github wxGlade/wxGlade v0.8.0
0.8.0 Final Release

Major change compared to 0.7.x:

  • Rewritten documentation / tutorial and examples.
  • Support for wxPython Phoenix and Python 3
  • Repeat feature (Ctrl-R and Ctrl-Y) to apply property change(s) to multiple widgets
  • new Menu and Toolbar editors
  • support for GridBagSizer

Generated Code:

  • bind menu handlers without the need for user-defined IDs
  • default file encoding is now UTF-8


  • very major refactoring of property handling, code generation and sizers
  • reformatted code and comments to be more compact
  • always use DestroyLater to avoid crashes
  • less redundant calls to widget.Show() to reduce display errors
  • better handling of size changes due to fonts
  • Disable autosave functionality permanently after saving has failed
  • Redesigned palette window
  • refactored testing
latest releases: v0.9.6fix2, v0.9.6fix, v0.9.6...
3 years ago