github webtorrent/webtorrent-desktop v0.1.1

latest releases: v0.24.0, v0.23.0, v0.22.0...
6 years ago
  • Performance improvements
    • Improve app startup time by over 100%
    • Reduce the number of DOM updates substantially
    • Update UI immediately anytime state is changed, instead on 1 second interval
  • Added right-click menu
    • Save .torrent File
    • Copy Link to Clipboard
    • Copy Magnet Link to Clipbaord
  • Added keyboard shortcut for volume up (⌘/Ctrl + ↑) and volume down (⌘/Ctrl + ↓)
  • Add desktop launcher shortcuts, like OS X has, for KDE and GNOME (Linux)
  • Add "About" window (Windows, Linux)
  • Better default window size that fits all the default torrents
  • Fixed
    • Crash when ".local/share/{applications,icons}" path did not exist (Linux)
    • WebTorrent executable can be moved without breaking torrents in the client
    • Video progress bar shows progress for current file, not full torrent
    • Video player window shows file title instead of torrent title

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