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Patch Changes

  • #10589 ed1031ba29af9a8a89ab386d772a228ba1414b4d Thanks @column.text(),! - Update the table indexes configuration to allow generated index names. The indexes object syntax is now deprecated in favor of an array.


    You can update your indexes configuration object to an array like so:

    import { defineDb, defineTable, column } from 'astro:db';
    const Comment = defineTable({
      columns: {
        postId: column.number(),
        body: column.text(),
    - indexes: {
    -   postIdIdx: { on: 'postId' },
    -   authorPostIdIdx: { on: ['author, postId'], unique: true },
    - },
    + indexes: [
    +   { on: 'postId' /* 'name' is optional */ },
    +   { on: ['author, postId'], unique: true },
    + ]

    This example will generate indexes with the names Comment_postId_idx and Comment_author_postId_idx, respectively. You can specify a name manually by adding the name attribute to a given object. This name will be global, so ensure index names do not conflict between tables.

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