github webtorrent/webtorrent-desktop v0.18.0

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5 years ago


  • Add a new "Transfers" menu for pausing or resuming all torrents (#1027)


  • Update Electron to 1.4.15
    • Windows 32-bit: App can use 4GB of memory instead of just 2GB
    • Fix "Portable App" writing crash reports to "%APPDATA%\Temp" (Windows)
  • Updated WebTorrent engine to 0.98.5
    • Fix issue where http web seeds would sometimes stall
    • Don't send 'completed' event to tracker again if torrent is already complete
    • Add more peer ID entropy
    • Set user-agent header for tracker http requests


  • Fix paste shortcut in tracker list on Create Torrent page (#1112)
  • Auto-focus the 'OK' button in modal dialogs (#1058)
  • Fix formatting issue in the speed stats on the Player page (#1039)

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