github webtorrent/webtorrent-desktop v0.19.0

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4 years ago


  • Added watch folder feature: Automatically add new torrent files added to a folder on disk (#1154)
  • Added highest playback priority feature: pauses other active torrents when playback starts (#840)
  • Add 'Start Speaking' and 'Stop Speaking' menu item (Mac) (#439)
  • Add pinch-to-zoom gesture to enter/exit fullscreen (#1148)


  • [SECURITY] Mitigate Electron protocol handler issue (Windows)
  • Moved project from Feross's GitHub account to the WebTorrent GitHub organization
  • Updated to electron@1.6.16
  • Updated to material-ui@0.17
  • Treat .FLAC as playable audio (#1127)


  • Fix time and duration so it doesn't bounce in the UI (#1233)
  • Fix 'About WebTorrent' menu location on Windows (#1120)

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