6 ASoC: cs42l51: Correct minimum value for SX volume control
f93d8fe ASoC: cs42l56: Correct typo in minimum level for SX volume controls
13e5b76 ASoC: cs42l52: Correct TLV for Bypass Volume
b8a47bc ASoC: cs53l30: Correct number of volume levels on SX controls
70e3558 ASoC: cs35l36: Update digital volume TLV
cb6a0b8 ASoC: cs42l52: Fix TLV scales for mixer controls
d7be05a dma-debug: make things less spammy under memory pressure
1b54c00 ASoC: nau8822: Add operation for internal PLL off and on
2c9548b powerpc/kasan: Silence KASAN warnings in __get_wchan()
b5699bf arm64: dts: imx8mm-beacon: Enable RTS-CTS on UART3
28bbdca bpf: Fix incorrect memory charge cost calculation in stack_map_alloc()
f14816f nfsd: Replace use of rwsem with errseq_t
56a7f57 9p: missing chunk of "fs/9p: Don't update file type when updating file attributes"
2a59239 Linux 5.10.123
aa238a9 x86/speculation/mmio: Print SMT warning
bde15fd KVM: x86/speculation: Disable Fill buffer clear within guests
6df693d x86/speculation/mmio: Reuse SRBDS mitigation for SBDS
cf1c01a x86/speculation/srbds: Update SRBDS mitigation selection
001415e x86/speculation/mmio: Add sysfs reporting for Processor MMIO Stale Data
3eb1180 x86/speculation/mmio: Enable CPU Fill buffer clearing on idle
56f0bca x86/bugs: Group MDS, TAA & Processor MMIO Stale Data mitigations
26f6f23 x86/speculation/mmio: Add mitigation for Processor MMIO Stale Data
f83d4e5 x86/speculation: Add a common function for MD_CLEAR mitigation update
e66310b x86/speculation/mmio: Enumerate Processor MMIO Stale Data bug
f8a8533 Documentation: Add documentation for Processor MMIO Stale Data
5754c57 Linux 5.10.122
9ba2b4a tcp: fix tcp_mtup_probe_success vs wrong snd_cwnd
5e34b49 dmaengine: idxd: add missing callback function to support DMA_INTERRUPT
b8c1712 zonefs: fix handling of explicit_open option on mount
ef51997 PCI: qcom: Fix pipe clock imbalance
63bcb9d md/raid0: Ignore RAID0 layout if the second zone has only one device
418db40 interconnect: Restore sync state by ignoring ipa-virt in provider count
bcae8f8 interconnect: qcom: sc7180: Drop IP0 interconnects
fe6caf5 powerpc/mm: Switch obsolete dssall to .long
3be74fc powerpc/32: Fix overread/overwrite of thread_struct via ptrace
fa0d3d7 drm/atomic: Force bridge self-refresh-exit on CRTC switch
dbe04e8 drm/bridge: analogix_dp: Support PSR-exit to disable transition
61297ee Input: bcm5974 - set missing URB_NO_TRANSFER_DMA_MAP urb flag
2dba96d ixgbe: fix unexpected VLAN Rx in promisc mode on VF
91620cd ixgbe: fix bcast packets Rx on VF after promisc removal
cdd9227 nfc: st21nfca: fix incorrect sizing calculations in EVT_TRANSACTION
5442364 nfc: st21nfca: fix memory leaks in EVT_TRANSACTION handling
4f0a2c4 nfc: st21nfca: fix incorrect validating logic in EVT_TRANSACTION
c4e4c07 net: phy: dp83867: retrigger SGMII AN when link change
133c987 mmc: block: Fix CQE recovery reset success
0248a8c ata: libata-transport: fix {dma|pio|xfer}_mode sysfs files
471a413 cifs: fix reconnect on smb3 mount types
9023ecf cifs: return errors during session setup during reconnects
b423cd2 ALSA: hda/realtek: Fix for quirk to enable speaker output on the Lenovo Yoga DuetITL 2021
94bd216 ALSA: hda/conexant - Fix loopback issue with CX20632
13639c9 scripts/gdb: change kernel config dumping method
b6ea268 vringh: Fix loop descriptors check in the indirect cases
362e3b3 nodemask: Fix return values to be unsigned
a262e12 cifs: version operations for smb20 unneeded when legacy support disabled
01137d8 s390/gmap: voluntarily schedule during key setting
f72df77 nbd: fix io hung while disconnecting device
122e4ad nbd: fix race between nbd_alloc_config() and module removal
c0868f6 nbd: call genl_unregister_family() first in nbd_cleanup()
cb8da20 jump_label,noinstr: Avoid instrumentation for JUMP_LABEL=n builds
320acaf x86/cpu: Elide KCSAN for cpu_has() and friends
8287687 modpost: fix undefined behavior of is_arm_mapping_symbol()
fee8ae0 drm/radeon: fix a possible null pointer dereference
3e57686 ceph: allow ceph.dir.rctime xattr to be updatable
7fa8312 Revert "net: af_key: add check for pfkey_broadcast in function pfkey_process"
ebfe279 scsi: myrb: Fix up null pointer access on myrb_cleanup()
7eb32f2 md: protect md_unregister_thread from reentrancy
668c3f9 watchdog: wdat_wdt: Stop watchdog when rebooting the system
e20bc8b kernfs: Separate kernfs_pr_cont_buf and rename_lock.
1e3b3a5 serial: msm_serial: disable interrupts in __msm_console_write()
ff727ab staging: rtl8712: fix uninit-value in r871xu_drv_init()
33ef21d staging: rtl8712: fix uninit-value in usb_read8() and friends
f3f754d clocksource/drivers/sp804: Avoid error on multiple instances
abf3b22 extcon: Modify extcon device to be created after driver data is set
41ec946 misc: rtsx: set NULL intfdata when probe fails
5b0c029 usb: dwc2: gadget: don't reset gadget's driver->bus
468fe95 sysrq: do not omit current cpu when showing backtrace of all active CPUs
f4cb247 USB: hcd-pci: Fully suspend across freeze/thaw cycle
ffe9440 drivers: usb: host: Fix deadlock in oxu_bus_suspend()
6e2273e drivers: tty: serial: Fix deadlock in sa1100_set_termios()
ee10503 USB: host: isp116x: check return value after calling platform_get_resource()
0f69d7d drivers: staging: rtl8192e: Fix deadlock in rtllib_beacons_stop()
66f7697 drivers: staging: rtl8192u: Fix deadlock in ieee80211_beacons_stop()
cb7147a tty: Fix a possible resource leak in icom_probe
d68d5e6 tty: synclink_gt: Fix null-pointer-dereference in slgt_clean()
61ca1b9 lkdtm/usercopy: Expand size of "out of frame" object
7821d74 iio: st_sensors: Add a local lock for protecting odr
5a89a92 staging: rtl8712: fix a potential memory leak in r871xu_drv_init()
8caa4b7 iio: dummy: iio_simple_dummy: check the return value of kstrdup()
f091e29 drm: imx: fix compiler warning with gcc-12
96bf5ed net: altera: Fix refcount leak in altera_tse_mdio_create
fbeb8df ip_gre: test csum_start instead of transport header
1981cd7 net/mlx5: fs, fail conflicting actions
652418d net/mlx5: Rearm the FW tracer after each tracer event
5d9c1b0 net: ipv6: unexport __init-annotated seg6_hmac_init()
be3884d net: xfrm: unexport __init-annotated xfrm4_protocol_init()
7759c32 net: mdio: unexport __init-annotated mdio_bus_init()
b585b87 SUNRPC: Fix the calculation of xdr->end in xdr_get_next_encode_buffer()
3d8122e net/mlx4_en: Fix wrong return value on ioctl EEPROM query failure
c2ae49a net: dsa: lantiq_gswip: Fix refcount leak in gswip_gphy_fw_list
0cf7aaf bpf, arm64: Clear prog->jited_len along prog->jited
c618485 af_unix: Fix a data-race in unix_dgram_peer_wake_me().
be9581f xen: unexport __init-annotated xen_xlate_map_ballooned_pages()
86c87d2 netfilter: nf_tables: bail out early if hardware offload is not supported
330c0c6 netfilter: nf_tables: memleak flow rule from commit path
67e2d44 netfilter: nf_tables: release new hooks on unsupported flowtable flags
19cb3ec ata: pata_octeon_cf: Fix refcount leak in octeon_cf_probe
ec55480 netfilter: nf_tables: always initialize flowtable hook list in transaction
7fd03e3 powerpc/kasan: Force thread size increase with KASAN
7a248f9 netfilter: nf_tables: delete flowtable hooks via transaction list
9edafbc netfilter: nat: really support inet nat without l3 address
8dbae5a xprtrdma: treat all calls not a bcall when bc_serv is NULL
8b3d5ba video: fbdev: pxa3xx-gcu: release the resources correctly in pxa3xx_gcu_probe/remove()
c09b873 video: fbdev: hyperv_fb: Allow resolutions with size > 64 MB for Gen1
0ee5b96 NFSv4: Don't hold the layoutget locks across multiple RPC calls
95a0ba8 dmaengine: zynqmp_dma: In struct zynqmp_dma_chan fix desc_size data type
2c08cae m68knommu: fix undefined reference to 'init_sp'
d99f04d m68knommu: set ZERO_PAGE() to the allocated zeroed page
344a55c i2c: cadence: Increase timeout per message if necessary
32bea51 f2fs: remove WARN_ON in f2fs_is_valid_blkaddr
54c1e0e iommu/arm-smmu-v3: check return value after calling platform_get_resource()
3660db2 iommu/arm-smmu: fix possible null-ptr-deref in arm_smmu_device_probe()
9e801c8 tracing: Avoid adding tracer option before update_tracer_options
1788e6d tracing: Fix sleeping function called from invalid context on RT kernel
2f452a3 bootconfig: Make the bootconfig.o as a normal object file
c667b38 mips: cpc: Fix refcount leak in mips_cpc_default_phys_base
76b226e dmaengine: idxd: set DMA_INTERRUPT cap bit
32be2b8 perf c2c: Fix sorting in percent_rmt_hitm_cmp()
71cbce7 driver core: Fix wait_for_device_probe() & deferred_probe_timeout interaction
b8fac8e tipc: check attribute length for bearer name
c1f0187 scsi: sd: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference
d2e297e afs: Fix infinite loop found by xfstest generic/676
04622d6 gpio: pca953x: use the correct register address to do regcache sync
0a0f7f8 tcp: tcp_rtx_synack() can be called from process context
e05dd93 net: sched: add barrier to fix packet stuck problem for lockless qdisc
e9fe72b net/mlx5e: Update netdev features after changing XDP state
b50eef7 net/mlx5: correct ECE offset in query qp output
ea5edd0 net/mlx5: Don't use already freed action pointer
bf2af9b sfc: fix wrong tx channel offset with efx_separate_tx_channels
8f81a41 sfc: fix considering that all channels have TX queues
7ac3a03 nfp: only report pause frame configuration for physical device
630e0a1 net/smc: fixes for converting from "struct smc_cdc_tx_pend " to "struct smc_wr_tx_pend_priv "
b97550e riscv: read-only pages should not be writable
8f49e16 bpf: Fix probe read error in ___bpf_prog_run()
6d8d3f6 ubi: ubi_create_volume: Fix use-after-free when volume creation failed
f413e4d ubi: fastmap: Fix high cpu usage of ubi_bgt by making sure wl_pool not empty
3252d32 jffs2: fix memory leak in jffs2_do_fill_super
741e49e modpost: fix removing numeric suffixes
42658e4 net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: Fix refcount leak in mv88e6xxx_mdios_register
f7ba2cc net: ethernet: ti: am65-cpsw-nuss: Fix some refcount leaks
71ae306 net: ethernet: mtk_eth_soc: out of bounds read in mtk_hwlro_get_fdir_entry()
503a3fd net: sched: fixed barrier to prevent skbuff sticking in qdisc backlog
ee89d7f s390/crypto: fix scatterwalk_unmap() callers in AES-GCM
e892a7e clocksource/drivers/oxnas-rps: Fix irq_of_parse_and_map() return value
1d73616 ASoC: fsl_sai: Fix FSL_SAI_xDR/xFR definition
910b1cd watchdog: ts4800_wdt: Fix refcount leak in ts4800_wdt_probe
b3354f2 watchdog: rti-wdt: Fix pm_runtime_get_sync() error checking
36ee9ff driver core: fix deadlock in _device_attach
823f24f driver: base: fix UAF when driver_attach failed
7a6337b bus: ti-sysc: Fix warnings for unbind for serial
985706b firmware: dmi-sysfs: Fix memory leak in dmi_sysfs_register_handle
94acaaa serial: stm32-usart: Correct CSIZE, bits, and parity
b7e560d serial: st-asc: Sanitize CSIZE and correct PARENB for CS7
afcfc31 serial: sifive: Sanitize CSIZE and c_iflag
a9f6bee serial: sh-sci: Don't allow CS5-6
00456b9 serial: txx9: Don't allow CS5-6
22e9757 serial: rda-uart: Don't allow CS5-6
ff4ce29 serial: digicolor-usart: Don't allow CS5-6
5cd331b serial: 8250_fintek: Check SER_RS485_RTS
only with RS485
260792d serial: meson: acquire port->lock in startup()
82bfea3 rtc: mt6397: check return value after calling platform_get_resource()
d54a51b clocksource/drivers/riscv: Events are stopped during CPU suspend
5b3e990 soc: rockchip: Fix refcount leak in rockchip_grf_init
cfe8a09 extcon: ptn5150: Add queue work sync before driver release
96414e2 coresight: cpu-debug: Replace mutex with mutex_trylock on panic notifier
47ebc50 serial: sifive: Report actual baud base rather than fixed 115200
ab35308 phy: qcom-qmp: fix pipe-clock imbalance on power-on failure
52f327a rpmsg: qcom_smd: Fix returning 0 if irq_of_parse_and_map() fails
c10333c iio: adc: sc27xx: Fine tune the scale calibration values
3747429 iio: adc: sc27xx: fix read big scale voltage not right
b30f231 iio: proximity: vl53l0x: Fix return value check of wait_for_completion_timeout
43823ce iio: adc: stmpe-adc: Fix wait_for_completion_timeout return value check
6f01c0f usb: typec: mux: Check dev_set_name() return value
7027c89 firmware: stratix10-svc: fix a missing check on list iterator
70ece3c misc: fastrpc: fix an incorrect NULL check on list iterator
2a1bf8e usb: dwc3: pci: Fix pm_runtime_get_sync() error checking
8ae4fed rpmsg: qcom_smd: Fix irq_of_parse_and_map() return value
572211d pwm: lp3943: Fix duty calculation in case period was clamped
f9782b2 staging: fieldbus: Fix the error handling path in anybuss_host_common_probe()
b382c0c usb: musb: Fix missing of_node_put() in omap2430_probe
6b7cf22 USB: storage: karma: fix rio_karma_init return
e100742 usb: usbip: add missing device lock on tweak configuration cmd
bcbb795 usb: usbip: fix a refcount leak in stub_probe()
4e3a2d7 tty: serial: fsl_lpuart: fix potential bug when using both of_alias_get_id and ida_simple_get
e27376f tty: n_tty: Restore EOF push handling behavior
11bc6ef tty: serial: owl: Fix missing clk_disable_unprepare() in owl_uart_probe
ee6c33b tty: goldfish: Use tty_port_destroy() to destroy port
56ac04f lkdtm/bugs: Check for the NULL pointer after calling kmalloc
03efa70 iio: adc: ad7124: Remove shift from scan_type
4610b06 staging: greybus: codecs: fix type confusion of list iterator variable
1509d23 pcmcia: db1xxx_ss: restrict to MIPS_DB1XXX boards
00d0d91 Linux 5.10.120-rt70
a788888 Merge tag 'v5.10.120' into v5.10-rt
f5dc729 Linux 5.10.119-rt69
edbca35 Merge tag 'v5.10.119' into v5.10-rt
e2e52b4 Linux 5.10.121
47c1680 md: bcache: check the return value of kzalloc() in detached_dev_do_request()
a67100f ext4: only allow test_dummy_encryption when supported
96662c7 MIPS: IP30: Remove incorrect 'cpu_has_fpu' override
57e5615 MIPS: IP27: Remove incorrect 'cpu_has_fpu' override
bb55ca1 RDMA/rxe: Generate a completion for unsupported/invalid opcode
7226894 Revert "random: use static branch for crng_ready()"
6b03dc6 block: fix bio_clone_blkg_association() to associate with proper blkcg_gq
51f724b bfq: Make sure bfqg for which we are queueing requests is online
0285718 bfq: Get rid of __bio_blkcg() usage
80b0a2b bfq: Remove pointless bfq_init_rq() calls
13599aa bfq: Drop pointless unlock-lock pair
7d172b9 bfq: Avoid merging queues with different parents
54cdc10 thermal/core: Fix memory leak in the error path
b132aba thermal/core: fix a UAF bug in __thermal_cooling_device_register()
ec1378f kseltest/cgroup: Make work if run interactively
82b2b60 xfs: assert in xfs_btree_del_cursor should take into account error
f1916a8 xfs: consider shutdown in bmapbt cursor delete assert
e3ffe73 xfs: force log and push AIL to clear pinned inodes when aborting mount
0b229d0 xfs: restore shutdown check in mapped write fault path
3d05a85 xfs: fix incorrect root dquot corruption error when switching group/project quota types
893cf5f xfs: fix chown leaking delalloc quota blocks when fssetxattr fails
643ceee xfs: sync lazy sb accounting on quiesce of read-only mounts
af26bfb xfs: set inode size after creating symlink
d27f000 net: ipa: fix page free in ipa_endpoint_replenish_one()
70124d9 net: ipa: fix page free in ipa_endpoint_trans_release()
2156dc3 phy: qcom-qmp: fix reset-controller leak on probe errors
67e3404 coresight: core: Fix coresight device probe failure issue
77692c0 blk-iolatency: Fix inflight count imbalances and IO hangs on offline
19e5aac vdpasim: allow to enable a vq repeatedly
ec02908 dt-bindings: gpio: altera: correct interrupt-cells
0ac587c docs/ Cope with removal of language=None in Sphinx 5.0.0
6182c71 SMB3: EBADF/EIO errors in rename/open caused by race condition in smb2_compound_op
d6b9b22 ARM: pxa: maybe fix gpio lookup tables
39c61f4 ARM: dts: s5pv210: Remove spi-cs-high on panel in Aries
6f3673c phy: qcom-qmp: fix struct clk leak on probe errors
09a84da arm64: dts: qcom: ipq8074: fix the sleep clock frequency
591c348 gma500: fix an incorrect NULL check on list iterator
c521f42 tilcdc: tilcdc_external: fix an incorrect NULL check on list iterator
10c5088 serial: pch: don't overwrite xmit->buf[0] by x_char
59afd4f bcache: avoid journal no-space deadlock by reserving 1 journal bucket
0cf22f2 bcache: remove incremental dirty sector counting for bch_sectors_dirty_init()
3f686b2 bcache: improve multithreaded bch_sectors_dirty_init()
46c2b5f bcache: improve multithreaded bch_btree_check()
4e2fbe8 stm: ltdc: fix two incorrect NULL checks on list iterator
dc12a64 carl9170: tx: fix an incorrect use of list iterator
8f1bc0e ASoC: rt5514: Fix event generation for "DSP Voice Wake Up" control
769ec2a rtl818x: Prevent using not initialized queues
d787a57 xtensa/simdisk: fix proc_read_simdisk()
63758dd hugetlb: fix huge_pmd_unshare address update
90ad547 nodemask.h: fix compilation error with GCC12
e9514bc iommu/msm: Fix an incorrect NULL check on list iterator
82c888e ftrace: Clean up hash direct_functions on register failures
c26ccba kexec_file: drop weak attribute from arch_kexec_apply_relocations[_add]
cf0dabc um: Fix out-of-bounds read in LDT setup
7f8fd5d um: chan_user: Fix winch_tramp() return value
873069e mac80211: upgrade passive scan to active scan on DFS channels after beacon rx
22741dd cfg80211: declare MODULE_FIRMWARE for regulatory.db
e87feda irqchip: irq-xtensa-mx: fix initial IRQ affinity
be7ae7c irqchip/armada-370-xp: Do not touch Performance Counter Overflow on A375, A38x, A39x
df7f0f8 csky: patch_text: Fixup last cpu should be master
31dca00 RDMA/hfi1: Fix potential integer multiplication overflow errors
0940808 Kconfig: Add option for asm goto w/ tied outputs to workaround clang-13 bug
b67adae ima: remove the IMA_TEMPLATE Kconfig option
577a959 media: coda: Add more H264 levels for CODA960
4005f6a media: coda: Fix reported H264 profile
d09dad0 mtd: cfi_cmdset_0002: Use chip_ready() for write on S29GL064N
08788b9 mtd: cfi_cmdset_0002: Move and rename chip_check/chip_ready/chip_good_for_write
b2b0144 md: fix an incorrect NULL check in md_reload_sb
2401f1c md: fix an incorrect NULL check in does_sb_need_changing
e28321e drm/i915/dsi: fix VBT send packet port selection for ICL+
495ac77 drm/bridge: analogix_dp: Grab runtime PM reference for DP-AUX
addf0ae drm/nouveau/kms/nv50-: atom: fix an incorrect NULL check on list iterator
97a9ec8 drm/nouveau/clk: Fix an incorrect NULL check on list iterator
436cff5 drm/etnaviv: check for reaped mapping in etnaviv_iommu_unmap_gem
be58592 drm/amdgpu/cs: make commands with 0 chunks illegal behaviour.
556e404 scsi: ufs: qcom: Add a readl() to make sure ref_clk gets enabled
f297dc2 scsi: dc395x: Fix a missing check on list iterator
337e365 ocfs2: dlmfs: fix error handling of user_dlm_destroy_lock
4ca3ac0 dlm: fix missing lkb refcount handling
899bc44 dlm: fix plock invalid read
74114d2 s390/perf: obtain sie_block from the right address
7994d89 mm, compaction: fast_find_migrateblock() should return pfn in the target zone
99fd821 PCI: qcom: Fix unbalanced PHY init on probe errors
c0e129d PCI: qcom: Fix runtime PM imbalance on probe errors
2b4c6ad PCI/PM: Fix bridge_d3_blacklist[] Elo i2 overwrite of Gigabyte X299
058cb6d tracing: Fix potential double free in create_var_ref()
a2b9edc ACPI: property: Release subnode properties with data nodes
ff4cafa ext4: avoid cycles in directory h-tree
da2f059 ext4: verify dir block before splitting it
4fd58b5 ext4: fix bug_on in __es_tree_search
cc5b09c ext4: filter out EXT4_FC_REPLAY from on-disk superblock field s_state
1b061af ext4: fix bug_on in ext4_writepages
adf4900 ext4: fix warning in ext4_handle_inode_extension
dd887f8 ext4: fix use-after-free in ext4_rename_dir_prepare
70a7dea bfq: Track whether bfq_group is still online
b06691a bfq: Update cgroup information before merging bio
4dfc12f bfq: Split shared queues on move between cgroups
c072cab efi: Do not import certificates from UEFI Secure Boot for T2 Macs
9a9dc60 fs-writeback: writeback_sb_inodes´╝ÜRecalculate 'wrote' according skipped pages
c1ad58d iwlwifi: mvm: fix assert 1F04 upon reconfig
6118bbd wifi: mac80211: fix use-after-free in chanctx code
efdefbe f2fs: fix to do sanity check for inline inode
2221a2d f2fs: fix fallocate to use file_modified to update permissions consistently
ef221b7 f2fs: fix to do sanity check on total_data_blocks
196f72e f2fs: don't need inode lock for system hidden quota
2e790aa f2fs: fix deadloop in foreground GC
ccd5804 f2fs: fix to clear dirty inode in f2fs_evict_inode()
a34d7b4 f2fs: fix to do sanity check on block address in f2fs_do_zero_range()
2766dda f2fs: fix to avoid f2fs_bug_on() in dec_valid_node_count()
d8b6aae perf jevents: Fix event syntax error caused by ExtSel
c8c2802 perf c2c: Use stdio interface if slang is not supported
c9542f5 i2c: rcar: fix PM ref counts in probe error paths
ebd4f37 i2c: npcm: Handle spurious interrupts
5c0dfca i2c: npcm: Correct register access width
06cb0f0 i2c: npcm: Fix timeout calculation
de6f6b5 iommu/amd: Increase timeout waiting for GA log enablement
3cfb546 dmaengine: stm32-mdma: fix chan initialization in stm32_mdma_irq_handler()
13d8d11 dmaengine: stm32-mdma: rework interrupt handler
0f87bd8 dmaengine: stm32-mdma: remove GISR1 register
c1c4405 video: fbdev: clcdfb: Fix refcount leak in clcdfb_of_vram_setup
96fdbb1 NFSv4/pNFS: Do not fail I/O when we fail to allocate the pNFS layout
83839a3 NFS: Don't report errors from nfs_pageio_complete() more than once
0402423 NFS: Do not report flush errors in nfs_write_end()
c5a0e59 NFS: fsync() should report filesystem errors over EINTR/ERESTARTSYS
418b9fa NFS: Do not report EINTR/ERESTARTSYS as mapping errors
6073af7 dmaengine: idxd: Fix the error handling path in idxd_cdev_register()
f57696b i2c: at91: Initialize dma_buf in at91_twi_xfer()
8e49773 MIPS: Loongson: Use hwmon_device_register_with_groups() to register hwmon
ec5ded7 cpufreq: mediatek: Unregister platform device on exit
9d91400 cpufreq: mediatek: Use module_init and add module_exit
c7b0ec9 cpufreq: mediatek: add missing platform_driver_unregister() on error in mtk_cpufreq_driver_init
fb02d6b i2c: at91: use dma safe buffers
da748d2 iommu/mediatek: Add list_del in mtk_iommu_remove
51d5847 f2fs: fix dereference of stale list iterator after loop body
0e0faa1 OPP: call of_node_put() on error path in _bandwidth_supported()
baf86af Input: stmfts - do not leave device disabled in stmfts_input_open
fc0750e RDMA/hfi1: Prevent use of lock before it is initialized
bb2220e mailbox: forward the hrtimer if not queued and under a lock
a1d4941 mfd: davinci_voicecodec: Fix possible null-ptr-deref davinci_vc_probe()
46fd994 powerpc/fsl_rio: Fix refcount leak in fsl_rio_setup
b8ef796 macintosh: via-pmu and via-cuda need RTC_LIB
cca915d powerpc/perf: Fix the threshold compare group constraint for power9
7620a28 powerpc/64: Only WARN if __pa()/__va() called with bad addresses
9b28515 hwrng: omap3-rom - fix using wrong clk_disable() in omap_rom_rng_runtime_resume()
6e07ccc Input: sparcspkr - fix refcount leak in bbc_beep_probe
76badb0 crypto: cryptd - Protect per-CPU resource by disabling BH.
40c41a7 crypto: sun8i-ss - handle zero sized sg
5bea8f7 crypto: sun8i-ss - rework handling of IV
9834b13 tty: fix deadlock caused by calling printk() under tty_port->lock
a21d4da PCI: imx6: Fix PERST# start-up sequence
2a9d3b5 ipc/mqueue: use get_tree_nodev() in mqueue_get_tree()
f061ddf proc: fix dentry/inode overinstantiating under /proc/${pid}/net
ab0c26e ASoC: atmel-classd: Remove endianness flag on class d component
b716e41 ASoC: atmel-pdmic: Remove endianness flag on pdmic component
4561051 powerpc/4xx/cpm: Fix return value of __setup() handler
de5bc92 powerpc/idle: Fix return value of __setup() handler
f991879 pinctrl: renesas: core: Fix possible null-ptr-deref in sh_pfc_map_resources()
f7c290e powerpc/8xx: export 'cpm_setbrg' for modules
49a5b17 drivers/base/memory: fix an unlikely reference counting issue in __add_memory_block()
c121942 dax: fix cache flush on PMD-mapped pages
d8a5bdc drivers/base/node.c: fix compaction sysfs file leak
84958f0 pinctrl: mvebu: Fix irq_of_parse_and_map() return value
8a8b40d nvdimm: Allow overwrite in the presence of disabled dimms
641649f nvdimm: Fix firmware activation deadlock scenarios
1052f22 firmware: arm_scmi: Fix list protocols enumeration in the base protocol
7a55a51 scsi: fcoe: Fix Wstringop-overflow warnings in fcoe_wwn_from_mac()
17d9d7d mfd: ipaq-micro: Fix error check return value of platform_get_irq()
82c6c8a powerpc/fadump: fix PT_LOAD segment for boot memory area
08b053d arm: mediatek: select arch timer for mt7629
ceb61ab pinctrl: bcm2835: implement hook for missing gpio-ranges
cda45b7 gpiolib: of: Introduce hook for missing gpio-ranges
a26dfdf crypto: marvell/cesa - ECB does not IV
ee89d8d misc: ocxl: fix possible double free in ocxl_file_register_afu
22c3fea ARM: dts: bcm2835-rpi-b: Fix GPIO line names
0a4ee6c ARM: dts: bcm2837-rpi-3-b-plus: Fix GPIO line name of power LED
bd7ffc1 ARM: dts: bcm2837-rpi-cm3-io3: Fix GPIO line names for SMPS I2C
daffdb0 ARM: dts: bcm2835-rpi-zero-w: Fix GPIO line name for Wifi/BT
95000ae ARM: dts: stm32: Fix PHY post-reset delay on Avenger96
b439f7a can: xilinx_can: mark bit timing constants as const
875a17c platform/chrome: Re-introduce cros_ec_cmd_xfer and use it for ioctls
b0bf87b ARM: dts: imx6dl-colibri: Fix I2C pinmuxing
acd2313 platform/chrome: cros_ec: fix error handling in cros_ec_register()
e690350 KVM: nVMX: Clear IDT vectoring on nested VM-Exit for double/triple fault
fd7dca6 KVM: nVMX: Leave most VM-Exit info fields unmodified on failed VM-Entry
259c1fa soc: qcom: llcc: Add MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE()
ca7ce57 ARM: dts: ci4x10: Adapt to changes in imx6qdl.dtsi regarding fec clocks
acd99f3 PCI: dwc: Fix setting error return on MSI DMA mapping failure
92b7cab PCI: rockchip: Fix find_first_zero_bit() limit
266f5cf PCI: cadence: Fix find_first_zero_bit() limit
a409d0b soc: qcom: smsm: Fix missing of_node_put() in smsm_parse_ipc
7cbe94d soc: qcom: smp2p: Fix missing of_node_put() in smp2p_parse_ipc
8365341 ARM: dts: suniv: F1C100: fix watchdog compatible
ea4f1c6 memory: samsung: exynos5422-dmc: Avoid some over memory allocation
3960629 arm64: dts: rockchip: Move drive-impedance-ohm to emmc phy on rk3399
0c5f04d net/smc: postpone sk_refcnt increment in connect()
8096e2d hinic: Avoid some over memory allocation
dc7753d net: huawei: hinic: Use devm_kcalloc() instead of devm_kzalloc()
4790963 rxrpc: Fix decision on when to generate an IDLE ACK
3eef677 rxrpc: Don't let ack.previousPacket regress
573de88 rxrpc: Fix overlapping ACK accounting
4f1c34e rxrpc: Don't try to resend the request if we're receiving the reply
5b48266 rxrpc: Fix listen() setting the bar too high for the prealloc rings
5412242 hv_netvsc: Fix potential dereference of NULL pointer
deb16df net: stmmac: fix out-of-bounds access in a selftest
5c2b34d net: stmmac: selftests: Use kcalloc() instead of kzalloc()
7386f69 ASoC: max98090: Move check for invalid values before casting in max98090_put_enab_tlv()
d015f6f NFC: hci: fix sleep in atomic context bugs in nfc_hci_hcp_message_tx
7a5e6a4 ASoC: wm2000: fix missing clk_disable_unprepare() on error in wm2000_anc_transition()
8bbf522 thermal/drivers/imx_sc_thermal: Fix refcount leak in imx_sc_thermal_probe
18530be thermal/core: Fix memory leak in _thermal_cooling_device_register()
dcf5ffc thermal/drivers/core: Use a char pointer for the cooling device name
7909833 thermal/drivers/broadcom: Fix potential NULL dereference in sr_thermal_probe
8360380 thermal/drivers/bcm2711: Don't clamp temperature at zero
3161044 drm/i915: Fix CFI violation with show_dynamic_id()
ffbcfb1 drm/msm/dpu: handle pm_runtime_get_sync() errors in bind path
2679de7 x86/sev: Annotate stack change in the #VC handler
656aa3c drm: msm: fix possible memory leak in mdp5_crtc_cursor_set()
48e82ce drm/msm/a6xx: Fix refcount leak in a6xx_gpu_init
d54ac6c ext4: reject the 'commit' option on ext2 filesystems
63b7c08 media: rkvdec: h264: Fix bit depth wrap in pps packet
b4805a7 media: rkvdec: h264: Fix dpb_valid implementation
82239e3 media: staging: media: rkvdec: Make use of the helper function devm_platform_ioremap_resource()
5c24566 media: ov7670: remove ov7670_power_off from ov7670_remove
510e879 ASoC: ti: j721e-evm: Fix refcount leak in j721e_soc_probe

3341194 net: hinic: add missing destroy_workqueue in hinic_pf_to_mgmt_init
8113eed sctp: read sk->sk_bound_dev_if once in sctp_rcv()
6950ee3 lsm,selinux: pass flowi_common instead of flowi to the LSM hooks
a67a166 m68k: math-emu: Fix dependencies of math emulation support
4dcae15 nvme: set dma alignment to dword
8ace1e6 Bluetooth: use hdev lock for accept_list and reject_list in conn req
792f8b0 Bluetooth: use inclusive language when filtering devices
d763aa3 Bluetooth: use inclusive language in HCI role comments
c024f6f Bluetooth: LL privacy allow RPA
394df9f Bluetooth: L2CAP: Rudimentary typo fixes
5702c3c Bluetooth: Interleave with allowlist scan
36c644c Bluetooth: fix dangling sco_conn and use-after-free in sco_sock_timeout
fc68385 media: vsp1: Fix offset calculation for plane cropping
a330476 media: pvrusb2: fix array-index-out-of-bounds in pvr2_i2c_core_init
7d79264 media: exynos4-is: Change clk_disable to clk_disable_unprepare
b3e4837 media: st-delta: Fix PM disable depth imbalance in delta_probe
8e4e0c4 media: exynos4-is: Fix PM disable depth imbalance in fimc_is_probe
0572a5b media: aspeed: Fix an error handling path in aspeed_video_probe()
34feaea scripts/faddr2line: Fix overlapping text section failures
1472fb1 kselftest/cgroup: fix to use OUTPUT dir
cacea45 ASoC: samsung: Fix refcount leak in aries_audio_probe
c1b08aa ASoC: samsung: Use dev_err_probe() helper
9f564e2 regulator: pfuze100: Fix refcount leak in pfuze_parse_regulators_dt
2a0da76 ASoC: mxs-saif: Fix refcount leak in mxs_saif_probe
e84aaf2 ASoC: fsl: Fix refcount leak in imx_sgtl5000_probe
4024aff ath11k: Don't check arvif->is_started before sending management frames
779d41c perf/amd/ibs: Use interrupt regs ip for stack unwinding
37a9db0 regulator: qcom_smd: Fix up PM8950 regulator configuration
e2786db Revert "cpufreq: Fix possible race in cpufreq online error path"
560dcbe spi: spi-fsl-qspi: check return value after calling platform_get_resource_byname()
f40549c iomap: iomap_write_failed fix
7a79ab2 media: uvcvideo: Fix missing check to determine if element is found in list
d50b262 drm/msm: return an error pointer in msm_gem_prime_get_sg_table()
883f1d5 drm/msm/mdp5: Return error code in mdp5_mixer_release when deadlock is detected
49dc28b drm/msm/mdp5: Return error code in mdp5_pipe_release when deadlock is detected
a10092d drm/msm/dp: fix event thread stuck in wait_event after kthread_stop()
369a712 regulator: core: Fix enable_count imbalance with EXCLUSIVE_GET
018ebe4 arm64: fix types in copy_highpage()
49bfbaf x86/mm: Cleanup the control_va_addr_alignment() __setup handler
0d5c8ac irqchip/aspeed-scu-ic: Fix irq_of_parse_and_map() return value
f4b503b irqchip/aspeed-i2c-ic: Fix irq_of_parse_and_map() return value
5e76e51 irqchip/exiu: Fix acknowledgment of edge triggered interrupts
35abf20 x86: Fix return value of _setup handlers
940b124 virtio_blk: fix the discard_granularity and discard_alignment queue limits
23716d7 perf tools: Use Python devtools for version autodetection rather than runtime
3451852 drm/rockchip: vop: fix possible null-ptr-deref in vop_bind()
e19ece6 drm/panel: panel-simple: Fix proper bpc for AM-1280800N3TZQW-T00H
5a26a49 drm/msm: add missing include to msm_drv.c
7b815e9 drm/msm/hdmi: fix error check return value of irq_of_parse_and_map()
d9cb951 drm/msm/hdmi: check return value after calling platform_get_resource_byname()
e99755e drm/msm/dsi: fix error checks and return values for DSI xmit functions
3574e0b drm/msm/dp: fix error check return value of irq_of_parse_and_map()
0420461 drm/msm/dp: stop event kernel thread when DP unbind
1347602 drm/msm/disp/dpu1: set vbif hw config to NULL to avoid use after memory free during pm runtime resume
d5773db perf tools: Add missing headers needed by util/data.h
e251a33 ASoC: rk3328: fix disabling mclk on pclk probe failure
e2fef34 x86/speculation: Add missing prototype for unpriv_ebpf_notify()
81f1ddf mtd: rawnand: cadence: fix possible null-ptr-deref in cadence_nand_dt_probe()
b6ecf2b x86/pm: Fix false positive kmemleak report in msr_build_context()
0e1cd4e mtd: spi-nor: core: Check written SR value in spi_nor_write_16bit_sr_and_check()
ab88c8d libbpf: Fix logic for finding matching program for CO-RE relocation
97b56f1 selftests/resctrl: Fix null pointer dereference on open failed
c54d66c scsi: ufs: core: Exclude UECxx from SFR dump list
02192ee scsi: ufs: qcom: Fix ufs_qcom_resume()
328cfea drm/msm/dpu: adjust display_v_end for eDP and DP
cc68e53 of: overlay: do not break notify on NOTIFY
f929416 fsnotify: fix wrong lockdep annotations
94845fc inotify: show inotify mask flags in proc fdinfo
f2c68c5 ALSA: pcm: Check for null pointer of pointer substream before dereferencing it
d764a7d drm/panel: simple: Add missing bus flags for Innolux G070Y2-L01
b6b70cd media: hantro: Empty encoder capture buffers by default
461e4c1 ath9k_htc: fix potential out of bounds access with invalid rxstatus->rs_keyix
96c848a cpufreq: Fix possible race in cpufreq online error path
172789f spi: img-spfi: Fix pm_runtime_get_sync() error checking
147a376 sched/fair: Fix cfs_rq_clock_pelt() for throttled cfs_rq
f35c3f2 drm/bridge: Fix error handling in analogix_dp_probe
6d07267 HID: elan: Fix potential double free in elan_input_configured
39d4bd3 HID: hid-led: fix maximum brightness for Dream Cheeky
3c68daf mtd: rawnand: denali: Use managed device resources
dd2b1d7 EDAC/dmc520: Don't print an error for each unconfigured interrupt line
bea6985 drbd: fix duplicate array initializer
3eba802 target: remove an incorrect unmap zeroes data deduction
e768119 efi: Add missing prototype for efi_capsule_setup_info
2a1b511 NFC: NULL out the dev->rfkill to prevent UAF
8e357f0 net: dsa: mt7530: 1G can also support 1000BASE-X link mode
4565d5b scftorture: Fix distribution of short handler delays
58eff5b spi: spi-ti-qspi: Fix return value handling of wait_for_completion_timeout
b4c7dd0 drm: mali-dp: potential dereference of null pointer
78a3e9f drm/komeda: Fix an undefined behavior bug in komeda_plane_add()
3cea025 nl80211: show SSID for P2P_GO interfaces
6c0a8c7 bpf: Fix excessive memory allocation in stack_map_alloc()
7ff76dc libbpf: Don't error out on CO-RE relos for overriden weak subprogs
84b0e23 drm/vc4: txp: Force alpha to be 0xff if it's disabled
ac90421 drm/vc4: txp: Don't set TXP_VSTART_AT_EOF
15cec7d drm/vc4: hvs: Reset muxes at probe time
2268f19 drm/mediatek: Fix mtk_cec_mask()
032f8c6 drm/ingenic: Reset pixclock rate when parent clock rate changes
58c7c01 x86/delay: Fix the wrong asm constraint in delay_loop()
f279c49 ASoC: mediatek: Fix missing of_node_put in mt2701_wm8960_machine_probe
fb66e05 ASoC: mediatek: Fix error handling in mt8173_max98090_dev_probe
35db6e2 spi: qcom-qspi: Add minItems to interconnect-names
187ecfc drm/bridge: adv7511: clean up CEC adapter when probe fails
9072d62 drm/edid: fix invalid EDID extension block filtering
0d6dc3e ath9k: fix ar9003_get_eepmisc
822dac2 ath11k: acquire ab->base_lock in unassign when finding the peer by addr
3ed327b dt-bindings: display: sitronix, st7735r: Fix backlight in example
61bbbde drm: fix EDID struct for old ARM OABI format
cc80d3c RDMA/hfi1: Prevent panic when SDMA is disabled
dfc308d powerpc/iommu: Add missing of_node_put in iommu_init_early_dart
b4e14e9 macintosh/via-pmu: Fix build failure when CONFIG_INPUT is disabled
0230055 powerpc/powernv: fix missing of_node_put in uv_init()
6a61a97 powerpc/xics: fix refcount leak in icp_opal_init()
8a665c2 powerpc/powernv/vas: Assign real address to rx_fifo in vas_rx_win_attr
5a3767a tracing: incorrect isolate_mote_t cast in mm_vmscan_lru_isolate
eff3587 PCI: Avoid pci_dev_lock() AB/BA deadlock with sriov_numvfs_store()
21a3eff ARM: hisi: Add missing of_node_put after of_find_compatible_node
d2b3b38 ARM: dts: exynos: add atmel,24c128 fallback to Samsung EEPROM
d146e2a ARM: versatile: Add missing of_node_put in dcscb_init
b646e0c pinctrl: renesas: rzn1: Fix possible null-ptr-deref in sh_pfc_map_resources()
c16f1b3 fat: add ratelimit to fat
f20c7cd powerpc/fadump: Fix fadump to work with a different endian capture kernel
0399667 ARM: OMAP1: clock: Fix UART rate reporting algorithm
9dfa8d0 fs: jfs: fix possible NULL pointer dereference in dbFree()
05efc45 soc: ti: ti_sci_pm_domains: Check for null return of devm_kcalloc
0f9091f crypto: ccree - use fine grained DMA mapping dir
86b091b PM / devfreq: rk3399_dmc: Disable edev on remove()
7e391ec arm64: dts: qcom: msm8994: Fix BLSP[12]DMA channels count
c400439 ARM: dts: s5pv210: align DMA channels with dtschema
0521c52 ARM: dts: ox820: align interrupt controller node name with dtschema
968a668 IB/rdmavt: add missing locks in rvt_ruc_loopback
6a2e275 gfs2: use i_lock spin_lock for inode qadata
92ef7a8 selftests/bpf: fix btf_dump/btf_dump due to recent clang change
340cf91 eth: tg3: silence the GCC 12 array-bounds warning
cb2ca93 rxrpc, afs: Fix selection of abort codes
4a4e2e9 rxrpc: Return an error to sendmsg if call failed
6c18a0f m68k: atari: Make Atari ROM port I/O write macros return void
76744a0 x86/microcode: Add explicit CPU vendor dependency
f29fb46 can: mcp251xfd: silence clang's -Wunaligned-access warning
ff383c1 ASoC: rt1015p: remove dependency on GPIOLIB
c73aee1 ASoC: max98357a: remove dependency on GPIOLIB
86c0217 media: exynos4-is: Fix compile warning
abb5594 net: phy: micrel: Allow probing without .driver_data
8d33585 nbd: Fix hung on disconnect request if socket is closed before
1a5a3df ASoC: rt5645: Fix errorenous cleanup order
af98940 nvme-pci: fix a NULL pointer dereference in nvme_alloc_admin_tags
8671aee openrisc: start CPU timer early in boot
22cdbb1 media: cec-adap.c: fix is_configuring state
4cf6ba9 media: imon: reorganize serialization
f3915b4 media: coda: limit frame interval enumeration to supported encoder frame sizes
8ddc894 media: rga: fix possible memory leak in rga_probe
f9413b9 rtlwifi: Use pr_warn instead of WARN_ONCE
eb7a71b ipmi: Fix pr_fmt to avoid compilation issues
fa390c8 ipmi:ssif: Check for NULL msg when handling events and messages
0b7c1dc ACPI: PM: Block ASUS B1400CEAE from suspend to idle by default
1ecd01d dma-debug: change allocation mode from GFP_NOWAIT to GFP_ATIOMIC
a615837 spi: stm32-qspi: Fix wait_cmd timeout in APM mode
0c05c03 perf/amd/ibs: Cascade pmu init functions' return value
4605458 s390/preempt: disable __preempt_count_add() optimization for PROFILE_ALL_BRANCHES
312c43e net: remove two BUG() from skb_checksum_help()
4f99bde ASoC: tscs454: Add endianness flag in snd_soc_component_driver
296f8ca HID: bigben: fix slab-out-of-bounds Write in bigben_probe
3ee6746 drm/amdgpu/ucode: Remove firmware load type check in amdgpu_ucode_free_bo
6f19abe mlxsw: Treat LLDP packets as control
b30e727 mlxsw: spectrum_dcb: Do not warn about priority changes
d68a5eb ASoC: dapm: Don't fold register value changes into notifications
9b42659 net/mlx5: fs, delete the FTE when there are no rules attached to it
4d85201 ipv6: Don't send rs packets to the interface of ARPHRD_TUNNEL
0325c08 drm: msm: fix error check return value of irq_of_parse_and_map()
ad97425 arm64: compat: Do not treat syscall number as ESR_ELx for a bad syscall
8aa3750 ath10k: skip ath10k_halt during suspend for driver state RESTARTING
20ad91d drm/amd/pm: fix the compile warning
b5cd108 drm/plane: Move range check for format_count earlier
8c3fe9f ASoC: Intel: bytcr_rt5640: Add quirk for the HP Pro Tablet 408
60afa4f ath11k: disable spectral scan during spectral deinit
fa1b509 scsi: lpfc: Fix resource leak in lpfc_sli4_send_seq_to_ulp()
1869f9b scsi: ufs: Use pm_runtime_resume_and_get() instead of pm_runtime_get_sync()
508add1 scsi: megaraid: Fix error check return value of register_chrdev()
95050b9 drivers: mmc: sdhci_am654: Add the quirk to set TESTCD bit
90281ca mmc: jz4740: Apply DMA engine limits to maximum segment size
e69e931 md/bitmap: don't set sb values if can't pass sanity check
3f94169 media: cx25821: Fix the warning when removing the module
ca17e7a media: pci: cx23885: Fix the error handling in cx23885_initdev()
27ad46d media: venus: hfi: avoid null dereference in deinit
e68270a ath9k: fix QCA9561 PA bias level
ca1ce20 drm/amd/pm: fix double free in si_parse_power_table()
3102e9d tools/power turbostat: fix ICX DRAM power numbers
fbfeb9b spi: spi-rspi: Remove setting {src,dst}
{addr,addr_width} based on DMA direction
e2b8681 ALSA: jack: Access input_dev under mutex
005990e sfc: ef10: Fix assigning negative value to unsigned variable
10f30cb rcu: Make TASKS_RUDE_RCU select IRQ_WORK
1c6c3f2 rcu-tasks: Fix race in schedule and flush work
c977d63 drm/komeda: return early if drm_universal_plane_init() fails.
cd97a48 ACPICA: Avoid cache flush inside virtual machines
29cb802 x86/platform/uv: Update TSC sync state for UV5
59dd1a0 fbcon: Consistently protect deferred_takeover with console_lock()
5bfb65e ipv6: fix locking issues with loops over idev->addr_list
98d1dc3 ipw2x00: Fix potential NULL dereference in libipw_xmit()
cc575b8 b43: Fix assigning negative value to unsigned variable
4ae5a2c b43legacy: Fix assigning negative value to unsigned variable
74ad0d7 mwifiex: add mutex lock for call in mwifiex_dfs_chan_sw_work_queue
fadc626 drm/virtio: fix NULL pointer dereference in virtio_gpu_conn_get_modes
c6380d9 iommu/vt-d: Add RPLS to quirk list to skip TE disabling
509e971 btrfs: repair super block num_devices automatically
4093eea btrfs: add "0x" prefix for unsupported optional features
b495165 ptrace: Reimplement PTRACE_KILL by always sending SIGKILL
f8ef796 ptrace/xtensa: Replace PT_SINGLESTEP with TIF_SINGLESTEP
6580673 ptrace/um: Replace PT_DTRACE with TIF_SINGLESTEP
92fb465 perf/x86/intel: Fix event constraints for ICL
b4acb8e x86/MCE/AMD: Fix memory leak when threshold_create_bank() fails
860e44f parisc/stifb: Keep track of hardware path of graphics card
78e008d Fonts: Make font size unsigned in font_desc
c5b9b7f xhci: Allow host runtime PM as default for Intel Alder Lake N xHCI
c9ac773 cifs: when extending a file with falloc we should make files not-sparse
ce4627f usb: core: hcd: Add support for deferring roothub registration
a2532c4 usb: dwc3: gadget: Move null pinter check to proper place
0420275 USB: new quirk for Dell Gen 2 devices
19b3fe8 USB: serial: option: add Quectel BG95 modem
40bdb5e ALSA: usb-audio: Cancel pending work at closing a MIDI substream
1cf70d5 ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix microphone noise on ASUS TUF B550M-PLUS
223368e ALSA: hda/realtek: Enable 4-speaker output for Dell XPS 15 9520 laptop
d2f3acd riscv: Fix irq_work when SMP is disabled
4a5c7a6 riscv: Initialize thread pointer before calling C functions
6b45437 parisc/stifb: Implement fb_is_primary_device()
9cef71e binfmt_flat: do not stop relocating GOT entries prematurely on riscv
70dd2d1 Linux 5.10.120
886eeb0 bpf: Enlarge offset check value to INT_MAX in bpf_skb
7f845de bpf: Fix potential array overflow in bpf_trampoline_get_progs()
3097f38 NFSD: Fix possible sleep during nfsd4_release_lockowner()
78a62e0 NFS: Memory allocation failures are not server fatal errors
1d100fc docs: submitting-patches: Fix crossref to 'The canonical patch format'
ebbbffa tpm: ibmvtpm: Correct the return value in tpm_ibmvtpm_probe()
5933a19 tpm: Fix buffer access in tpm2_get_tpm_pt()
0c56e5d HID: multitouch: add quirks to enable Lenovo X12 trackpoint
d6822d8 HID: multitouch: Add support for Google Whiskers Touchpad
0f03885 raid5: introduce MD_BROKEN
8df42bc dm verity: set DM_TARGET_IMMUTABLE feature flag
e39b536 dm stats: add cond_resched when looping over entries
4617778 dm crypt: make printing of the key constant-time
bb64957 dm integrity: fix error code in dm_integrity_ctr()
8845027 ARM: dts: s5pv210: Correct interrupt name for bluetooth in Aries
4989bb0 Bluetooth: hci_qca: Use del_timer_sync() before freeing
fae05b2 zsmalloc: fix races between asynchronous zspage free and page migration
6a1cc25 crypto: ecrdsa - Fix incorrect use of vli_cmp
c013f7d crypto: caam - fix i.MX6SX entropy delay value
3d8fc6e KVM: x86: avoid calling x86 emulator without a decoded instruction
a2a3fa5 x86, kvm: use correct GFP flags for preemption disabled
4a9f3a9 x86/kvm: Alloc dummy async #PF token outside of raw spinlock
4c4a11c KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: fix incorrect NULL check on list iterator
91a36ec netfilter: conntrack: re-fetch conntrack after insertion
c0aff1f netfilter: nf_tables: sanitize nft_set_desc_concat_parse()
44f1ce5 crypto: drbg - make reseeding from get_random_bytes() synchronous
e744e34 crypto: drbg - move dynamic ->reseed_threshold adjustments to drbg_seed()
54700e8 crypto: drbg - track whether DRBG was seeded with !rng_is_initialized()
b2bef55 crypto: drbg - prepare for more fine-grained tracking of seeding state
630192a lib/crypto: add prompts back to crypto libraries
82f723b exfat: check if cluster num is valid
1f0681f drm/i915: Fix -Wstringop-overflow warning in call to intel_read_wm_latency()
2728d95 xfs: Fix CIL throttle hang when CIL space used going backwards
a9e7f19 xfs: fix an ABBA deadlock in xfs_rename
72464fd xfs: fix the forward progress assertion in xfs_iwalk_run_callbacks
45d97f7 xfs: show the proper user quota options
f20e67b xfs: detect overflows in bmbt records
ffc8d61 net: ipa: compute proper aggregation limit
8adb751 io_uring: fix using under-expanded iters
57d01bc io_uring: don't re-import iovecs from callbacks
6029f86 assoc_array: Fix BUG_ON during garbage collect
b96b4aa cfg80211: set custom regdomain after wiphy registration
8fbd54a pipe: Fix missing lock in pipe_resize_ring()
cd720fa pipe: make poll_usage boolean and annotate its access
ea62d16 netfilter: nf_tables: disallow non-stateful expression in sets earlier
5525af1 drivers: i2c: thunderx: Allow driver to work with ACPI defined TWSI controllers
f0749ae i2c: ismt: Provide a DMA buffer for Interrupt Cause Logging
828309e net: ftgmac100: Disable hardware checksum on AST2600
640397a nfc: pn533: Fix buggy cleanup order
ac8d5eb net: af_key: check encryption module availability consistency
d007f49 percpu_ref_init(): clean ->percpu_count_ref on failure
75e3595 pinctrl: sunxi: fix f1c100s uart2 function
56c31ac Linux 5.10.119
7c57f21 ALSA: ctxfi: Add SB046x PCI ID
514f587 random: check for signals after page of pool writes
18c261e random: wire up fops->splice
cf8f8d3 random: convert to using fops->write_iter()
affa1ae random: convert to using fops->read_iter()
4bb374a random: unify batched entropy implementations
552ae8e random: move randomize_page() into mm where it belongs
5f2a040 random: move initialization functions out of hot pages
02102b6 random: make consistent use of buf and len
33783ca random: use proper return types on get_random
1fdd7ee random: remove extern from functions in header
811afd0 random: use static branch for crng_ready()
04d61b9 random: credit architectural init the exact amount
5123cc6 random: handle latent entropy and command line from random_init()
9320e08 random: use proper jiffies comparison macro
31ac294 random: remove ratelimiting for in-kernel unseeded randomness
b50f283 random: move initialization out of reseeding hot path
4c4110c random: avoid initializing twice in credit race
cef9010 random: use symbolic constants for crng_init states
30e9f36 siphash: use one source of truth for siphash permutations
772edeb random: help compiler out with fast_mix() by using simpler arguments
1841347 random: do not use input pool from hard IRQs
999b0c9 random: order timer entropy functions below interrupt functions
ce3c4ff random: do not pretend to handle premature next security model
24d3275 random: use first 128 bits of input as fast init
273aebb random: do not use batches when !crng_ready()
f4c98fe random: insist on random_get_entropy() existing in order to simplify
ffcfdd5 xtensa: use fallback for random_get_entropy() instead of zero
e1ea0e2 sparc: use fallback for random_get_entropy() instead of zero
a5092be um: use fallback for random_get_entropy() instead of zero
25d4fdf x86/tsc: Use fallback for random_get_entropy() instead of zero
0b93f40 nios2: use fallback for random_get_entropy() instead of zero
fdca775 arm: use fallback for random_get_entropy() instead of zero
d553124 mips: use fallback for random_get_entropy() instead of just c0 random
714def4 riscv: use fallback for random_get_entropy() instead of zero
8439790 m68k: use fallback for random_get_entropy() instead of zero
7690be1 timekeeping: Add raw clock fallback for random_get_entropy()
07b5d0b powerpc: define get_cycles macro for arch-override
30ee01b alpha: define get_cycles macro for arch-override
c55a863 parisc: define get_cycles macro for arch-override
641d1fb s390: define get_cycles macro for arch-override
c895438 ia64: define get_cycles macro for arch-override
7d9eab7 init: call time_init() before rand_initialize()
ec25e38 random: fix sysctl documentation nits
9dff512 random: document crng_fast_key_erasure() destination possibility
a1b5c84 random: make random_get_entropy() return an unsigned long
72a9ec8 random: allow partial reads if later user copies fail
1805d20 random: check for signals every PAGE_SIZE chunk of /dev/[u]random
9641d9b random: check for signal_pending() outside of need_resched() check
26ee8fa random: do not allow user to keep crng key around on stack
bb515a5 random: do not split fast init input in add_hwgenerator_randomness()
be0d4e3 random: mix build-time latent entropy into pool at init
bb563d0 random: re-add removed comment about get_random
{u32,u64} reseeding
f3bc5ec random: treat bootloader trust toggle the same way as cpu trust toggle
7cb6782 random: skip fast_init if hwrng provides large chunk of entropy
083ab33 random: check for signal and try earlier when generating entropy
20da9c6 random: reseed more often immediately after booting
9891211 random: make consistent usage of crng_ready()
95a1c94 random: use SipHash as interrupt entropy accumulator
849e7b7 random: replace custom notifier chain with standard one
6630742 random: don't let 644 read-only sysctls be written to
4c74ca0 random: give sysctl_random_min_urandom_seed a more sensible value
0964a76 random: do crng pre-init loading in worker rather than irq
192d4c6 random: unify cycles_t and jiffies usage and types
47f0e89 random: cleanup UUID handling
9b0e0e2 random: only wake up writers after zap if threshold was passed
c47f215 random: round-robin registers as ulong, not u32
5064550 random: clear fast pool, crng, and batches in cpuhp bring up
6e1cb84 random: pull add_hwgenerator_randomness() declaration into random.h
3225254 random: check for crng_init == 0 in add_device_randomness()
684e9fe random: unify early init crng load accounting
f656bd0 random: do not take pool spinlock at boot
5d73e69 random: defer fast pool mixing to worker
7873321 random: rewrite header introductory comment
6d1671b random: group sysctl functions
21ae543 random: group userspace read/write functions
f045808 random: group entropy collection functions
e9ff357 random: group entropy extraction functions
d7e5b19 random: group crng functions
6b1ffb3 random: group initialization wait functions
6c9cee1 random: remove whitespace and reorder includes
7b0f36f random: remove useless header comment
b390181 random: introduce drain_entropy() helper to declutter crng_reseed()
0971c1c random: deobfuscate irq u32/u64 contributions
ae1b8f1 random: add proper SPDX header
9342656 random: remove unused tracepoints
17ad693 random: remove ifdef'd out interrupt bench
28683a1 random: tie batched entropy generation to base_crng generation
adc32ac random: fix locking for crng_init in crng_reseed()
bb63851 random: zero buffer after reading entropy from userspace
63c1aae random: remove outdated INT_MAX >> 6 check in urandom_read()
07280d2 random: make more consistent use of integer types
655a69c random: use hash function for crng_slow_load()
9502606 random: use simpler fast key erasure flow on per-cpu keys
732872a random: absorb fast pool into input pool after fast load
7a5b9ca random: do not xor RDRAND when writing into /dev/random
16a6e4a random: ensure early RDSEED goes through mixer on init
c521bf0 random: inline leaves of rand_initialize()
70377ee random: get rid of secondary crngs
c36e71b random: use RDSEED instead of RDRAND in entropy extraction
1d1582e random: fix locking in crng_fast_load()
0762b7d random: remove batched entropy locking
8d07e2a random: remove use_input_pool parameter from crng_reseed()
b07fcd9 random: make credit_entropy_bits() always safe
32d1d7c random: always wake up entropy writers after extraction
9852922 random: use linear min-entropy accumulation crediting
bb9c45c random: simplify entropy debiting
de0727c random: use computational hash for entropy extraction
e0cc561 random: only call crng_finalize_init() for primary_crng
480fd91 random: access primary_pool directly rather than through pointer
0b9e36e random: continually use hwgenerator randomness
6d2d29f random: simplify arithmetic function flow in account()
a0653a9 random: selectively clang-format where it makes sense
bccc8d9 random: access input_pool_data directly rather than through pointer
a9db850 random: cleanup fractional entropy shift constants
edd2940 random: prepend remaining pool constants with POOL

f87f50b random: de-duplicate INPUT_POOL constants
09ae6b8 random: remove unused OUTPUT_POOL constants
8cc5260 random: rather than entropy_store abstraction, use global
5897e06 random: remove unused extract_entropy() reserved argument
ae093ca random: remove incomplete last_data logic
7abbc98 random: cleanup integer types
c9e108e random: cleanup poolinfo abstraction
8a3b78f random: fix typo in comments
0ad5d63 random: don't reset crng_init_cnt on urandom_read()
17420c7 random: avoid superfluous call to RDRAND in CRNG extraction
c245231 random: early initialization of ChaCha constants
efaddd5 random: use IS_ENABLED(CONFIG_NUMA) instead of ifdefs
6443204 random: harmonize "crng init done" messages
ca57d51 random: mix bootloader randomness into pool
542d8eb random: do not re-init if crng_reseed completes before primary init
2bfdf58 random: do not sign extend bytes for rotation when mixing
685200b random: use BLAKE2s instead of SHA1 in extraction
33c30bf random: remove unused irq_flags argument from add_interrupt_randomness()
b57a888 random: document add_hwgenerator_randomness() with other input functions
ae33c50 lib/crypto: blake2s: avoid indirect calls to compression function for Clang CFI
07918dd lib/crypto: sha1: re-roll loops to reduce code size
5fb6a3b lib/crypto: blake2s: move hmac construction into wireguard
62531d4 lib/crypto: blake2s: include as built-in
aec0878 crypto: blake2s - include <linux/bug.h> instead of <asm/bug.h>
030d344 crypto: blake2s - adjust include guard naming
fea91e9 crypto: blake2s - add comment for blake2s_state fields
d45ae76 crypto: blake2s - optimize blake2s initialization
6c362b7 crypto: blake2s - share the "shash" API boilerplate code
72e5b68 crypto: blake2s - move update and final logic to internal/blake2s.h
e467a55 crypto: blake2s - remove unneeded includes
198a19d crypto: x86/blake2s - define shash_alg structs using macros
89f9ee9 crypto: blake2s - define shash_alg structs using macros
0f8fcf5 crypto: lib/blake2s - Move selftest prototype into header file
c3a4645 MAINTAINERS: add git tree for random.c
c4882c6 MAINTAINERS: co-maintain random.c
acb198c random: remove dead code left over from blocking pool
6227458 random: avoid arch_get_random_seed_long() when collecting IRQ randomness
257fbea ACPI: sysfs: Fix BERT error region memory mapping
14fa276 ACPI: sysfs: Make sparse happy about address space in use
0debc69 media: vim2m: initialize the media device earlier
ed0e71c media: vim2m: Register video device after setting up internals
a5c68f4 secure_seq: use the 64 bits of the siphash for port offset calculation
33f1b4a tcp: change source port randomizarion at connect() time
9b4aa0d KVM: x86/mmu: fix NULL pointer dereference on guest INVPCID
74c6e5d KVM: x86: Properly handle APF vs disabled LAPIC situation
c06e5f7 staging: rtl8723bs: prevent ->Ssid overflow in rtw_wx_set_scan()
a8f4d63 lockdown: also lock down previous kgdb use
02071c3 Linux 5.10.118-rt68
9a0f731 Merge tag 'v5.10.118' into v5.10-rt
c204ee3 Linux 5.10.118
56642f6 module: check for exit sections in layout_sections() instead of module_init_section()
633be49 include/uapi/linux/xfrm.h: Fix XFRM_MSG_MAPPING ABI breakage
61a4cc4 afs: Fix afs_getattr() to refetch file status if callback break occurred
606011c i2c: mt7621: fix missing clk_disable_unprepare() on error in mtk_i2c_probe()
030de84 module: treat exit sections the same as init sections when !CONFIG_MODULE_UNLOAD
355141f dt-bindings: pinctrl: aspeed-g6: remove FWQSPID group
d30fdf7 Input: ili210x - fix reset timing
a698bf1 arm64: Enable repeat tlbi workaround on KRYO4XX gold CPUs
696292b net: atlantic: verify hw_head
lies within TX buffer ring
cd66ab2 net: atlantic: add check for MAX_SKB_FRAGS
9bee8b4 net: atlantic: reduce scope of is_rsc_complete
9b84e83 net: atlantic: fix "frag[0] not initialized"
0ae23a1 net: stmmac: fix missing pci_disable_device() on error in stmmac_pci_probe()
d4c6e5c ethernet: tulip: fix missing pci_disable_device() on error in tulip_init_one()
3a6dee2 nl80211: fix locking in nl80211_set_tx_bitrate_mask()
efe580c selftests: add ping test with ping_group_range tuned
1cfbf6d nl80211: validate S1G channel width
a0f5ff2 mac80211: fix rx reordering with non explicit / psmp ack policy
e21d734 scsi: qla2xxx: Fix missed DMA unmap for aborted commands
c5af341 perf bench numa: Address compiler error on s390
210ea7d gpio: mvebu/pwm: Refuse requests with inverted polarity
30d4721 gpio: gpio-vf610: do not touch other bits when set the target bit
ea8a9cb riscv: dts: sifive: fu540-c000: align dma node name with dtschema
dfd1f0c net: bridge: Clear offload_fwd_mark when passing frame up bridge interface.
579061f igb: skip phy status check where unavailable
a898886 ARM: 9197/1: spectre-bhb: fix loop8 sequence for Thumb2
1756b45 ARM: 9196/1: spectre-bhb: enable for Cortex-A15
7b676ab net: af_key: add check for pfkey_broadcast in function pfkey_process
697f321 net/mlx5e: Properly block LRO when XDP is enabled
b503d02 NFC: nci: fix sleep in atomic context bugs caused by nci_skb_alloc
42d4287 net/qla3xxx: Fix a test in ql_reset_work()
d35bf8d clk: at91: generated: consider range when calculating best rate
9e0e75a ice: fix possible under reporting of ethtool Tx and Rx statistics
6e2caee net: vmxnet3: fix possible NULL pointer dereference in vmxnet3_rq_cleanup()
a54d86c net: vmxnet3: fix possible use-after-free bugs in vmxnet3_rq_alloc_rx_buf()
201e5b5 net: systemport: Fix an error handling path in bcm_sysport_probe()
9bfe898 net/sched: act_pedit: sanitize shift argument before usage
47f04f9 xfrm: fix "disable_policy" flag use when arriving from different devices
0d2e9d8 xfrm: rework default policy structure
57c1bbe xfrm: fix dflt policy check when there is no policy configured
9856c3a xfrm: notify default policy on update
20fd28d xfrm: make user policy API complete
ab610ee net: xfrm: fix shift-out-of-bounce
5b7f84b xfrm: Add possibility to set the default to block if we have no policy
243e72e net: evaluate net.ipvX.conf.all.disable_policy and disable_xfrm
1bc27eb net: macb: Increment rx bd head after allocating skb and buffer
998e305 net: ipa: record proper RX transaction count
0599d5a ARM: dts: aspeed-g6: fix SPI1/SPI2 quad pin group
0a2847d pinctrl: pinctrl-aspeed-g6: remove FWQSPID group in pinctrl
d8ca684 ARM: dts: aspeed-g6: remove FWQSPID group in pinctrl dtsi
3fc2846 dma-buf: fix use of DMA_BUF_SET_NAME
{A,B} in userspace
e5289af drm/dp/mst: fix a possible memory leak in fetch_monitor_name()
8ceca1a libceph: fix potential use-after-free on linger ping and resends
233a3cc crypto: qcom-rng - fix infinite loop on requests not multiple of WORD_SZ
6013ef5 arm64: mte: Ensure the cleared tags are visible before setting the PTE
a817f78 arm64: paravirt: Use RCU read locks to guard stolen_time
b49bc8d KVM: x86/mmu: Update number of zapped pages even if page list is stable
146128b PCI/PM: Avoid putting Elo i2 PCIe Ports in D3cold
ec0d801 Fix double fget() in vhost_net_set_backend()
b42e5e3 selinux: fix bad cleanup on error in hashtab_duplicate()
3ee8e10 perf: Fix sys_perf_event_open() race against self
18fb7d5 ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for TongFang devices with pop noise
3eaf770 ALSA: wavefront: Proper check of get_user() error
a34d018 ALSA: usb-audio: Restore Rane SL-1 quirk
f3f2247 Reinstate some of "swiotlb: rework "fix info leak with DMA_FROM_DEVICE""
e2cfa7b Revert "swiotlb: fix info leak with DMA_FROM_DEVICE"
fe5ac3d nilfs2: fix lockdep warnings during disk space reclamation
d626fcd nilfs2: fix lockdep warnings in page operations for btree nodes
aca18ba ARM: 9191/1: arm/stacktrace, kasan: Silence KASAN warnings in unwind_frame()
0acaf9c platform/chrome: cros_ec_debugfs: detach log reader wq from devm
5a19f3c drbd: remove usage of list iterator variable after loop
9b7f321 MIPS: lantiq: check the return value of kzalloc()
05c073b fs: fix an infinite loop in iomap_fiemap
00d8b06 rtc: mc146818-lib: Fix the AltCentury for AMD platforms
87fd0dd nvme-multipath: fix hang when disk goes live over reconnect
3663d60 tools/virtio: compile with -pthread
5a4cbcb vhost_vdpa: don't setup irq offloading when irq_num < 0
f0931ee s390/pci: improve zpci_dev reference counting
7d3f69c ALSA: hda/realtek: Enable headset mic on Lenovo P360
a594506 crypto: x86/chacha20 - Avoid spurious jumps to other functions
39acee8 crypto: stm32 - fix reference leak in stm32_crc_remove
703c80f rtc: sun6i: Fix time overflow handling
bab037e gfs2: Disable page faults during lockless buffered reads
e803f12 nvme-pci: add quirks for Samsung X5 SSDs
5565fc5 Input: stmfts - fix reference leak in stmfts_input_open
d5e88c2 Input: add bounds checking to input_set_capability()
ea6a868 um: Cleanup syscall_handler_t definition/cast, fix warning
c39b91f rtc: pcf2127: fix bug when reading alarm registers
2b4e5a2 rtc: fix use-after-free on device removal
67136ff igc: Update I226_K device ID
d022983 igc: Remove phy->type checking
170110a igc: Remove _I_PHY_ID checking
55c820c Revert "drm/i915/opregion: check port number bounds for SWSCI display power state"
911b362 floppy: use a statically allocated error counter
3c48558 io_uring: always grab file table for deferred statx
a1a2c95 usb: gadget: fix race when gadget driver register via ioctl
7686a5c Linux 5.10.117
937c6b0 SUNRPC: Fix fall-through warnings for Clang
29f077d io_uring: always use original task when preparing req identity
1444e05 usb: gadget: uvc: allow for application to cleanly shutdown
42505e3 usb: gadget: uvc: rename function to be more consistent
002e722 ping: fix address binding wrt vrf
d9a1e82 arm[64]/memremap: don't abuse pfn_valid() to ensure presence of linear map
49750c5 net: phy: Fix race condition on link status change
e68b60a SUNRPC: Ensure we flush any closed sockets before xs_xprt_free()
dbe6974 SUNRPC: Don't call connect() more than once on a TCP socket
47541ed SUNRPC: Prevent immediate close+reconnect
2ab569e SUNRPC: Clean up scheduling of autoclose
85844ea drm/vmwgfx: Initialize drm_mode_fb_cmd2
7e849db cgroup/cpuset: Remove cpus_allowed/mems_allowed setup in cpuset_init_smp()
6aa239d net: atlantic: always deep reset on pm op, fixing up my null deref regression
6158df4 i40e: i40e_main: fix a missing check on list iterator
8197960 drm/nouveau/tegra: Stop using iommu_present()
e06605a ceph: fix setting of xattrs on async created inodes
86db01f serial: 8250_mtk: Fix register address for XON/XOFF character
84ad84e serial: 8250_mtk: Fix UART_EFR register address
f8d8440 slimbus: qcom: Fix IRQ check in qcom_slim_probe
d7b7c55 USB: serial: option: add Fibocom MA510 modem
2ba0034 USB: serial: option: add Fibocom L610 modem
319b312 USB: serial: qcserial: add support for Sierra Wireless EM7590
994395f USB: serial: pl2303: add device id for HP LM930 Display
8276a3d usb: typec: tcpci_mt6360: Update for BMC PHY setting
54979aa usb: typec: tcpci: Don't skip cleanup in .remove() on error
7335a6b usb: cdc-wdm: fix reading stuck on device close
6d47ece tty: n_gsm: fix mux activation issues in gsm_config()
69139a4 tty/serial: digicolor: fix possible null-ptr-deref in digicolor_uart_probe()
5a73581 firmware_loader: use kernel credentials when reading firmware
d254309 tcp: resalt the secret every 10 seconds
3abbfac net: sfp: Add tx-fault workaround for Huawei MA5671A SFP ONT
48f1dd6 net: emaclite: Don't advertise 1000BASE-T and do auto negotiation
5c09dbd s390: disable -Warray-bounds
03ebc6f ASoC: ops: Validate input values in snd_soc_put_volsw_range()
31606a7 ASoC: max98090: Generate notifications on changes for custom control
ce154bd ASoC: max98090: Reject invalid values in custom control put()
5ecaaae hwmon: (f71882fg) Fix negative temperature
88091c0 gfs2: Fix filesystem block deallocation for short writes
fccf4bf tls: Fix context leak on tls_device_down
161c4ed net: sfc: ef10: fix memory leak in efx_ef10_mtd_probe()
d5e1b41 net/smc: non blocking recvmsg() return -EAGAIN when no data and signal_pending
e417a8f net: dsa: bcm_sf2: Fix Wake-on-LAN with mac_link_down()
9012209 net: bcmgenet: Check for Wake-on-LAN interrupt probe deferral
abe35bf net/sched: act_pedit: really ensure the skb is writable
b816ed5 s390/lcs: fix variable dereferenced before check
4d3c6d7 s390/ctcm: fix potential memory leak
5497f87 s390/ctcm: fix variable dereferenced before check
cc71c9f selftests: vm: Makefile: rename TARGETS to VMTARGETS
ce12e5f hwmon: (ltq-cputemp) restrict it to SOC_XWAY
ceb3db7 dim: initialize all struct fields
8b1b8fc ionic: fix missing pci_release_regions() on error in ionic_probe()
2cb8689 nfs: fix broken handling of the softreval mount option
49c1078 mac80211_hwsim: call ieee80211_tx_prepare_skb under RCU protection
79432d2 net: sfc: fix memory leak due to ptp channel
bdb8d4a sfc: Use swap() instead of open coding it
33c93f6 netlink: do not reset transport header in netlink_recvmsg()
9e40f2c drm/nouveau: Fix a potential theorical leak in nouveau_get_backlight_name()
54f26fc ipv4: drop dst in multicast routing path
c07a844 net: mscc: ocelot: avoid corrupting hardware counters when moving VCAP filters
abb237c net: mscc: ocelot: restrict tc-trap actions to VCAP IS2 lookup 0
f9674c5 net: mscc: ocelot: fix VCAP IS2 filters matching on both lookups
c1184d2 net: mscc: ocelot: fix last VCAP IS1/IS2 filter persisting in hardware when deleted
e2cdde8 net: Fix features skip in for_each_netdev_feature()
c420d66 mac80211: Reset MBSSID parameters upon connection
9cbf2a7 hwmon: (tmp401) Add OF device ID table
85eba08 iwlwifi: iwl-dbg: Use del_timer_sync() before freeing
a6a7378 batman-adv: Don't skb_split skbuffs with frag_list
07a4d36 Linux 5.10.116
d1ac096 mm: userfaultfd: fix missing cache flush in mcopy_atomic_pte() and _mcopy_atomic()
c6cbf54 mm: hugetlb: fix missing cache flush in copy_huge_page_from_user()
308ff6a mm: fix missing cache flush for all tail pages of compound page
185fa59 Bluetooth: Fix the creation of hdev->name
dfb55dc nfp: bpf: silence bitwise vs. logical OR warning
f89f76f drm/amd/display/dc/gpio/gpio_service: Pass around correct dce
{version, environment} types
efd1429 block: drbd: drbd_nl: Make conversion to 'enum drbd_ret_code' explicit
a71658c regulator: consumer: Add missing stubs to regulator/consumer.h
7648f42 MIPS: Use address-of operator on section symbols

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