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20 months ago

54012f6 Linux 5.10.106-xanmod1
a58dd6a Merge tag 'v5.10.106' into 5.10
327f1e7 Linux 5.10.106
648895d watch_queue: Fix filter limit check
8bb5b72 ARM: fix Thumb2 regression with Spectre BHB
6b1249d ext4: add check to prevent attempting to resize an fs with sparse_super2
b297cf7 x86/traps: Mark do_int3() NOKPROBE_SYMBOL
29f6f35 x86/boot: Add setup_indirect support in early_memremap_is_setup_data()
b3444e5 x86/boot: Fix memremap of setup_indirect structures
24d2681 watch_queue: Make comment about setting ->defunct more accurate
ec03510 watch_queue: Fix lack of barrier/sync/lock between post and read
06ab844 watch_queue: Free the alloc bitmap when the watch_queue is torn down
880acbb watch_queue: Fix the alloc bitmap size to reflect notes allocated
e2b52ca watch_queue: Fix to always request a pow-of-2 pipe ring size
2039900 watch_queue: Fix to release page in ->release()
d729d4e watch_queue, pipe: Free watchqueue state after clearing pipe ring
573a322 virtio: acknowledge all features before access
bf52b62 virtio: unexport virtio_finalize_features
8bfb959 arm64: dts: marvell: armada-37xx: Remap IO space to bus address 0x0
1ef5fe3 riscv: Fix auipc+jalr relocation range checks
a69aa42 mmc: meson: Fix usage of meson_mmc_post_req()
0c6eeaf net: macb: Fix lost RX packet wakeup race in NAPI receive
6d9700b staging: gdm724x: fix use after free in gdm_lte_rx()
8c1bc04 staging: rtl8723bs: Fix access-point mode deadlock
ab5595b fuse: fix pipe buffer lifetime for direct_io
f2c52a4 ARM: Spectre-BHB: provide empty stub for non-config
f1f5d08 selftests/memfd: clean up mapping in mfd_fail_write
71013d0 selftest/vm: fix map_fixed_noreplace test failure
8d276f1 tracing: Ensure trace buffer is at least 4096 bytes large
ae7597b ipv6: prevent a possible race condition with lifetimes
8c0c50e Revert "xen-netback: Check for hotplug-status existence before watching"
625c04b Revert "xen-netback: remove 'hotplug-status' once it has served its purpose"
a0e2768 gpio: Return EPROBE_DEFER if gc->to_irq is NULL
65d4e9d hwmon: (pmbus) Clear pmbus fault/warning bits after read
d15c9f6 net-sysfs: add check for netdevice being present to speed_show
8c023c3 spi: rockchip: terminate dma transmission when slave abort
889254f spi: rockchip: Fix error in getting num-cs property
4fb9be6 selftests/bpf: Add test for bpf_timer overwriting crash
dc1c2b4 net: bcmgenet: Don't claim WOL when its not available
b7e4d9b sctp: fix kernel-infoleak for SCTP sockets
3cf533f net: phy: DP83822: clear MISR2 register to disable interrupts
21044e6 gianfar: ethtool: Fix refcount leak in gfar_get_ts_info
3a4cd1c gpio: ts4900: Do not set DAT and OE together
7702e7e selftests: Kill tcpdump processes launched by subshell.
2b1c85f NFC: port100: fix use-after-free in port100_send_complete
1fdabf2 net/mlx5e: Lag, Only handle events from highest priority multipath entry
f3331bc net/mlx5: Fix a race on command flush flow
5f13409 net/mlx5: Fix size field in bufferx_reg struct
e2201ef ax25: Fix NULL pointer dereference in ax25_kill_by_device
cc76790 net: ethernet: lpc_eth: Handle error for clk_enable
b3e4fcb net: ethernet: ti: cpts: Handle error for clk_enable
5e42f90 tipc: fix incorrect order of state message data sanity check
979b418 ethernet: Fix error handling in xemaclite_of_probe
506d61b ice: Fix curr_link_speed advertised speed
852a9e9 ice: Rename a couple of variables
b21ffd5 ice: Remove unnecessary checker loop
875967a ice: Align macro names to the specification
8c613f7 ice: stop disabling VFs due to PF error responses
d9ee2cb i40e: stop disabling VFs due to PF error responses
965070a ARM: dts: aspeed: Fix AST2600 quad spi group
96b01b8 net: dsa: mt7530: fix incorrect test in mt753x_phylink_validate()
ed5bb00 drm/sun4i: mixer: Fix P010 and P210 format numbers
9322349 qed: return status of qed_iov_get_link
5bee2ed esp: Fix BEET mode inter address family tunneling on GSO
1638647 net: qlogic: check the return value of dma_alloc_coherent() in qed_vf_hw_prepare()
33c74f8 isdn: hfcpci: check the return value of dma_set_mask() in setup_hw()
cca9d50 virtio-blk: Don't use MAX_DISCARD_SEGMENTS if max_discard_seg is zero
a3d5fcc mISDN: Fix memory leak in dsp_pipeline_build()
f97ad17 mISDN: Remove obsolete PIPELINE_DEBUG debugging information
2de76d3 tipc: fix kernel panic when enabling bearer
ea3a5e6 arm64: dts: armada-3720-turris-mox: Add missing ethernet0 alias
2c6a75e HID: vivaldi: fix sysfs attributes leak
2a18a38 clk: qcom: gdsc: Add support to update GDSC transition delay
0d6882d ARM: boot: dts: bcm2711: Fix HVS register range
67c781d Linux 5.10.105
561e91e Revert "ACPI: PM: s2idle: Cancel wakeup before dispatching EC GPE"
206c8e2 xen/netfront: react properly to failing gnttab_end_foreign_access_ref()
39c00d0 xen/gnttab: fix gnttab_end_foreign_access() without page specified
c4b1648 xen/pvcalls: use alloc/free_pages_exact()
8357d75 xen/9p: use alloc/free_pages_exact()
17f01b7 xen: remove gnttab_query_foreign_access()
5f36ae7 xen/gntalloc: don't use gnttab_query_foreign_access()
3047255 xen/scsifront: don't use gnttab_query_foreign_access() for mapped status
f6690dd xen/netfront: don't use gnttab_query_foreign_access() for mapped status
96219af xen/blkfront: don't use gnttab_query_foreign_access() for mapped status
3d81e85 xen/grant-table: add gnttab_try_end_foreign_access()
5c60037 xen/xenbus: don't let xenbus_grant_ring() remove grants in error case
90f59cc ARM: fix build warning in proc-v7-bugs.c
8c4192d ARM: Do not use NOCROSSREFS directive with ld.lld
1749b55 ARM: fix co-processor register typo
a330601 ARM: fix build error when BPF_SYSCALL is disabled
b65b87e arm64: proton-pack: Include unprivileged eBPF status in Spectre v2 mitigation reporting
551717c arm64: Use the clearbhb instruction in mitigations
38c26bd KVM: arm64: Allow SMCCC_ARCH_WORKAROUND_3 to be discovered and migrated
e192c8b arm64: Mitigate spectre style branch history side channels
192023e KVM: arm64: Allow indirect vectors to be used without SPECTRE_V3A
13a807a arm64: proton-pack: Report Spectre-BHB vulnerabilities as part of Spectre-v2
1f63326 arm64: Add percpu vectors for EL1
56cf532 arm64: entry: Add macro for reading symbol addresses from the trampoline
3f21b7e arm64: entry: Add vectors that have the bhb mitigation sequences
4937955 arm64: entry: Add non-kpti __bp_harden_el1_vectors for mitigations
2621125 arm64: entry: Allow the trampoline text to occupy multiple pages
73ee716 arm64: entry: Make the kpti trampoline's kpti sequence optional
8c691e5 arm64: entry: Move trampoline macros out of ifdef'd section
e550250 arm64: entry: Don't assume tramp_vectors is the start of the vectors
5275fb5 arm64: entry: Allow tramp_alias to access symbols after the 4K boundary
bda8960 arm64: entry: Move the trampoline data page before the text page
d93b25a arm64: entry: Free up another register on kpti's tramp_exit path
5242d69 arm64: entry: Make the trampoline cleanup optional
7048a21 arm64: spectre: Rename spectre_v4_patch_fw_mitigation_conduit
dc5b630 arm64: entry.S: Add ventry overflow sanity checks
97d8bdf arm64: cpufeature: add HWCAP for FEAT_RPRES
162aa00 arm64: cpufeature: add HWCAP for FEAT_AFP
dbcfa98 arm64: add ID_AA64ISAR2_EL1 sys register
7ae8127 arm64: Add HWCAP for self-synchronising virtual counter
b19eaa0 arm64: Add Cortex-A510 CPU part definition
8617156 arm64: Add Cortex-X2 CPU part definition
fc8070a arm64: Add Neoverse-N2, Cortex-A710 CPU part definition
f3c12fc arm64: cputype: Add CPU implementor & types for the Apple M1 cores
302754d ARM: include unprivileged BPF status in Spectre V2 reporting
3f9c958 ARM: Spectre-BHB workaround
29d9b56 ARM: use LOADADDR() to get load address of sections
46deb22 ARM: early traps initialisation
b7f1e73 ARM: report Spectre v2 status through sysfs
d04937a x86/speculation: Warn about eIBRS + LFENCE + Unprivileged eBPF + SMT
cc9e3e5 x86/speculation: Warn about Spectre v2 LFENCE mitigation
e335384 x86/speculation: Update link to AMD speculation whitepaper
2fdf67a x86/speculation: Use generic retpoline by default on AMD
afc2d63 x86/speculation: Include unprivileged eBPF status in Spectre v2 mitigation reporting
071e8b6 Documentation/hw-vuln: Update spectre doc
a6a119d x86/speculation: Add eIBRS + Retpoline options
f38774b x86/speculation: Rename RETPOLINE_AMD to RETPOLINE_LFENCE
206cfe2 x86,bugs: Unconditionally allow spectre_v2=retpoline,amd

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