github webtorrent/webtorrent-desktop v0.6.0

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5 years ago

Download: WebTorrent Desktop


  • Added Preferences page to set Download folder
  • Save video position, resume playback from saved position
  • Add additional video player keyboard shortcuts (#275)
  • Use poster.jpg file as the poster image if available (#558)
  • Associate .torrent files to WebTorrent Desktop (OS X) (#553)
  • Add support for pasting links (#559)
  • Add announcement feature


  • Nicer player UI
  • Reduce startup jank, improve startup time (#568)
  • Cleanup unsupported codec detection (#569, #570)
  • Cleaner look for the torrent file list
  • Improve subtitle positioning (#551)


  • Fix Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'update' of undefined (#567)
  • Fix bugs in LocationHistory
    • When player is active, and magnet link is pasted, go back to list
    • After deleting torrent, remove just the player from forward stack
    • After creating torrent, remove create torrent page from forward stack
    • Cancel button on create torrent page should only go back one page

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