github wxGlade/wxGlade v1.0.0a1
First 1.0.0 alpha release

latest releases: v1.0.4, v1.0.3, v1.0.2...
pre-release3 years ago


  • sizers only required where wx requires them; not required e.g. for Frame->Panel (used to be Frame->Sizer->Panel)
  • better handling of display updates when properties are edited
  • accessibility and usability improvements
  • Dialog example
  • documentation update


  • internal structures refactored
  • add shell window and Tree Printer


  • all: separate class related properties into Class / Base Classes / Instance Class
  • Dialog: add StdDialogButtonSizer and standard buttons (stock items); support SetAffirmativeId, SetEscapeId
  • Button: support for image direction
  • MenuBar: support lambda event handlers
  • GridBagSizer: indicate overlapped slots in the Tree view

Generated Code:

  • no separation into __set_properties/__do_layout any more
  • support for instantiation classes

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