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  • Fix cursor position after using iTerm2 image protocol #317
  • Fix pixel dimensions after changing the pane size; this was mostly invisible but impacted image scaling when using sixel or iTerm2 image protocols. #312
  • Add support for OSC 133 which allows annotating output as Output, Input (that you typed) and Prompt (shell "chrome"). Learn more about Semantic prompt and OSC 133
  • Add ScrollToPrompt key assignment that scrolls the viewport to the prior/next shell prompt emitted using OSC 133 Semantic Prompt escapes. This assignment is not bound by default.
  • Fixed an issue where SpawnWindow didn't use the current working directory from the current pane to spawn the new window
  • Added wezterm start --class CLASSNAME option to specify the window class name under X11 and Windows, or the app_id under Wayland. See wezterm start --help for more information.
  • Added shell integration for setting OSC 7 (working directory) and OSC 133 (semantic zones) for Zsh and Bash. See Shell Integration docs.
  • Added SemanticZone as a possible parameter for SelectTextAtMouseCursor, making it possible to conveniently select complete input or output regions.
  • Improved font rendering #320 #331 and changed font_antialias = "Greyscale" by default.
  • Updated internal harfbuzz shaper to 2.7.2
  • Fixed ALT-Escape not sending ESC-ESC #338
  • Added allow_square_glyphs_to_overflow_width = "WhenFollowedBySpace" option to allow square symbol glyphs to deliberately overflow their
    specified cell width when the next cell is a space. Can be set to Always to allow overflowing regardless of the next cell being a space,
    or Never to strictly respect the cell width. The default is Never. #342
  • macOS: Improved key input when Option is pressed. Fixed dead key processing when use_ime=true. #357
  • macOS: Adjusted default dpi to 72 to bring point sizes into alignment with other macOS apps. #332
  • Improved font fallback; we now try harder to find a system-provided font for glyphs that are not found in your explicitly configured fonts.
  • Revised pty output processing and removed the related ratelimit_output_bytes_per_second option
  • Workaround Cocoa leaking window position saved state file descriptors to child processes on macOS Big Sur, and Gnome/Mutter doing something similar under X11
  • The 256 color cube now uses slightly brighter colors #348
  • New: added line_height configuration option to scale the computed cell height. The default is 1.0, resulting in using the font-specified metrics. Setting it to 1.2 will result in a 20% larger cell height.
  • macOS: Fixed an issue where hovering over the split between panes could result in wezterm becoming unresponsive #391
  • Closing windows and QuitApplication will now prompt for confirmation before proceeding with the close/quit. Added window_close_confirmation to control this; valid values are AlwaysPrompt and NeverPrompt. #280
  • Tidied up logging. Previously ERROR level logging was used to make sure that informational things showed up in the stderr stream. Now we use INFO level logging for this to avoid alarming the user. You can set WEZTERM_LOG=trace in the environment to get more verbose logging for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Windows: fix an issue where VNC-server-emulated AltGr was not treated as AltGr #392
  • X11: fix an issue where keys that produce unicode characters retained SHIFT as a modifier instead of normalizing it away. #394
  • Fixed an issue where a symbol-only font would be seen as 0-width and panic wezterm #404
  • Tweaked mouse selection: we now round the x-coordinate to the nearest cell which makes it a bit more forgiving if the mouse cursor is slightly to the left of the intended cell start. #350
  • Added selection_word_boundary option to control double-click word selection boundaries. The default is \t\n{}[]()\"'`. #405
  • Added support for Curly, Dotted and Dashed underlines. See this documentation on the escape sequences how enable undercurl support in vim and nvim. #415
  • Fixed an issue where wezterm would spawn processes with umask 077 on unix systems, rather than the more commonly expected umask 022. #416
  • macOS: We now ship a Universal binary containing both Intel and "Apple Silicon" architectures
  • Setting a really large or really small font scale (using CTRL +/-) no longer causes a panic #428
  • Fixed an issue where the mouse wheel wasn't mapped to cursor up/down when the alternate screen was active #429
  • Fixed ToggleFullScreen not working on macOS and X11. It still doesn't function on Windows. native_macos_fullscreen_mode = false uses a fast full-screen window on macOS. Set it to true to use the slower macOS native "Spaces" style fullscreen mode. #177
  • Windows: fix an issue where the initial window size didn't factor the correct DPI when the system-wide display scaling was not 100%. #427
  • New: adjust_window_size_when_changing_font_size option to control whether changing the font size adjusts the dimensions of the window (true) or adjusts the number of terminal rows/columns (false). The default is true. #431
  • macOS: we no longer use MetalANGLE to render the gui; it was short lived as macOS Big Sur now uses Metal in its CGL implementation. Support for using MetalANGLE is still present if the dylib is found on startup, but we no longer ship the dylib.
  • Windows: when pasting text, ensure that the text has CRLF line endings unless bracketed paste is enabled. This imperfect heuristic helps to keep multi-line pastes on multiple lines when using Windows console applications and to avoid interleaved blank lines when using unix applications. #411
  • New: ClearScrollback now accepts a parameter to control whether the viewport is cleared along with the scrollback. Thanks to @dfrankland!
  • New: default_cwd to specify an alternative current working directory. Thanks to @dfrankland!
  • New: CopyTo and PasteFrom actions. Copy, Paste and PastePrimarySelection
    are now deprecated in favor of these new options.
  • X11: Mouse-based selection now copies-to and pastes-from the PrimarySelection by default. The CompleteSelection and CompleteSelectionOrOpenLinkAtMouseCursor actions now require a parameter to specify the clipboard.
  • X11: SHIFT-CTRL-C and SHIFT-CTRL-V now copy-to and paste from the Clipboard by default. SHIFT-Insert pastes from the PrimarySelection by default.
  • New: Added a new default CTRL-Insert key assignment bound to CopyTo(PrimarySelection)
  • macOS: Windows now have drop-shadows when they are opaque. These were disabled due transparency support was added. Thanks to Rice! #445
  • Unix: adjust font-config patterns to also match "dual spacing" fonts such as Iosevka Term. Thanks to Leiser! #446
  • New: Added alternate_buffer_wheel_scroll_speed option to control how many cursor key presses are generated by the mouse wheel when the alternate screen is active. The new default for this is a faster-than-previous-releases 3 lines per wheel tick. #432
  • macOS: Dead Keys are now processed even when use_ime=false. More details in the docs. #410.
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