github webtorrent/webtorrent-desktop v0.3.0

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6 years ago


  • Ubuntu/Debian support! (.deb installer)
  • DLNA streaming support
  • Add "File > Quit" menu item (Linux)
  • App uninstaller (Windows)
  • Crash reporting


  • On startup, do not re-verify files when timestamps are unchanged
  • Moved torrent engine to an independent process, for better UI performance
  • Removed media queries (UI resizing based on window width)
  • Improved Chromecast icon, when connected


  • "Download Complete" notification shows consistently
  • Create new torrents and seed them without copying to temporary folder
  • Clicking the "Download Complete" notification will always activate app
  • Fixed harmless "-psn_###" error on first app startup
  • Hide play buttons on unplayable torrents
  • Better error handling when Chromecast/Airplay cannot connect
  • Show player controls immediately on mouse move
  • When creating a torrent, show it in UI immediately
  • Stop casting to TV when player is closed
  • Torrent engine: Fixed memory leaks in torrent-discovery and bittorrent-tracker
  • Torrent engine: Fixed sub-optimal tcp/webrtc connection timeouts
  • Torrent engine: Throttle web seed connections to maximum of 4

Thanks to @dcposch, @grunjol, and @feross for contributing to this release.

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