github webtorrent/webtorrent-desktop v0.10.0

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5 years ago


  • Drag-and-drop magnet links (selected text) is now supported (#284)
  • Windows: Add "User Tasks" shortcuts to app icon in Start Menu (#114)
  • Linux: Show badge count for completed torrent downloads


  • Change WebTorrent Desktop peer ID prefix to 'WD' to distinguish from WebTorrent in the browser, 'WW' (#688)
  • Switch UI to React to improve UI rendering speed (#729)
    • The primary bottleneck was actually hyperx, not virtual-dom.
  • Update Electron to 1.3.2 (#738) (#739) (#740) (#747) (#756)
    • Mac 10.9: Fix the fullscreen button showing
    • Mac 10.9: Fix window having border
    • Mac 10.9: Fix occasional crash
    • Mac: Update Squirrel.Mac to 0.2.1 (fixes situations in which updates would not get applied)
    • Mac: Fix window not showing in Window menu
    • Mac: Fix context menu always choosing first item by default
    • Linux: Fix startup crashes (some Linux distros)
    • Linux: Fix menubar not hiding after entering fullscreen (some Linux distros)
  • Improved location history (back/forward buttons) to fix rare exceptions (#687) (#748)


  • When streaming to VLC, set VLC window title to torrent file name (#746)
  • Fix "Cannot read property 'numPiecesPresent' of undefined" exception (#695)
  • Fix rare case where config file could not be completely written (#733)

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