github webtorrent/webtorrent-desktop v0.2.0

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6 years ago


  • Minimise to tray (Windows, Linux)
  • Show spinner and download speed when player is stalled waiting for data
  • Highlight window on drag-and-drop
  • Show notification to update to new app version (Linux)
    • We have an auto-updater for Windows and Mac. We don't have one for Linux yet, so
      Linux users need to download new versions manually.


  • Renamed to WebTorrent Desktop
  • Add Cosmos Laundromat as a default torrent


  • Only capture media keys when player is active
  • Update WebTorrent to 0.88.1 for performance improvements
    • When seeding, do not proactively connect to new peers
    • When seeding, do not accept new peers from peer exchange (ut_pex)
    • Fixed leaks, and other improvements that result in less garbage collection

Thanks to @dcposch, @ungoldman, and @feross for contributing to this release.

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