github wez/wezterm 20200909-002054-4c9af461

  • Added support for OSC 1 (Icon Title changing), and changed
    how that interacts with OSC 2 (Window Title changing).
    If you specify OSC 1 as a non-empty string, then that will
    be used for the title of that terminal instance in the GUI.
    Otherwise the Window Title will be reported instead.
  • Added missing mappings for Application Keypad keys on Linux
  • Workaround an EGL issue where Mesa reports the least-best
    alpha value when enumerating configs, rather than the best
    alpha. This could lead to incorrect alpha under XWayland
    and failure to initialize EGL and fallbacks to the Software
    renderer in some other cases.
  • enable_wayland now defaults to false; mutter keeps breaking
    client-side window decoration so let's just make it opt-in so
    that the default experience is better.
  • Fixed a crash on Linux/X11 when using wezterm connect HOST
  • Added tab_max_width config setting to limit the maximum
    width of tabs in the tab tab. This defaults to 16 glyphs
    in width.
latest releases: wezterm-ssh-0.1.1, 20210502-154244-3f7122cb, 20210502-130208-bff6815d...
9 months ago