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0.9.0 Final Release

latest releases: v1.0.4, v1.0.3, v1.0.2...
4 years ago

Main changes from previous betas:

  • fix bug when changing sizer type, especially when the surrounding sizer is a GridBagSizer
  • some smaller documentation improvements

Major changes compared to 0.8:


  • new user interface; use Alt-1,-2,-3, the menu or the toolbar to switch between layouts
  • many new keyboard shortcuts
  • bug fixes


  • WrapSizer
  • SearchCtrl
  • SpinCtrlDouble
  • Splitter: ask user whether to add panels; add support for SashGravity
  • StaticText: support for Wrap property
  • Button, ToggleButton, BitmapButton: support more bitmap properties (e.g. BitmapCurrent)
  • Notebook: context menu items to add a panel

Generated Code:

  • option to remove all the BEGIN/END wxGlade comments in the generated code (only with overwrite True)
  • Python: unicode strings not escaped if the selected encoding does not require it

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