github webtorrent/webtorrent-desktop v0.11.0

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5 years ago


  • New Preference to "Set WebTorrent as default handler for torrents and magnet links" (#771)
  • New Preference to "Always play in VLC" (#674)
  • Check for missing default download path and torrent folders on start up (#776)


  • Do not automatically set WebTorrent as the default handler for torrents (#771)
  • Torrents can only be created from the home screen (#770)
  • Update Electron to 1.3.3 (#772)


  • Allow modifying the default tracker list on the Create Torrent page (#775)
  • Prevent opening multiple stacked Preference windows or Create Torrent windows (#770)
  • Windows: Player window auto-resize does not match video aspect ratio (#565)
  • Missing page title on Create Torrent page

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