github wez/wezterm 20200608-110940-3fb3a61

  • Now available as a homebrew tap and as binaries in AUR
  • Windows: Fixed AltGr handling for European layouts
  • X11: Added PastePrimarySelection key assignment that pastes the contents
    of the primary selection rather than the clipboard.
  • Removed old TOML config file parsing code
  • Removed old arg="something" key binding parameter. This was a remnant from
    the TOML based configuration. You're unlikely to notice this unless you
    followed an example from the docs; migrate instead to using eg:
    action=wezterm.action{ActivateTab=i-1} to pass the integer argument.
  • Windows: now also available with a setup.exe installer. The installer
    enables "Open WezTerm Here" in the explorer.exe context menu.
  • Added ClearScrollback key assignment to clear the scrollback. This is bound to CMD-K and CTRL-SHIFT-K by default.
  • Added Search key assignment to search the scrollback. Read the new
    scrollback section for more information!
  • Fixed an issue where ALT+number would send the wrong output for European
    keyboard layouts on macOS and Linux. As part of this the default behavior
    has changed: we used to force ALT+number to produce ALT+number instead of
    the composed key for that layout. We now emit the composed key by default.
    You can switch to the old behavior either by explicitly binding those keys
    or by setting send_composed_key_when_alt_is_pressed = false in your
    configuration file.
  • Windows: the launcher menu now automatically lists out any WSL environments
    you have installed so that you can quickly spawn a shell in any of them.
    You can suppress this behavior if you wish by setting
    add_wsl_distributions_to_launch_menu = false.
    Read more about the launcher menu
  • Added ActivateCopyMode key assignment to put the tab into mouseless-copy
    mode; use the keyboard to define the selected text region.
    This is bound to CTRL-SHIFT-X by default.
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