github wez/wezterm 20200517-122836-92c201c6

  • AppImage: Support looking for configuration in WezTerm.AppImage.config and
    WezTerm.AppImage.home to support portable thumbdrive use of wezterm on
    linux systems
  • We now check the github releases section for updated stable releases and show
    a simple UI to let you know about the update, with links to download/install
    it. We don't automatically download the release: just make a small REST API
    call to github. There is no data collection performed by the wezterm project
    as part of this. We check once every 24 hours. You can set
    check_for_updates = false in your config to disable this completely if
    desired, or set check_for_updates_interval_seconds to an alternative update
  • Added support for OSC 110-119 to reset dynamic colors, improving our support for Neovim.
  • Change OSC rendering to use the long-form ST sequence ESC \ rather than
    the more convenient alternative BEL representation, which was not
    recognized by Neovim when querying for color information.
  • Fixed Shift-Tab key on X11 and Wayland
  • WezTerm is now also available to Windows users via Scoop
latest releases: wezterm-ssh-0.1.1, 20210502-154244-3f7122cb, 20210502-130208-bff6815d...
13 months ago