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eksctl 0.45.0-rc.1

Release 0.45.0


  • Use the AutoScalingGroup for getting & scaling nodegroups (#3543)
  • Make EKS 1.19 the default (#3526)
  • Support specifying an AMI release version for managed node groups (#3544)


  • Preserve capabilities when creating changeset (#3548)
  • Eksctl scale nodegroups supports only providing one of min/max/desired size (#3511)

Bug Fixes

  • Support comma separated array for group flag in create iamidentitymapping (#3549)
  • Add capacity-optimized-prioritized (#3516)


Weaveworks would like to sincerely thank:
@omnibrian and @lloydchang

latest releases: latest_release, 0.54.0, v0.54.0...
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