github wez/wezterm 20200718-095447-d2315640

  • Added support for DECSET 1004 Focus Reporting to local
    (not multiplexer) terminal sessions.
  • Added support for SGR 53/55 which enable/disable Overline style.
    printf "\x1b[53moverline\x1b[0m\n"
  • Windows: updated bundled openconsole.exe to efb1fdd
    to resolve an issue where bold text didn't respect the configured color scheme.
  • Added bold_brightens_ansi_colors option to allow disabling the automatic
    brightening of bold text.
  • Unix: fix an issue where setting the current working directory for a custom
    spawned command would not take effect (thanks @john01dav!)
  • Windows: fixed buffering/timing issue where a response to a color query in
    vim could be misinterpreted and replace a character in the editor with the
    letter g.
  • X11: Improved support for non-24bpp display depths. WezTerm now tries
    harder to obtain an 8bpc surface on both 16bpp and 30bpp (10bpc) displays.
  • Windows: fixed falling back to a simpler OpenGL context if WGL is unable
    to negotiate a robust context. This is useful on systems with dual
    high/low power GPU hardware where the OpenGL versions for the two GPUs
    are different!
  • Color Schemes: synced with ea2c841
    which includes new schemes: Adventure, Banana Blueberry, Blue Matrix,
    BlueBerryPie, Cyberdyne, Django, DjangoRebornAgain, DjangoSmooth,
    DoomOne, Konsolas, Laser, Mirage, Rouge 2, Sakura, Scarlet Protocol, synthwave-everything, Tinacious Design (Dark), Tinacious Design (Light).
latest releases: wezterm-ssh-0.1.1, 20210502-154244-3f7122cb, 20210502-130208-bff6815d...
11 months ago