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6 years ago

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  • Better Windows support!
    • Windows 32-bit build.
    • Windows Portable App build.
    • Windows app signing, for fewer install warnings.
  • Better Linux support!
    • Linux 32-bit build.
  • Subtitles support!
    • .srt and .vtt file support.
    • Drag-and-drop files on video, or choose from file selector.
    • Multiple subtitle files support.
  • Stream to VLC when the audio codec is unplayable (e.g. AC3, EAC3).
  • "Show in Folder" item in context menu.
  • Volume slider, with mute/unmute button.
  • New "Create torrent" page to modify:
    • Torrent comment.
    • Trackers.
    • Private torrent flag.
  • Use mouse wheel to increase/decrease volume.
  • Bounce the Downloads stack when download completes. (OS X)
  • New default torrent on first launch: The WIRED CD.


  • Improve app startup time by 40%.
  • UI tweaks: Reduce font size, reduce torrent list item height.
  • Add Playback menu for playback-related functionality.
  • Fix installing when the app is already installed. (Windows)
  • Don't kill unrelated processes on uninstall. (Windows)
  • Set "sheet offset" correctly for create torrent dialog. (OS X)
  • Remove OS X-style Window menu. (Linux, Windows)
  • Remove "Add Fake Airplay/Chromecast" menu items.


  • Disable WebRTC to fix 100% CPU usage/crashes caused by Chromium issue. This is temporary. (OS X)
  • When fullscreen, make controls use the full window. (OS X)
  • Support creating torrents that contain .torrent files.
  • Block power save while casting to a remote device.
  • Do not block power save when the space key is pressed from the torrent list.
  • Support playing .mpg and .ogv extensions in the app.
  • Fix video centering for multi-screen setups.
  • Show an error when adding a duplicate torrent.
  • Show an error when adding an invalid magnet link.
  • Do not stop music when tabbing to another program (OS X)
  • Properly size the Windows volume mixer icon.
  • Default to the user's OS-defined, localized "Downloads" folder.
  • Enforce minimimum window size when resizing player, to prevent window disappearing.
  • Fix rare race condition error on app quit.
  • Don't use zero-byte torrent "poster" images.

Thanks to @grunjol, @rguedes, @furstenheim, @karloluis, @DiegoRBaquero, @alxhotel, @AgentEpsilon, @remijouannet, Rolando Guedes, @dcposch, and @feross for contributing to this release!

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