github wez/wezterm 20200620-160318-e00b076c

  • Fixed default mapping of ambiguous ctrl key combinations (i, m, [, {,
    @) so that they emit the old school tab, newline, escape etc. values.
    These got broken as part of prototyping CSI-u support a while back.
  • Added option to enable CSI-u key encodings. This is a new mapping scheme
    defined here that disambiguates
    and otherwise enables more key binding combinations. You can enable this
    setting using enable_csi_u_key_encoding = true in your config file.
  • Very early support for sixel graphics
  • macos: use_ime now defaults to false; this is a better out of
    the box experience for most users.
  • macos: we now attempt to set a reasonable default LANG environment based
    on the locale settings at the time that wezterm is launched.
  • macos: introduce send_composed_key_when_left_alt_is_pressed and
    send_composed_key_when_right_alt_is_pressed boolean config settings. Like
    the existing send_composed_key_when_alt_is_pressed option, these control
    whether the Alt or Option modifier produce composed output or generate
    the raw key position with the ALT modifier applied. The difference from the
    existing config option is that on systems where Left and Right Alt can be
    distinguished you now have the ability to control this behavior
    independently. The default behavior on these systems is
    send_composed_key_when_left_alt_is_pressed=false and
    send_composed_key_when_right_alt_is_pressed=true so that the right Alt key
    behaves more like an AltGr key and generates the composed input, while the
    Left Alt is regular uncomposed Alt.
  • Fonts: fixed an issue where specifying italic or bold in the second parameter
    of wezterm.font didn't work as intended or documented
  • Improved terminal emulation conformance; added left/right margin support
    and now passes esctest
    to a similar degree as iTerm2
  • Fixed an issue where unmodified F5+ would use the CSI-u encoded-modifiers
    format, and confused eg: htop.
  • ActivateTab now accepts negative numbers as a way to reference the last
    tab in the Window. The default assignment for CTRL+SHIFT+9 and CMD+9
    is now ActivateTab=-1, which selects the last tab.
  • Fixed an issue when applying hyperlink rules to lines that had mixed width
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