github wez/wezterm 20191124-233250-cb9fd7d

Main changes since the last tag:

  • New tab bar UI displays tabs and allows creating new tabs
  • Configuration file changes are hot reloaded and take effect automatically on save
  • wezterm ssh user@host for ad-hoc SSH sessions. You may also define SSH multiplexer sessions.
  • wezterm serial /dev/ttyUSB0 to connect to your Arduino
  • wezterm imgcat /some/image.png to display images inline in the terminal using the iTerm2 image protocol
  • IME support on macOS and Windows systems
  • Automatic fallback to software rendering if no GPU is available (eg: certain types of remote desktop sessions)
latest releases: wezterm-ssh-0.1.1, 20210502-154244-3f7122cb, 20210502-130208-bff6815d...
19 months ago