github webtorrent/webtorrent-desktop v0.7.0

latest releases: v0.24.0, v0.23.0, v0.22.0...
5 years ago


  • Improved AirPlay support -- using the new airplayer package
  • Remember volume setting in player, for as long as the app is open


  • Add (+) button now also accepts non .torrent files and creates a torrent from
    those files
  • Show prompt text in title bar for open dialogs (OS X)
  • Upgrade Electron to 1.2.1
    • Improve window resizing when aspect ratio is enforced (OS X)
    • Use .ico format for better icon rendering quality (Windows)
    • Fix crash reporter not working (Windows)


  • Re-enable WebRTC (web peers)! (OS X, Windows)
    • Windows support was disabled in v0.6.1 to work around a bug in Electron
    • OS X support was disabled in v0.4.0 to work around a 100% CPU bug
  • Fix subtitle selector radio button UI size glitch
  • Fix race condition causing exeption on app startup
  • Fix duplicate torrent detection in some cases
  • Fix "gray screen" exception caused by incorrect file list order
  • Fix torrent loading message UI misalignment

Known issues

  • When upgrading to WebTorrent Desktop v0.7.0, some torrent metadata (file list,
    selected files, whether torrent is streamable) will be cleared. Just start the
    torrent to re-populate the metadata.

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